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Bonza Sheila's Art Of Love Archives
Alphabetical Listing Of Artisits

Welcome to The Art Of Love alphabetical listing of love-themed art by artist name.

If you arrived at this page via search engine: Welcome! You're visiting Bonza Sheila, a large and unique website celebrating love and romance. We have many interesting sections for you to visit, and the best place to start is at our Table Of Contents, our Art Of Love section has hundreds of images of lovers in fine art through the ages. Please enjoy your visit with us.

Aachen, Hans von - Joking Couple
Aba-Novák, Vilmos - The Artist And His Wife, 1925
Abbey, Edwin Austin - Fair Is My Love
Abbott, Starr - Summer Romance
Abeles, Sigmund Morton - The Retired Fire Chief & His Wife
Abrishami, Hessam - Autumn Eve
Abrishami, Hessam - Daylight Dream
Abrishami, Hessam - Spring Dream
Abrishami, Hessam - Wings Of Morning
Acharya, Sumita - The Dip
Adams, Alonzo - After Midnight
Adams, Bruce - Buy This (After Calvin Klein)
Adams, Bruce - Madeline And Wendy, 1996
Adams, Lisa - Lovers
Afremov, Leonid - Kaleidoscope Of Love
Afremov, Leonid - Tango Of Love
Agabalaev, Vyacheslav - The Family
al-Attar, Suad - Tender Embrace, 2000
al-Attar, Suad - Together We Will Find A World Of Dreams
Alciati, Antonio Ambrogio - The Kiss
Alcorn, Stephen - Artist Of The Missing 8
Alcorn, Stephen - The Embrace
Altdorfer, Albrecht - Lovers, c.1530
Aigner, Josef - Tannhauser In The Venus Grotto
Ajdukiewicz, Sigismund - A Pleasant Conversation
Aljodarr, Khawla - Kiss In Venice
Alciati, Antonio Ambrogio - Il Convegno
Alexander, LeeAnn - The Kiss
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - A World Of Their Own
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Ask Me No More
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Courtship
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - The Mirror
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Pleading
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Promise Of Spring
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Shy
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - A Silent Greeting
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Xanthe And Phaon
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Welcome Footsteps
de Almada Negreiros, Jose Sobral - A Sesta
Almeida Júnior - O Violeiro
Anderson, Harry - Young Lovers
Andreotti, Federico - An Afternoon Tea
Andreotti, Federico - Courting Couple
Andreotti, Federico - Music Hour
Andreotti, Federico - The Persistent Suitor
Andreotti, Federico - A Tender Moment In The Garden
Andreotti, Federico - A Visit To The Studio
Andrews, Benny - Walkers With The Dawn
Anelay, Henry - Ferdinand And Miranda
de l'Ange, Jacques (Attributed) - An Amorous Couple
Anikeev, Michael - Wedding, 2003
von Anreiter, Alois - Portraits Of A Young Viennese Married Couple
Antonov, Nikolay - Flying
Antonov, Nikolay - Friends
Antonov, Nikolay - Kiss
Antonov, Nikolay - Kiss 2
Antonov, Nikolay - Love
Antonov, Nikolay - Paradise Gardens
Antonov, Nikolay - Russian Song
Appiani, Andrea - Apollo And Daphne
Appleyard, Fred - Pearls For Kisses
Aranyshev, Andrey - Couple
Aranyshev, Andrey - Couple 2
Aranyshev, Andrey - Double Portrait, 2007
Aravena, Enrique - Família Feliz
Ardizzone, Edward - Lovers By The Sea, 1960
Ares, Luis Gomez - Quedate junto a mi (Stay With Me)
Argyrakis, Minos - Kissing At Sunset
Armfield, Maxwell - Faustine, 1904
Armfield, Maxwell - Perdita And Florizel
Aubry, Etienne - Couple In An Interior, 1760
Arya, Braj Mohan - Couple V
Arya, Braj Mohan - Couple With Dog
Arya, Braj Mohan - Nature With Lovers III
Ashby, Mabel - A Blooming Relationship - A Rosy Future
Ashton, C. H. - Pastoral Lovers (Daphnis And Chloe)
Askari, Sanyika - Star Of Life
Atencio, Gilbert - Courtship, Exchanging Gifts (Pueblo Indian)
Aubert, Jean - La Jeunesse
Aubry, - Louis-Francois - Portraits Of A Napoleonic Officer And His Wife
Augustin, Jean-Baptiste Jacques - Artist's Parents-In-Law
Austen, Alexander - Elderly Couple In An Interior

Bacchus, Dennis - David Hoffman And Marianne Spielberg
Backer, Jacob Adriaensz - Silk Merchant And Wife
Bacon, John Henry Frederick - Rivals, 1904
Bailie, Samuel Colville - Clair de Lune
Bakalowicz, Ladislaus - The Suitor
Bakalowicz, Stefan - Lovers
Baldauf, Josef - Tavern Scene
Ballue, Hippolyte - Lovers
Balluriau, Paul - Chanson Lache
Balluriau, Paul - A L'amie Perdue
Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski) - The Game Of Cards, c.1948
Banksy - Rickshaw
Barabas, Miklos - Dalliance
Barbier, Georges - L'avarice
Barbier, Georges - Ballet Scene With Tamara Karsavina
Barbier, Georges - Bedroom Scene From Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Barbier, Georges - Le Depart Pour Le Casino
Barbier, Georges - Him And Her
Barbier, Georges - Oui
Barbier, Georges - Secret Kiss
Barbier, Georges - The Swing
Bardoux, Prune - L'oiseau de Lune
Bargellini, Giulio - The Glorification Of Poetry
Barger, Johann Daniel - Flirtation Before The Fire, c.1790
Barillas, Rogelio - Adam And Eve
Barillas, Rogelio - Adam And Eve II
Barillas, Rogelio - Bailando
Barillas, Rogelio - Declaration Of Love
Barillas, Rogelio - Enamorado a Monalisa
Barillas, Rogelio - El Encuentro
Barillas, Rogelio - Idilio
Barillas, Rogelio - Pareja
Barillas, Rogelio - Pareja Con Cupido
Barillas, Rogelio - Pareja De Enamorados
Barillas, Rogelio - Pareja Nocturna
Barillas, Rogelio - Walking
Barnes, Joseph - The Village Wedding
Barocci, Federico - Double Portrait With Oak Twig
Barson, Jeff - The Lady Of Shallot
von Bartels, Hans - Couple At Hearth
Bartlett, Bo - Wedding, 1997
Barzotti, Biagio - Abelard And Heloise
Basch, Edith - A Young Couple
Bastien-Lepage, Jules - Les Foins
Bastien-Lepage, Jules - Rural Love
Batoni, Pompeo - Allegory Of Peace And War
Batten, John D. - Hasan Rejoins His Wife
Bauer, J. - Declaration Of Love, Viennese cartoonist, Early 20th c
Bauer, Joseph Anton - Patrician Couple
Bauer, Rudolf - Couple In A Cafe, c.1920
Bauer, Rudolf - Encounter, 1920
Baumhofer, Walter M. - Because I Love You
Baumhofer, Walter Martin - The Castle
Baumhofer, Walter Martin - Debutane, Western Style
Baumhofer, Walter M. - He Wouldn't Say Yes
Baumhofer, Walter Martin - Lovers
Baumhofer, Walter Martin - Lovers 2
Baur, J.M. - A Loving Couple
Bayoc, Cbabi - Expecting
Bazarin, Alex - The Silence
Bazin, Charles-Louis - Henry Edward And Elizabeth Surtees
Becat, Paul Emile - Le Baiser, c.1909
Becat, Paul Emile - Lovers
Becker, Carl Ludwig Friedrich - Romeo And Juliet Before Friar Lawrence
Beckmann, Max - Man And Woman, 1932
Beda, Francesco - The Suitor
Beers, Jan van - Bathers
Beers, Jan van - Rowing
Bega, Cornelis - An Amorous Couple In A Tavern
Bega, Cornelis - Amorous Scene In A Rustic Interior
Bega, Cornelis - The Duet
Beham, Hans Sebald - Adam And Eve, 1543
Behrens, Peter - Der Kuss, 1898
Beksinski, Zdzislaw - Lovers
Belanger, Melissa - Gifted Couple
Belarski, Rudolph - Passion Is A Woman, 1952
Belknap, Zebakiah - Captain And Mrs. Thomas Harrison
Bell, Robert Anning - La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Bellange, Joseph-Louis-Hippolyte - The Hussar's Adieu
Bellanger, Camille Felix - Idylle (Daphnis And Chloe)
Bellany, John - Love Song, Homage To Titian
Bellery-Desfontaines, Henri - Enigme, 1898
Belluci, Antonio - Hercules In The Palace of Omphale
Belluci, Antonio - Rinaldo And Armida
Beltran-Masses, Federico - Pola Negri And Valentino
Benczur, Gyula - Louis XV And Madame Dubarry
Benítez, Adigio - Amor en tierra brava, 2002
Benton, Thomas Hart - Self Portrait With Rita
Berann, H.C. - Liebespaar
Beraud, Jean - Au Cafe, 1896
Beraud, Jean - Dinner At Les Ambassadeurs
Béraud, Jean - The Drinkers
Beraud, Jean - La Lettre
Berg, Yngve - Illustration For Goethe's Roman Elegies
Bergh, Sven Richard - Nordic Summer Evening
Berke, Ernest - The Embrace
Bermudez, Cundo - Couple
Bermudez Delgado, Cundo - Study Of Mujer Peinando A Su Amante
Bermudez, Cundo - Romeo y Julieta
E. Bernhard, Chevalier de Guerard - Count Nicolaus Esterhazy and Wife
Berran, Robert - Unknown Title
Berry, Phil - Romance Illustration
Berscheicht, E. - Temptation
Bertiglia, Aurelio - The Eager Lover
Beuckelaer, Joachim - Market Scene
Beuckelaer, Joachim - Woman Selling Vegetables
Beuler, Lernie - Eternity
Beuler, Lernie - Kiss Me Kate
Beuler, Lernie - Walk With Me
Bieszczad, Seweryn - Cracovian Couple
Bijlert, Jan van - Granida And Daifilo
Bin, Emile Jean Baptiste Philippe -The Hamadryad
Bingham, S. - The Departure c.1900
Bisschop, Cornelis - A Young Woman And A Cavalier
von Blaas, Eugen - The Offer
de Blaas, Eugene - The Seamstress
Blaas, Eugen von - The Spider And The Fly
Blaas, Eugen von - The Suitor
Blackman, Charles - Lovers, 1953
Blackman, Charles - Lovers Embracing
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - The Accolade
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Duty
Blair Leighton, Edmund - The Fond Farewell
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - God Speed
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Lady In A Garden
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Lord Burleigh
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - My Next-Door Neighbour
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - On The Threshold
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Pelleas And Melisande
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - The Request
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Signing The Register
Blair Leighton, Edmund - A Stolen Interview, 1888
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Sweets To The Sweet
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - The Time And The Place
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Vows
Blair Leighton, Edmund - Wedding March
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - A Wet Sunday Morning
Blakely, Hamish - At Water's Edge
Blakely, Hamish - The Cad And The Countess
Blakely, Hamish - The Dreamers
Blakely, Hamish - The Swan
Blakely, Hamish - Tango Rouge
Blashfield, Edwin Howland - Flirtatious Greek Maiden And Gentleman
de Blay, C. - Girl Giving A Rose To Her Lover, 1865
Bliss, Ian - Dreaming
Bliss, Ian - Get Your Hand Off My Leg
Bliss, Ian - 'To Our Bodies Turn We Then'
Bliss, Ian - What Do You Think, Darling
Bloemaert, Abraham - Angelica And Medor
Bloemaert, Abraham - Apollo And Clymene
Bloemaert, Abraham - Pastoral Scene
Bloemaert, Hendrick - Portrait Of A Husband And Wife, 1647
Bluhm, Oscar - Ermudende Konversation
Bluhm, Oscar - Garderobe
Bluhm, Oscar - On The Balcony
Boccasile, Gino - Illustration For The Decameron
Bocklin, Arnold - Lovers in Front of a Shrubbery; Calypso and Ulysses
Boeckhorst, Johann - Apollo And Daphne
Boilly, Louis Leopold - L'Amant Constant
Boilly, Louis Leopold - Couple With An Escaped Bird
Boilly, Louis Leopold - Dispute Of The Rose
Boilly, Louis Leopold - The Improvised Concert
Boilly, Louis-Leopold - Lady At Her Toilet
Boilly, Louis Leopold - Ninth Month
Boilly, Louis-Leopold - Point de Convention
Boilly, Louis-Leopold - Those Who Inspire Love Extinguish It, or The Philosopher
Bois, Guy Pene du - The Arrivals c.1918
Boissegur, Beatrice - French West Coast
Boissegur, Beatrice - Lovers
Boks, Evert - A Pair
Bol, Ferdinand - Bacchus And Ariadne
Boldini, Giovanni - A Guitar Player, 1872
Boldini, Giovanni - Spring
Bompard, Sergio - Lovers
Bond, Marj - Tuscan Meeting
Bonnard, Pierre - Man And Woman
Bonnet, Louis Marin - L'Amant Ecoute
Bordone, Paris - Allegory With Lovers
Bordone, Paris - The Venetian Lovers
Borges, Caio - Couple
Borges, Caio - Endless Song
Borghese, Franz - Couple With Dog
Borrmeister, Richard - A Bouquet
Borrmeister, Richard - Lovers Parting
Borrmeister, Richard - Lovers' Tryst
Borsky, Jiri - Art Lovers
Borsky, Jiri - Harbour Lovers
Borsky, Jiri - Lovers Near Marina
Borsky, Jiri - Lovers On Sand
Borsky, Jiri - Modern Art Lovers
Borsky, Jiri - Tall Lovers
Borsos, Jozsef - The Dissatisfied Painter
Borsos, Jozsef - Debauchery, 1851
Botero, Fernando - Adam And Eve, 1998
Botero, Fernando - Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe, 1969
Botero, Fernando - Los Amantes
Botero, Fernando - Man And Woman, 2001
Bottex, Seymour Etienne - Young Wedding
Botticelli, Sandro - Venus And Mars
Boucher, Francois - Allegory Of Wisdom And Strength (Hercules & Omphale)
Boucher, Francois - An Autumn Pastoral
Boucher, Francois - Jupiter In The Guise Of Diana Seducing Callisto
Boucher, Francois - La Belle Cuisiniere
Boucher, Francois - The Music Lesson
Boucher, Francois - Pastoral Scene
Boucher, Francois - Renaud And Armide
Boucher, Francois - Shepherd And Shepherdess Reposing
Boughton, George Henry - The Waning Of The Honeymoon
Bouguereau, Adolphe-William - Proposal
Bouguereau, William - L'amour et Psyche
Bouguereau, William - L'enlèvement de Psyché
Bouguereau, William - Faune And Bacchante
Bouguereau, William - Flora And Zephyr
Boutibonne, Charles Edward - La Preferee
Bowden, Wolff - Three Roses Kiss
Bower, Susan - In Shining Armour
Bower, Susan - Nice Drop Of Red
Bowers, David M. - Kimberlie And I
Bowers, David M. - State of the Nation
Bowler, Joe - Couple
Bowler, Joe - The Jive
Bowler, Joe - The Night Before The Wedding
Bowkett, Jane Maria - Windy Day
Bowler, Joe - Engagement
Bowler, Joe - Just The Two Of Us
Boyd, Arthur - Lovers
Boyd, Arthur - Lovers In A Boat
Boyd, Arthur - Lovers On A Bench
Bouda, Cyril - Illustration From The Decameron
Boullemier, Antonin - Lovers; A pair of Minton earthenware tiles, c.1895
Boznanska, Olga - A Couple
Brackenberg, R. Caton - A Dutch Courtship
Brandard, John - Delightful Waltz
Brandt, Józef - Conversation At The Well
Brandt, Jozef - Pozegnanie
Bray, Jan de - Abraham Casteleyn & Margarita van Bancken
Breedveld, Ada - Love
Breedveld, Ada - Moon Night
Brewster, John Jr. - Colonel Eli And Mary Broughton Mygatt
Brewster, John Jr. - Dr. John Brewster & His Second Wife, Ruth Avery c.1795
Brewtnall, Edward Frederick - The Honeymooners
Brewtnall, Edward Frederick - Sleeping Beauty
Brewtnall, Edward Frederick - Under The Mistletoe
Brickdale, Eleanor Fortescue - Love And Duty, from Poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Brickdale, Eleanor Fortescue - Natural Magic
Brickdale, Eleanor Fortescue - Pale Complexion Of True Love
Bridgman, Frederick Arthur - Almeh Flirting With An Armenian Policeman
Bridgman, Frederick Arthur - The Game Of Chance
Bridgman, Frederick Arthur - Queen Of The Brigands
Briggs, Austin - Magazine Illustration, 1958
Briggs, Austin - The Rescue, 1950
Briggs, Julia - Flower Lovers
Briggs, Julia - Lovers
Briscoe, Mark - A Couple On Horseback
Bristinger, Leopold - Endeament, 1938
Briullov, Karl - Equestrian Double Portrait
Bron, Odile - Marriage
Brook, Alexander - The Young Couple, Monsieur et Madame Bourdelle
Brooks, Thomas - The Dawn Of Love, 1846
Brouwer, Adriaen - Drinkers
Brown, Arthur William - The Count And Countess
Brown, Ford Maddox - Corsair's Return
Brown, Ford Madox - The Dream Of Sardanapalus
Brown, Ford Madox - Henry Fawcett; Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett
Brown, Ford Madox - King Rene's Honeymoon
Brown, John George - Memories
Brown, John George - The Music Lesson
Brown, Krista Lynn - Time Was
Brown, Sterling - Tenderness
Bruet, Thierry - Black Gigolette 2
Bruet, Thierry - Mr. And Mrs. Yuan
Bruet, Thierry - Poisson d'Avril
Brunery, Francois - Vanity, c.1880
Bruni, Bruno - Luna Turca
Brunner, Antonín - After The Ball
Brunner, Frederick Sands - Lovers
Bruno, Guillaume - Michelle And Barack Hussein Obama
Bruyeres, Hippolyte - The Proposal
Bruyn, Barthel - Portraits Of A Man And Wife
Bryers, Duane - Just Married
Budnichenko, Oksana - Enamoured Mime
Buell, Al - Yachting Lovers
Buland, Jean-Eugene - Marriage Innocent
Bunney, John Wharlton - Venus, Vulcan And Cupid, 1868
Bunny, Rupert - Poseidon And Amphitrite
Burgers, Jacobus Hendricus - Meeting In The Dunes
Burgess, Frank Louis - Aloha With A Kiss
Burgess, John Bagnold - Lovers In A Punt
Burne-Jones, Edward - King Cophetua & The Beggar Maid
Burne-Jones, Edward - Love Among The Ruins
Burne-Jones, Edward - The Soul Attains
Burne-Jones, Edward - Tree Of Forgiveness
Burroughs, Bryson - The Lovers
Bussiere, Gaston - Tristan et Iseult
Burton, Frederick William - The Meeting On The Turret Stairs, Hellelil and Hildebrand
Busoni, Rafaello - Spanish Couple
Buys, Jacobus - Scene From Moliere's Tartuffe
Buytewech, Willem Pieterszoon - Elegant Couples Courting
Master bxg (Attributed to) - Lovers On Horseback, c.1480
Master bxg (Attributed to) - Pair Of Lovers, c.1470-1490
Byam Shaw, John - King Cophetua And The Beggar-Maid
Shaw, John Byam Liston - Rising Spring
Byam Shaw, John - Such Is Life
Shaw, John Byam Liston - The Woman, The Man, And The Serpent
Byars, Hugh Gerard - Embrace

Caballero, Maximo Juderias - The Proposal, 1902
Cades, Giuseppe - Bacchus And Ariadne
Caillebotte, Gustave - La Place de l'Europe, temps de pluie
Caillebotte, Gustave - Rising Road, 1881
Calascione, Colette - Lovers In The Leaves 2
Calcutt, Nancy - Tenderness
Caldana, Giovanni - Lovers
Caldana, Giovanni - Lovers II, c.1907
Cambiaso, Luca (Workshop Of) - Venus And Adonis
Candela, F. - Spanish Rendezvous, c.1900
Calderon, Philip Hermogenes - Farewell
Cannell, Sherrie - Yes
Canova, Antonio - Cupid And Psyche
Canova, Antonio - Amor And Psyche 2
Cap, Constant Aime Marie - The Indescrition
Capeche, Oscar - Frida And Diego I
Caramagno, Salvo - Appointment Under The Oak
Caramagno, Salvo - Innamorati
Caramagno, Salvo - La Serenata
Caraud, Joseph - A Welcome Distraction From Chores
Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da -The Fortune Teller
Cariani, Giovanni - Seduction (Allegory of Youth and Age)
Carolus, Jean - Putting On The Finishing Touches
Carolus-Duran - The Kiss
Caroselli, Angelo - Allegory Of Love
Caroselli, M. - Loving Sun
Cary, Francis Stephen - Consolation
Cascella, Basilio - La Serenata
Cassatt, Mary - Torero
Castelluccio Federico - Duke & Duchess Of North Caldwell
Catala, Luis Alvarez - The Flirtation
Caullery, Louis de - A Lady And A Gentleman Playing Lutes
Caullery, Louis de - The Spanish Concert or, The Gallant Rest
Ceytaire, Jean Pierre - Cravate du Tigre
Cezanne, Paul - Couple In A Garden or The Conversation
Chagall, Marc - Bride And Groom Of The Eiffel Tower
Chagall, Marc - Les Amoureux
Chagall, Marc - Les Amoureux Au Triangle Orange
Chagall, Marc - Lovers
Chagall, Marc - Lovers
Chagall, Marc - Lovers With Flowers
Chagall, Marc - Lovers With 3 Candles
Chambers, Charles Edward - Lovers
Chandler, Winthrop - Captain And Mrs. Samuel Chandler
Chaperon, Nicolas - Venus And Hermes
Chapman, J. - Allegory Of Painting
Chappuis, Erica - Cave 10
Chappuis, Erica - Cave 12
Chappuis, Erica - Harlem
Chappuis, Erica - Kiss From The Sunset
Chappuis, Erica - Lovers
Chappuis, Erica - My Love
Charlemagne, Adolf Iosifovich - Fresh Berries
Charlemont, Matthias Adolf - An Austrian Married Couple
Chavajay, Lorenzo Gonzalez - Enamoratas
Chavajay, Lorenzo Gonzalez - Guatemalan Lovers
Chavez, Jose de (Chaves y Ortiz) - Gallant Scene
Chelmonski, Jozef - Sielanka (Idyll)
Cheney, Mary Langdon - Mr. And Mrs. Livingston
Cherry, Sam - Rangeland Romances, 1947
Cherry, Sam - Detective Story Illustration
Cherry, Sam - Young Nurse, 1954
Chiostri, Sofia - Pierrot And Pierrette
Chodowiecki, Daniel Nikolaus (Attributed) - Amorous Scene
Christy, F. Earl - Charming Couple
Christy, Howard Chandler - A Modern-Day Motoring Couple
Chuck And George - Spark
Clair, Stephanie - Everlasting Embrace
Clarot, Alexander - Husband And Wife
Clater, Thomas - The Proposal, 1825
Clint, George - Hamlet And Ophelia, 1831
Clay, Alfred Barron - A Conversation
Closterman, John Baptist - George And Ann Nodes
Clough, George Lafayette - The Boating Party
Clum, John - Brown Series XVI
Coene, Jean Henri de - A Flirtatious Couple
Coene, Jean Henri de - The Proposal
Coetzee, Christo - Man And Woman
Collier, John - Horace And Lydia
Collin, Raphael - Daphnis And Chloe
Collin, Raphael - Daphnis And Chloe II
Collin, Raphael - Daphnis & Chloe - Offering To Pan
Collins, Charles - Looking To The Future
Colquhoun, Robert - Lovers
Cook, Beryl - Adam And Eve
Cook, Beryl - Adam And Eve II
Cook, Beryl - Lovers
Cope, Charles West - The Thorn
Copley, John Singleton - Gregory And Lucretia Hubbard Townsend
Copley, John Singleton - Mr. And Mrs. Isaac Winslow
Copley, John Singleton - Mr. And Mrs. Ralph Izard, 1775
Copley, John Singleton - Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Mifflin
Copping, Harold - The Fat Boy
Coques, Gonzales - Equestrian Portrait Of A Couple
Coques, Gonzales - Lord Cavendish With His Wife Margaret In The Garden Of Rubens In Antwerp
Corbella, Tito - Elegant Lovers
Corbella, Tito - Love On The Beach
Corbella, Tito - Romantic Couple
Corbella, Tito - The Hammock
Corcos, Vittorio Matteo - An Afternoono On The Porch
Corcos, Vittorio Matteo - At The Regatta, 1884
Corinth, Lovis - Self-Portrait With His Wife
Corinth, Lovis - Self-Portrait With His Wife (2), 1904
Cornoyer, Paul - Early Spring In Central Park
da Cortona, Pietro - Meeting Of Dido And Aeneas
Cot, Pierre Auguste - Springtime
Cot, Pierre Auguste - The Storm
Courbet, Gustave - The Large Oak
Courbet, Gustave - Lovers In The Country, 1844
Courmes, Louis Alfred - Bicycling Couple, 1925
Court, Joseph-Désiré - Young Girl At The Scamander River
Couse, Eanger Irving - Lovers, 1906
Couture, Thomas - Horace And Lydia
Couwenbergh, Christiaen Van - Venus And Adonis
Craft, Kinuko Cinderella And The Prince
Craft, Kinuko Y. - Cupid And Psyche
Craft, Kinuko Y. - Much Ado About Nothing
Craft, Kinuko - Romeo And Juliet
Craft, Kinuko - Thomas The Rhymer
Cramer, Rie - Les Adieux
Cramer, Rie - Les Amants
Cranach, Lucas - Amorous Old Woman And Young Man
Cranach, Lucas (Elder) - Martin Luther & Wife Katharina von Bora
Lucas, the Elder Cranach - The Odd Couple
Cranach, Lucas - Odd Couple III
Lucas, the Elder Cranach - The Ill Matched Lovers (IV)
Crane, Walter - Briar Rose
Crane, Walter - Cupid And The Rose
Crane, Walter - 'Each Lover In His Lady's Face...'
Crane, Walter - The Frog Prince
Crane, Walter - Ruth And Boaz, 1863
Crane, Walter - Sleeping Beauty
Crane, Walter - Sleeping Beauty II
Crayk, Fred - Capital, Lovers c.1984
Crehore, Amy - Gourmet Love
Cremona, Tranquillo - Kiss
Cremona, Tranquillo - L'edera
Cremona, Tranquillo - Lovers
Crespi, Giuseppe Maria - Amorous Shepherd And Shepherdess
Crespi, Giuseppe Maria - Persistent Cavalier
Criswell, Warren - The Muse Departs, 2005
Croegaert, Georges - Couple In A Conservatory
Croegaert, Georges - The Flirtation, 1885
Croegaert, Georges - The Flirtation II
Crook, P.J. - Fairground
Currin, John - Lovers In The Country, 1993
Curtis, Ralph Wormeley - Drifting With The Tide

Daffinger, Moritz Michael - Gumdelfinger & Wife
Dagnan-Bouveret, Pascal - Blessing Of The Young Couple Before Marriage
Dagnan-Bouveret, Pascal - Wedding Party At The Photographer's Studio
Daniloff, Alexander - Arcadia
Daniloff, Alexander - Romeo And Juliette
Darcy, Ernest - Illustration Of Lovers On A Beach
Daumier, Honore - Ulysses' Homecoming
David, Jacques Louis - Antoine-Laurent & Marie-Anne Lavoisier
David, Jacques-Louis - Monsieur Et Madame Monguez, 1812
David, Jacques-Louis - Sappho And Phaon
Davis, Eben P. - Mr. And Mrs. Eben P. Davis, 1860
Davis, Joseph H. - Joseph And Tryphena Wentworth. 1835
Davringhausen, Heinrich - Dirne (Prostitute), 1921
Dawe, Philip - The Macaroni Courtship Rejected, 1773
Dawe, Philip - The Scramble, or Old Gripus Plunder’d By His Young Wife, 1773
Dawe, Philip - Search The World -You’ll Seldom See Handsomer Folks
Dayer, Diego - Estrellas del Circo
de Vries, Regina - Couple
de Witt, Reinhold - Couple In An Interior
Dean, Graam - The Kiss
Debat-Ponsan, Edouard Bernard - Le Flirt
Debucourt, Philibert-Louis - Parting Of A Russian Officer With A Parisian Woman
Degas, Edgar - Edmond And Therese Morbilli
Delacroix, Eugene - A Moorish Couple on Their Terrace
Delamonica, Didier - Lovers
Delamonica, Didier - Lovers 2
Delaroche, Paul - Fra Filippo Falling In Love With His Model
Delondre, Maurice - En Omnibus
Delvaux, Paul - The Couple, 1929
Delvaux, Paul - Intimacy, 1963
Delvaux, Paul - Lovers (Unknown Title), 1946
Delvaux, Paul - Proposition Diurne (La Femme au Miroir) 1937
Delville, Jean - L'oubli des Passions
Delville, Jean - The Love Of Souls
Demakov, Eugeny - A Married Couple
De Mers, Joe - Mixed Double
Demuth, Charles - Dancing Sailors, 1918
Denneulin, Jules - Return From Fishing
Denning, Stephen Poyntz - Married Couple
Denis, Maurice - Cupid Carrying Psyche Up To Heaven
Derleth, Jessica - Lovers
Descourtis, Charles-Melchior - La Surprise de l'Amour
Detti, Cesare Auguste - Les Amiants
Detti, Cesare - Flowers For Her Ladyship
Detti, Cesare Auguste - Serenade
Detti, Cesare - In The Garden
Detti, Cesare - A Musical Interlude
Detti, Cesare - Romantic Serenade
Deveria, Achille - Romeo And Juliet
Devis, Arthur - The Duet. 1749
Devis, Arthur - An Incident In The Grounds Of Ranelagh
Devis, Arthur - Sir Nathaniel And Lady Caroline Curzon
Devis, Arthur - Portrait Of Robert Grant And His Wife Elizabeth
Devis, Arthur - Sir George And Lady Strickland
Dick, Alan Graham - The Expulsion
Dicksee, Frank - La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Dicksee, Frank - The Confession
Dicksee, Frank - Elopement
Dicksee, Frank - The End Of The Quest
Dicksee, Frank - Harmony
Dicksie, Frank - An Offering
Dinet, Etienne - Abd el Gheram And Nour el Ain
Ding, Xiaoqing - The Beginning And The End
Ding, Xiaoqing - Called Peacock
Ding, Xiaoqing - Give It Up
Ding, Xiaoqing - Lover's Boat
Ding, Xiaoqing - Your Veil
Dodds, Pamela - Union
Dodge, Helen - Alain And Brigitte In L.A
Dongen, Kees van - Tango Of The Archangel
Dorin, Walter - The Great Lovers, Elizabeth And Essex, 1978
Doubek, F.B. - Gallant Gesture
Doucet, Henri Lucien - The Eager Suitor
Doughty, C.L. - Admiral Nelson And Lady Hamilton
Dowling, Robert - Mary Queen Of Scots With Rizzio (Self Portrait)
Dovzhenko, Anatoli - Beginning Of A Working Day, 1964
Downing, Delapoer - A Musical Interlude
Downing, Delapoer - Make A Wish
Downing, Delapoer - Violin Lesson
Doyle, Katherine - Gift, 2005
Draper, Herbert James - Art And The Jade
Draper, Herbert - Day And The Dawnstar
Draper, Herbert James - Tristan And Isolde
Dreiers, Johan F. L. - Man & Wife From Nordmore
Drouais, Francois-Hubert - Portraits Of A Married Couple
Dubreuil, Toussaint - Angelica And Medor, 1580
Dubufe, Claude-Marie - Adam And Eve, 1827
Dubufe, Louis Edouard - Lovelace Abducting Clarissa Harlowe
Dubuffet, Jean - The Little Kiss, 1943
Ducis, Louis - Bianca Cappello Fleeing With Her Lover Francesco de Medici
Ducis, Louis - Orpheus And Eurydice
Duck, Jacob - A Guardroom Interior
Dudovich, Marcello - Magazine Illustration
Duez, Ernest - Honeymoon
Duez, Ernest - The Rebuff
Dulac, Edmund - Illustration For Edgar Allan Poe's Al Aaraaf
Dulac, Edmund - Circe And Ulysses
Dulac, Edmund - Glaucus And Scylla
Dulac, Edmund - Jason And Medea
Dulac, Edmund - Peri Banu And Prince Achmed
Dulac, Edmund - Arabian Nights, Sinbad, 1907
Dulac, Sebastien - Bohemia; Fiesta En El Estudio, 1831
Signed Dumont - Louis XVI And Marie Antoinette, Miniatures
Duncan, John - Tristan And Isolde
Duncan, Walter - Boating
Dupre, Julien - Harvest Time, 1878
Dupree, Georges - Das Antike Liebespaar
Duranovic, Nebojsa - Lovers
Durer, Albrecht - Adao e Eva
Durer, Albrecht - Dancing Peasant Couple
Durer, Albrecht - The Ill-Assorted Couple, or The Offer Of Love
Durer, Alberect - Young Couple Threatened By Death (The Promenade)
Durer, Albrecht - Lovers
Duyckinck, Gerardus - Lady Undressing For A Bath
Dvojack, Sarah- After Midnight
Dyce, William - Paolo And Francesca
Dyce, William - The Meeting Of Jacob And Rachel, 1853
van Dyck, Anthony - Cupid And Psyche
Dyck, Anthony Van - Portrait Of A Married Couple
van Dyck, Anthony - Sir Robert Shirley And Wife, Teresia

Earl, Ralph - Nathaniel And Martha Ruggles, 1804
Earl, Ralph - Oliver And Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth
Eastlake, Charles Lock - The Champion
Eberle, Adolf - Couple With Dachshunds
Eckersberg, C.W. - Magnus Foght & Wife
Edelfelt, Albert - At The Piano
Edelfelt, Albert - Dolor
Edelfelt, Albert - Dreaming
Edelfelt, Albert - Horace And Lydia
Edelfelt, Albert - Idyll, 1878
Eder, Martin - Friendship, 2009
Edmonds, Francis William - The City And Country Beaux
Eeckhout, Gerbrand van den - Party On A Terrace
Eekman, Nicolaas Mathijs 'Nic' - The Hideaway
Eerelman, Otto - A Couple In The Dunes Near Scheveningen
Efros, Leonid - Double Portrait, Natalia And Oleg
de Egusquiza, Rogelio - The End Of The Ball
de Egusquiza, Rogelio - Tristan And Isolde
Eizan, Kikugawa - Reclining Couple Reading A Love Letter, c.1810
Eleszkiewicz, Stanislaw - Couple In Love
Elliott, Virgil - Young Lovers
Elmiger, O. - A Couple With A Crest
von Ende, Felix Friedrich - Courtship
Engbrox, Sylvester - Couple
Engonopoulos, Nikos - Libation a Parthenis (25 Mars)
Engonopoulos, Nikos - Orpheus And Eurydice
d' Entraygues, Charles Bertrand - Illusion
Erdmann, Otto - The Music Leson
Erfmann, 'Ferdinand' George - A Kiss On The Rooftop
Erfmann, Ferdinand - The Visit
Erichsen, Nelly - The Orchard
Erko, Vladislav - Tales Of Misty Avalon
Ermolaev, Vitaly - The Kiss
Erte - Adam And Eve, 1982
Escher, Hans - Relationship Scene, 1968
van Everdingen, Caesar - Jupiter And Callisto
Eybl, Franz - Portraits Of A Married Couple 1
Eybl, Franz - Portraits Of A Married Couple 2

Faed, John - Lovers
Faed, John - The Parting Of Evangeline And Gabriel
Faed, John - Postumus And Imogen
Faed, John - The Soldier's Return
Faed, Thomas - Faults On Both Sides
Fahui, Luo - Love
Fairey, Shepard - These Sunsets Are To Die For
Falk, Robert - Double Portrait Against A Street Background
Fassianos, Alecos - Le Baiser De La Mer
Faustini, Modesto - Lovers By A Fountain
Faustini, Modesto - Paris And Helen
Fedden, Mary - The Proposal
Fedotov, Pavel - Difficult Bride, 1847
Feltus, Alan - Double-Portrait
Feral, Eugene - The Proposal
Ferenchich - My Kingdom For A Bed, 1905
Ferenchich - Young Couple Interrupted By A Policeman
Fermor-Smith, Daniel - Lovers In The Park
Fiala, Anton - Portraits Of A Married Couple, 1848
Fidus - At The Altar, 1906
Fidus - Back to Nature, A Couple, 1910
Fidus - Fruhlingsodem, 1893
Fidus (Hugo Hoppener)- Ice Skating Young Couple
Fidus - Satana (Peacock), 1896
Finetti, Gino de - Interrupted Hunt, 1913
Finson, Louis - Venus With Cupid And Lovers In The Background
Fiocchi, Alexandre-Auguste - Monsieur & Mme Bourgion
Fischer, Anton Otto - A Winter Scene, Lovers On Skis
Fischer, Paul Gustave - Couple On A Terrace
Fisher, Bill - Conversation
Fisher, Harrison - Fortune Teller
Fisher, Harrison - Springtime Romance
Fisk, William Henry - The Secret, 1858
Fitzgerald, John Anster -Fairy Lovers In A Bird's Nest
Flagg, James Montgomery - The Command
Flagg, James Montgomery - The Director
Flagg, James Montgomery - Passionate Kiss
Flagg, James Montgomery - With This Ring, 1908
Flynt, Michael - Lovers
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - Blindman's Bluff
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - Confession Of Love
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - The Fountain Of Love
Fragonard, Jean Honore - The Happy Lovers
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - Oath Of Love
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - The Progress Of Love; The Meeting
Fragonard, Jean-Honore- The Pursuit (Engraving)
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - The Stolen Kiss
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - The Swing
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - Le Verrou
Frampton, Edward Reginald - Ferdinand And Miranda
Fresnaye, Roger de la - Married Life, 1912
Friant, Emile - The Lovers (Autumn Evening)
Fratila, Iulian - Couple
Freud, Lucian - Ib And Her Husband (detail)
Friedrich, Caspar David - Man And Woman Contemplating The Moon
Friedrich, Caspar David - On The Sailing Boat, 1819
Frohawk Two Feathers - Let Me Upgrade Ya, 2012
Frith, William Powell - Lovers
Frith, William Powell - The Lovers II
Frith, William Powell - Lovers Seat, Shelley & Mary Godwin
Fusby, Ted - Bears In Love
Fuseli, Henry - Siegfried And Kriemheld, 1807
Fuseli, Henry - Undine And Huldebrand

Gainsborough, Thomas - Conversation In A Park
Gainsborough, Thomas - Haymaker And Sleeping Girl
Gainsborough, Thomas - Mr. And Mrs. Andrews
Gainsborough, Thomas - Mr. And Mrs. William Hallett
Gaisser, Jakob Emanuel - Couple Interrupted By Governess
Galaup, Francesco Miralles - Invitation To The Waltz
Gall, F. - Mythological Lovers
Gandon, Pierre - Erotic Scene
Gandy, Herbert - Vikings Farewell
Gannam, John - A Romantic Dinner
Gareis, F. - Lovers On A Park Bench
Gardner, Elizabeth Jane - Daphnis And Chole
Garnier, Jules Arsene - Le Droit Du Seigneur
Il Garofalo (Benvenuto Tisi) - An Allegory Of Love
Gattorno, Antonio - Guajiros y Pilon
Gaudefroy, Alphonse - A Moment Aside
Gaugengigl, Ignaz - Scherzando
Gaul, Franz - Watercolor Couple, c.1890
Geiger, Hegedus - The Adoring Husband, c.1905
Geiger, Hegedus - The Eager Suitor
Georgi, Edwin - Couple
Georgi, Edwin - Lovers On A Rooftop
Georgi, Edwin - The Model From Madison Avenue
Georgi, Edwin - Return
Georgi, Edwin - A Secret Affair
Gerard, Francois - Cupid And Psyche
Gerard, Francois - Daphnis And Chloe, 1825
Gerard, Marguerite - The Duchess Of Abrantes And General Junot, c.1800
Gerard, Marguerite - Prelude To A Concert
Gerasch, Franz - Fuhrwesen, 1730
Gerbault, Henri - An Indecent Proposal
Geringer, Adolf - Lovers In Venice, 1897
Gerome, Jean Leon - An Idyl (Daphnis And Chloe), 1852
Gerson, Wojciech - At The Well
Gervex, Henri - Retour de Bal
Geyling, Remigius - The Artist And His Girlfriend Rafaela Kikiewicz
Geyling, Remigius - An Elegant Couple
Geyling, Remigius - Lovers In Winter, 1910's
Gheyn, Jacob de (II) - Neptune And Amphitrite
Ghilchik, David - The Courtship
Ghiocel, Elena - Couple, Chile
Ghisetti, Giampaolo - Dance
Ghisetti, Giampaolo - Il Giorno e la Notte (Night And Day)
Gibson, Charles Dana - Lovers, 1904
Gibson, Charles Dana - Serious Business, 1914
Giesser, F. - The Next Dance
Gill, Eric - Divine Lovers
Gillbert, I - Husband And Wife, c.1830
Gillbert, I. - Portraits Of A Married Couple
Gillespie, James H. (Attributed) - African-American Couple, c.1838
Gillet, Hugues - Les Amants
Girodet de Roucy-Trioson, Anne-Louis - Aurora & Cephalus
Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, Anne-Louis - Jupiter & Callistio
Gillray, James - The Devonshire
Gillray, James - Nuptial Bower With The Evil-One Peeping At Charms Of Eden
Glackens, William - At Mouquin's
Gleyre, Charles - Daphnis And Chloe
Glushkova, Elena - Kiss Me
Glibert, Albert - Interior With Music Making Couple
Gobbi, D. - Arabian Lovers
Gobbi, D. - Chinese Lovers
Gobbi, D. - Lovers In The Moonlight
Goble, Warwick - Beauty And The Beast, 1913
Godward, John William - The Old Old Story
Godward, John William - The Old Old Story II
Godward, John William - Yes Or No
Godward, John William - Youth And Time, 1901
Godwin, Frank - Tristan And Isolde
Goetze, Sigismund - Love Triumphant
Gold, Jeffrey - Solitaire, 2000
Golovachevsky, Alexander Kirilovich - Russian Couple
Goltzius, Hendrick - The Fall Of Man
Goltzius, Hendrick - Sight (The Five Senses)
Goltzius, Hendrick - Justice And Prudence Kiss Each Other
Goltzius, Hendrik - Young Man Chooses Love Of Beauty Over Riches
Goncharova, Katherina - We Are Together
Gonzales, A. Andrew - The Sacred Marriage
Gore, William Henry - Listed, 1886
Gorky, Arshile - Portrait Of Myself And My Imaginary Wife
Gorshunov, Denis - Good Message
Gorshunov, Denis - In The Pink
Goryushkin-Sorokopudov, Ivan - Kiss
Gossaert, Jan - An Elderly Couple
Gossaert, Jan - Neptune And Amphitrite
Gotch, Thomas Cooper - Betrothed
Gotch, Thomas Cooper - Destiny
Graafland, Robert Archibalt - Young Lovers
Gravelot, Hubert Francois Bourguignon - Le Lecteur
Graves, Daniel - The Groom
Gray, Henry Peters - The Greek Lovers
Grefe, Will - Hello, License Clerk - 1910
Grefe, Will - Resolutions Are Made To Be Broken, 1911
Greiffenhagen, Maurice - An Idyll
Greuze, Jean Baptiste - Lovers Profiting From The Drowsiness Of The Grandmother
Greuze, Jean Baptiste - The Playful Maid
Grevin, Alfred - An Introduction
Grigoletti, Michelangelo - Paolo And rancesca, 1840
Grimshaw, John Atkinson - The Lovers, 1874
Gris, Juan - La Lettre
Gros, Antoine Jean - Acis And Galatea, 1833
Gros, Antoine Jean - Bacchus And Ariadne
Gross, Alex - Redemption
Gross, George - Lover Boy
Grosz, George - Couple On Street
Grosz, George - Die Guten Jahre, 1920
Grosz, George - A Married Couple, 1930
Grosz, George - Ungleiches Paar
Grottger, Artur - Pozegnanie Powstanca (Farewell To An Insurgent), 1866
Guerin, Francois - Portrait Of A Gentleman And His Wife
Guerin, Pierre Narcisse - Aurora And Cephalus
Guerin, Pierre-Narcisse - Morpheus And Iris
Guerin, Pierre-Narcisse - Venus And Adonis
Guerzoni, Giovanni - Lovers
Master of Guillebert de Mets - Tender Embrace, c.1430
Guerzoni, Giovanni - Lovers In A Garden
Guillery, Franz - Serenade
Guillery, Franz - Serenade 2
Guillou, Alfred - Adieu
Gulluni, Ariel - Silencio
Gyula, Batthyany - The Bedroom Secrets (A Cup Of Hot Chocolate)

Haarlem, Cornelis van - The Fall Of Man, 1592
Haarlem, Cornelis van - Venus And Adonis, 1614
Hacker, Arthur - The Sea Maiden, 1897
Haderer, Gerhard - Ohne Titel
Hadjimichail, Theofilos - Erotokritos And Aretousa, 1933
Haeberlin, Carl von - Knight And Maid
Haenraets, Willem - Lovers
Hagborg, August Wilhelm Nikolaus - Daydreaming On The Beach
Hagborg, August Wilhelm Nikolaus - A Lover's Quarrel
Haidt, Johann Valentin - Christian And Rebecca Protten
Haigh-Wood, Charles - The Tryst
Hailstone, Bernard - Big Ben The Bargee, 1943
Hall, George Henry - Roman Wine Cart
Halle, Edward Charles - Paolo And Francesca
Halliday, Michael Frederick - Measure For The Wedding Ring
Hals, Dirck - Elegant Couple In An Interior
Hals, Dirck - Merry Company With Flute Player
Hals, Dirck (Circle Of) - An Allegory Of Love
Hals, Franz - Isaak Abrahamsz Massa & Beatrix van der Lean
Hals, Franz - Married Couple In A Garden
Hals, Franz - Young Man & Woman In An Inn
Hamilton, Herbert - Interrupted Love-making
Hamilton, James - A Game Of Chess, 1790
Hamilton, William - Rustic Courtship
Hammershøi, Vilhelm - Double Portrait
Hammond, Gertrude Demain - Harald, First Of The Vikings, 1911
Hammond, Gertrude Demain - The Proposal, 1908
Hampson, Derek - The Loves Of The Plants, 2003
Hankey, William Lee - Quiet Village
Hanrahan, Barbara - Lovers With A Bird
Hanrahan, Barbara - Lovers With A Bird 2
Harbour, Jennie - Sleeping Beauty
Hardy, Florence - The Gavotte
Hardy, Florence - Just A Song At Twilight
Hardy, Florence - Love's Melody
Hardy, Florence - Love's Questioning
Hardy, Heywood - Colonel And Mrs Wyndham Murray
Hardy, Heywood - Riders On The Shore With Collie
Hargreaves, John - Young English Couple, c.1840
Hare, St. George - The Angel's Love, 1908
Harris, Edwin - Under The Cornish Cliffs
Harris, Jen P. - American Kiss 2
Harris, Jen P. - Pacific
Harris, Rolf - Lovers On The Seine
Harris, Robert G. - Marriage Is For Two
Harrison, Emma Florence - An End
Harrison, Emma Florence - The Last Hour
Harrison, Florence - Maiden Song, 1910
Harunobu, Suzuki - Lovers, c.1760
Harunobu, Suzuki - Lovers Meeting On A Spring Evening, 1767
Harunobu, Suzuki - Lovers On A Veranda With A Shamisen
Harunobu, Suzuki - Lovers Under An Umbrella In The Snow
Hassmann, J. - The Tickler, 1849
Hatcher, Marty - Subway Kiss
Hatt, Fred - Pregnant Couple, 2008
Hauser, Carry - Lovers
Hawley, Pete - Something To Remember
Hawthorne, Charles Webster - Youth, 1910
Hay, James Hamilton - The Lovers
Hayez, Francesco - The Kiss
Hayez, Francesco - Rinaldo And Armida
Hayman, Francis - Mr. And Mrs. John Badger Weller
Heerup, Henry - Fredspanorama
Heighton, Brent - Cafe de Vins
Heighton, Brent - Romantic Stroll
Heijligers, Antoon Francois - The Conversation, 1859
Helbig, Nik - Louise
Helguera, Jesus - Azteca Greatness I
Helguera, Jesus - Dona Sol
Helguera, Jesus - La Bamba
Heintz, Joseph - Venus And Adonis
Helbig, Nik - Slow Dancing
Held, Julie - Sleeping Couple, 1997
Helleu, Paul - Sketching With His Wife
Helst, Bartholomeus van der - Abraham Del Court And Maria De Keersegieter
Helst, Bartholomeus van der - Jan J. Hinlopen In 1665 With His Second Wife Lucia
Helst, Bartholomeus van der - Portrait Of A Patrician Pair
Hendrich, Hermann - The Two Were Reunited In A Fond Embrace
Hennessy, William John - Couple
Hennessy, William - The Pride Of Dijon
Henningsen, Frants Peter Diderik - A Secret Overheard
de Heere, Lucas - Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba
Henry, Susanne - Zuchtlose Liebe
Herouard, Cheri - Baiser, WWI Postcard Image
Herouard, Chéri - La Vie Parisienne
Herouard, Cheri - A Love Token
Herpfer, Carl - The Wedding Party
Hersent, Louis - Daphnis And Chloe - The Flute Lesson
Herter, Albert - Roman Couple
Hester, Joy - Love III
Hester, Joy - Love On A Yellow Ground
Hester, Joy - Lovers
Hicks, George Elgar - Blind Basket Maker With His First Child
Hicks, George Elgar - The Buffet, Swindon Station
Hicks, George Elgar - The Wedding Breakfast
Hicks, George Elgar - Womans Mission, Companion Of Manhood
Hillingford, Robert Alexander - Love Sonnets
Hiremy-Hirschl, Adolf - Only Witness
Hodnett, Lyn - The Lovers (by a window)
Hodnett, Lyn - The Lovers (In a Field)
Hoeger, Rudolf Alfred - Courtship Scene
Hoeger, Rudolf Alfred - Amorous Couple
Hoenig, M.A. - Watercolor Of An Amorous Couple
Hoet, Gerard - Venus And Adonis
Hoet, Gerard (Circle Of) - Venus And Adonis
Hoffbauer, Charles - In The Restaurant
Hofmann, Ludwig Von - Idyll, 1908
Hogarth, William - David Garrick And His Wife, 1757
Hohriakova, Anastasia - Night
Hohriakova, Anastasia - Rural Love, 2007
Hohriakova, Anastasia - Uzbek Wedding
Hokusai, Katsushika - Lingering Snow For Azuma And Yohei
Holbein, Hans (the Younger) - Sir Thomas & Lady Elyot
Holbrook, Joe - Tender ‘N Tasty
Hollosy, Simon - Corn Husking
Holyfield, John - Lovers
Holyoake, William - The Girl I Left Benind Me, c.1880
Holyoake, William - The Lovers Vow
Holzhandler, Dora - Lovers
Holzhandler, Dora - Lovers In Holland Park
Holzhandler, Dora - Lovers In The Snow
Holzhandler, Dora - The Wedding Night
Homer, Winslow - Moonlight
Homer, Winslow - Rustic Courtship
van Honthorst, Gerard - Friedrich Wilhelm I & Louise Henriette
van Honthorst, Gerard - The Prince And Princess Of Orange
van Honthorst, Gerard - Steadfast Philosopher, 1790
de Hooch, Pieter - Card Players
Hooch, Pieter de - Company Making Music
de Hooch, Pieter - Couple With Parrot
Hoogstraten, Samuel van - Portrait Of Johan Cornelisz. Vijgeboom And His Wife
Hopkins, Arthur - Henry VIII And Anne Boleyn
Hopkins, James Roy - Mountain Courtship, 1916
Horn, Anton - A Happy Couple
Horsfall, Mary - Reading The Tea Leaves
Horsley, John Callcott - Lovers Under A Blossom Tree
Horsley, John Callcott - Pay For Peeping
Horsley, John Callcott - Showing A Preference
Horsley, John Callcott - The World Forgetting - Sunday Afternoon in Kensington Gardens, 1877
Horsley, John Callcott - Youth And Age (detail)
Hoskins, John - Portraits Of A Married Couple
Master Of The Housebook - Pair Of Lovers, c.1480
Howard, George (9th Earl of Carlisle) - Lady Margaret
Howard, Henry - Oberon And Titania
Howson, Peter - Madonna And Guy
Hoyer, Cornelius - Couple, Miniature Portrait
Signed J. Hubert, French - Parlor Scene, 19th century
Hue, Charles - The Couple
Huet, Jean-Baptiste - The Broken Fan
Huet, Jean-Baptiste - A Persuasive Suitor
Huffam, T.W. - Courtship In The West
Hughes, Arthur - La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Hughes, Arthur - The Dial
Hughes, Arthur - Guarded Bower
Hughes, Arthur - The Long Engagement
Hughes, Arthur - The Potter's Courtship
Hughes, Arthur - The Rendezvous
Hughes, Arthur - The Sailing Signal Gun
Hughes, Arthur - Vanity Fair
Hughes, Arthur - That Was a Piedmontese
Hughes, Edward Robert - The Journey's End, c.1910
Hughes, Edwin - Expected
Hughes, Edwin - Suitor At The Window
Hummel de Bourdon, Carl - Prince & Princess Carolath-Beuthen
Hunt, Charles - The Suitor
Hunt, William Holman - Awakening Conscience
Hunt, William Holman - Hireling Shepherd
Hunt, William Holman - The Lantern Maker's Courtship
Hutchens, Frank Townsend - Love Songs
Hutt, Henry - The Consoler
Hutt, Henry - The Late Caller
Hutter, Michael - Death Eavesdropping On Lovers

Icart, Louis - D'Artagnan
Icart, Louis - Casanova, 1928
Indoni, Filippo - A Courting Couple
Indoni, Filippo - The Serenade
Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique - Paolo And Francesca
Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique - Raphael And La Fornarina
Ingres, Jean - Ruggiero Rescuing Angelica
Irving, William - The Amorous Huntsman
Isaacsz, Pieter Fransz - Venus And Mars
Israels, Jozef - Courtship
Israels, Josef - A Jewish Wedding

Jacomb-Hood, George Percy - An Idyll Of Theocritus
Jacomb-Hood, George Percy - An Idyll Of Theocritus II
Jalil, Julie - After Mitchev
Jamrath, J. F. - Husband And Wife, 1848
Janmot, Anne-Francois-Louis - Les Fiances
Janmot, Louis - L'ideal
Janssens, Abraham - Venus And Adonis
Jin, Li - Early Spring
Jin, Li - Early Spring 2
Jin, Li - Husband And Wife In the Bath
Jin, Li - Lovers
Jin, Li - My Love
Jirlow, Lennart - A Couple Dining
Adolf 'Jodolfi' - A Passionate Kiss
Johannessen, Aksel Waldemar - The Morning After
Johnson, Cornelius - Apolonius And Cornelia Veth
Johnson, William H. - Wedding Couple
Johnston, Alexander (Engraved by J. Jenkins) - Romantic Couple
Johnston, Alexander - Soldiers Return
Johnston, Joshua - Baltimore Shipowner And Wife
Johnston, Joshua - Mr. And Mrs. Hilmer Schumacher
Johnson, Percy D. - The Little Spy
Jones, Loïs Mailou - The Lovers (Somali Friends)
Jordaens, Jacob - Portrait Of A Young Married Couple
Jordaens, Jacob - Portrait Of Govaert van Surpele And His Wife
Joy, George William - A Dinner Of Herbs
Julia - Japanese Lovers

Kaber, George Frederick - The Awaited Arrival, c.1895
Kachkin, Alexander - The Red Shoes
Kachkin, Alexandr - A Smitten Musician
Kaemmerer, Frederick Hendrik - An Afternoon Of Fishing
Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik - A Day At The Carnival
Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik - Le Dispute
Kaemmerer, Frederick Hendrik - A Flirtation
Kaemmerer, Frederick Hendrik - Minuet
Kaemmerer, Frederick Hendrik - The Revolutionist's Bride
Kaemmerer, Frederick Hendrik - Tea In The Garden, Autumn
Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik - A Winter Escapade
Kahlo, Frida - Diego And I
Kahlo, Frida - Frida And Diego, 1931
Kaiser, Alexander - Flight
Kaliwoda, Franz - Couple Wearing Austrian National Costumes
Kalous, Gret - Elegant Couple, Fashion Design
Kandinsky, Wassily - Riding Couple
Kanik, Pradeep - The Flute Player
Kanvinde, Manjiri - Rendevous In The Rain
Karimow, Junus - Lovers
Karkabi, Irina Vitalievna - Linger
Karkabi, Irina Vitalievna - Lovers
Karkabi, Irina Vitalievna - Lovers (2)
Kauffmann, Angelica - Miranda And Ferdinand, 1782
Kauffman, Angelica - The Parting Of Abelard And Heloise
Kauffmann, Angelica - Sleeping Nymph Watched By A Shepherd
Kaufmann, Hans - Schiller's 'Glocke'
Kauffmann, Hugo - Flirtation I
Kauffmann, Hugo - Flirtation II
Keller, Arthur Ignatius - Ichabod Crane Romancing
Kelley, Gary - April In Paris
Kemm, Robert - Castillian Lovers
Kent, Rockwell - And Now Where, 1936
Kersting, Georg Friedrich - Couple At A Window (detail)
Kessler, Joseph - An Austrian Married Couple
Khailov, Lev - Stroll
Kharatmal, Ramchandra - Warm Love With Warm Quilt
Khnopff, Fernand - The Sphinx
Khomsky, Alexander - Cafe Paris
Khomsky, Alexander - Fall In Paris
Kikin, Georgiy - Once In The Evening
Kilburne, George Goodwin - A Game Of Chess
Kilburne, George Goodwin - Caught
Kilburne, George Goodwin - The New Spinnet
Kimball, Alonzo - Telltale Lines
King, Forrest - Kiss Number Four
King, Haynes - Jealousy And Flirtation
King, Haynes - Young Boy Playing Flute At The Edge Of The Woods
Kingman, Eduardo - Unity
Kingsbury, Alan - Teatime Interior
Kinson, Francois Joseph - Jerome-Napoleon Bonaparte & Catharina of Württemberg
Kinson, Francois Joseph - Jerome-Napoleon Bonaparte & Catharina of Wurttemberg 2
Kirchner, Albert Emile - Amorous Couple
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig - Couple
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig - Ruhendes Paar, c.1907
Kirk, M.L. - Hiawatha With His Bride Minnehaha Walking Hand In Hand
de Koningh, Leonard - Portraits Of Mr. And Mrs. de Vries

K (continued)
Kalckreuth, Leopold Graf von - Sunday Afternoon, 1893
Kleehaas, Theodor - The Proposal
Kent, Rockwell - The Lovers
Keyt, George - Sringara Rasa
Kharatmal, Ramchandra - Warm Dream
Kikin, Georgiy - Adam's Apple
Kingsbury, Alan - When In Rome
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig - The Tent
Kistanova, Nadezhda - A Couple
Klimt, Gustav - The Kiss
Klimt, Gustav - Love
Klinger, Max - Kuss
Klinger, Max - Night
Klinger, Max - Siren (Triton And Nereid), 1895
Klinger, Max - Traum
Klingstedt, Carl Gustav - Love Scene
Klingstedt,Carl Gustav - A Monk Chastising A Nun
Knaus, Ludwig - Visit To The Minister
Knight, Daniel Ridgway - At The Well
Knight, Daniel Ridgway - The Honeymoon Breakfast, 1887
Knight, Daniel Ridgway - Summer Evening, 1897
Knight, Daniel Ridgway - The Trysting Place
Knight, Harold - In The Spring
Koe, Lawrence - Idyll
Koe, Lawrence - Venus And Tannhauser, 1896
Koerner, W.H.D. - Night Scene
Kokoschka, Oskar - Bride Of The Wind
Kokoschka, Oscar - Hans Tietze And Erica Tietze-Conrat
Kokoschka, Oskar - Lovers
Kolchin, Petr Petrovich - Noble Intentions
Koller, Wilhelm - Farewell
von Kolm, Johann Wilhelm - Sophia Charlotte & Frederick III
Korb, Erzsebet - May (Human Couple), 1923
Korb, Erzsébet - Nudes
Korovin, Constantine - In The Boat
Kossak, Jerzy - Portret Lubienskich
Koszkol, Jeno - Bedeviled
Kotarbinsky, Vasili Aleksandrovich - Mythological Theme
Kotlyarov, Lev Serafimovich - The Meeting
Kotova, Irina - Evening
Koulakov, Ivan - After Dinner
Koulakov, Ivan - 'Are You Cold?'
Koulakov, Ivan - Cellist
Koulakov, Ivan - Gift
Koulakov, Ivan - Liebebaum
Koulakov, Ivan - Oh My Poor Girl
Koulakov, Ivan - Night Walk
Kovshar, Anna - Bride And Groom
Kowalczewski, Karl - Pastoral Lovers, 1917 (Tapestry Design)
Krafft, Barbara - Portraits Of Husband And Wife
Kray, Wilhelm - Romantic Idyll
Krenn, G.F. - Flowers For Her Sweetheart
Kretschmer, Albert - Couple From Baden, 1890 I
Kretschmer, Albert - Couple From Baden, 1890 II
Krodel, Wolfgang - The Ill-Matched Lovers
Kroyer, Peder Severin - Edvard And Nina Grieg At The Piano
Krueger, Franz - Pastor Popitz And His Wife, c.1820
Kruseman, Jan Adam - Jhr. Isaac Lamberts Cremer van den Bergh of Heemstede & Christina Roelants
Kugler, Georg - Romantic Scene With Shepherd Couple, 1868
Kuklinski, Wlodzimierz - Kiss In The Rain
Kuna, Franz - Young Peasant Couple, 1930's
Kunisada, Utagawa - Lovers, 1860
Kurzinger, Marianna - A Young Couple, Munich
Kurzwei, Max - The Convalescent
Kustodiev, Boris Mikhailovich - On The Volga
Kustodiev, Boris - A Sailor And His Sweetheart, 1921

l'Allemand, Conrad - Portraits Of A Man And Wife
La Gatta, John - Ballroom Dancing
Lacina, Josef - Adam And Eve, c.1920
Lacombe, Georges - The Ages Of Life, 1892
Ladewig, Lilli - Alone Together
Laermans, Eugene - The End Of Autumn
Lagier, Eugene - Garde champetre et jeune fille
Lagrenee, Anthelme Francois - Lady And Gentleman On The Steps Of A Chateau
Lagrenée, Louis Jean François - Alcibiades On His Knees
Lagrenee, Louis Jean Francois - Eros And Psyche
Lagrenee, Louis Jean Francois - Pygmalion And Galatea
Lagrenee, Louis Jean Francois - Rinaldo And Armida
Lagrenee, Louis Jean Francois - Tancred And Clorinda
Lambdin, George Cochran - The Consecration
Lambdin, George Cochran - The Courtship
Lambdin, George Cochran - In The Beech Wood
Lambron Des Piltieres - Love & The Widow
Lamme, Ary Johannes - Figures In An Interior
Lancret, Nicolas - Conversation
Lancret, Nicolas - Pastorale
Lancret, Nicolas - Picnic In A Park
Lancret, Nicolas - The Swing
Landaluze, Víctor Patricio - Los Negros Curros
Landseer, Edwin - Cromwell By The Portrait Of Charles I
Landseer, Edwin - Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, 1842
Landseer, Edwin - Queen Victoria & Prince Albert
Landry, Pierre - Unrequited Love, Or Time Mis-spent
Lang, Albert - Zypressenhain, 1891
Lanzani, Antonio - Russian Wedding, Early 19th Century
Lanzedelly, Karl - Nightly Guest
de Laszlo, Philip - The Last Days At Chequers
Lauder, Robert Scott - John Gibson Lockhart & Charlotte Sophia Scott
Lawrence, Thomas - Mr. And Mrs. Julius Angerstein, 1792
Layng, Mabel - Dancing
Layng, Mabel Frances - Mars And Venus, 1918
LeCamus, Pierre Duval - Amorous Scene
Ledeli, Moritz - Easy Barrier
Lederle, Franz - Miniatures Of A Newlywed Couple, 1854
Lega, Sylvestro - The Betrothed, 1869
Leger, Fernand - Adam And Eve, 1934
Legros, Alphonse - Cupid And Psyche
Leibl, Wilhelm - In The Parlor
Leibl, Wilhelm - The Odd Couple
Leigh, William R. - Navajo Courtship
Leighton, Frederic - Cymon And Iphigenia
Leighton, Frederic - The Fisherman And The Syren
Leighton, Frederic - Faust And Marguerite
Leighton, Frederic - Golden Hours
Leighton, Frederic - Helios And Rhodes
Leighton, Frederic - The Painter's Honeymoon
Leighton, Frederic - Wedded
Lely, Peter - Amorous Couple In A Landscape
Lely, Peter - James II And Anne Hyde
Lely, Peter - Duke And Duchess Of Lauderdale, c.1667
Lemaire, Henri - Wedding Gifts In The Year 1941
Lemoyne, Francois - Cephalus And Aurora
Lempicka, Tamara de - Adam And Eve
Leonnec, Georges - Byrrh Advertisment, 1935
Lengruesser, Rudolf - Hunter's Trophy
Lenkiewicz, Robert O. - Project 16, Lovers
Lerner, Lucia - Chemistry
Leslie, Charles Robert - The Proposal
Lesrel, Adolphe-Alexandre - L'admirateur
Lesrel, Adolphe-Alexandre - The Duet
Lesrel, Adolphe-Alexandre - Paolo And Francesca
Lesur, Henry Victor - The Ernest Suitor
Lesur, Henry Victor - A Visit To The Flowerseller
Levigne, Theodore - The Romantic Suitor
Leyendecker. J.C. - An Elegant Couple (Advertising Art), 1913
Leyendecker, J.C. - Couple Descending Staircase
Leyendecker, J.C. - Couple On A Raft, 1909
Leyendecker, J.C. - Magazine Illustration
Leyster, Judith - Carousing Couple, 1630
Leyster, Judith - The Proposition
Liebermann, Max - Liebesszene
Liezen-Mayer, Sandor - Venus And Tannhauser
Lindsay, Norman - Desire
Linton, James Dromgole - Doubt
Linton, James Dromgole - Lorenzo And Jessica
Linton, James Dromgole - The Proposal
Lippi, Lippo - Portrait Of A Man And Woman At A Casement
Liss, Johann - Nymph And Shepherd, 1625
Littlewood, William - Lovers By A Windy Seashore, 1960
Lloyd, David - Pastoral 3
Loder, Matthaeus - Circassian Couple, c.1820
Loder, Matthaeus - Couple; Eastern Costume Illustration, c.1820
Lohse-Wachtler, Elfriede - Couple, 1930
Longhi, Pietro - A Happy Couple
Van Loo, Charles - Perseus And Andromeda
van Loo, Jacob - Bacchic Scene
van Loo, Jacob - Liefdespaar, 1650-1660
Van Loo, Charles - Personification Of Rhone And Saone Rivers
Loomis, Andrew - Table For Two
Lorand, Jean-Pierre - The Music Lovers
Lorand, Jean-Pierre - The Orangers
Losenko, Anton - Zeus And Thetis
Lotto, Lorenzo - Husband And Wife
Lovell, Tom - Below Deck
Luna, Carlos - Latin Lovers
Luna, Carlos - Latin Lovers II
Luna, Carlos - Los Novios
Luna, Juan - Tampuhan
Lynch, Brent - Twilight Romance
Lyubarov, Vladimir S. - Adam And Eve, 2000
Lyubarov, Vladimir S. - Bird Market, 2006
Lyubarov, Vladimir S. - Late Dinner, 2005
Lyubarov, Vladimir S. - Meeting, 2005, From The Series 'Flood'
Lyubarov, Vladimir S. - Rendezvous, 2004
Lyudvik, Valentin - Spring Walk
Lyudvik, Valentin - Winter Walk, 1954

Machado, Juarez - Ladies And Gentlemen II
Machell, Reginald - Adam Und Eva, 1892
Macke, August - Liebespaar -Lovers In Rose Arbor
Maclise, Daniel - A Bower Of Passion Flowers
Maclise, Daniel (Attributed) - A Clandestine Marriage
Maclise, Daniel - The Falconer, 1853
Maclise, Daniel - The Loving Cup
Maclise, Daniel - The Student, 1862
Maclise, Daniel - Undine, 1844
MacPherson, Neil - The Singing Lovers' Farewell, 1986
Mactavish, Euan - Kiss Me
Maes, Nicolaes - Allegory Of The Sense Of Smell
Magritte, Rene - Les Amants
Makart, Hans - Nymphe und Troubadour
Makeyev, Vladimir - Kiss
Makovsky, Konstantin - Lovers
Makovsky, Konstantin - Satyr And Nymph
Makovsky, Vladimir - Declaration, 1889
Makovsky, Vladimir - Lovers
Malczewski, Jacek - Karola i Malgorzaty Lanckoronskich
Mallett, Keith - In The Garden
Malyshev, Vasily G. - The Kitchen
de Man, Cornelis - Chess Players
Mancini, Francesco Longo - An Invitation To Dance
Manet, Edouard - Argenteuil, 1874
Manet, Edouard - Chez Le Pere Lathuile, 1879
Manet, Edouard - In The Conservatory
Manet, Edouard - Portrait Of M. And Mme. Auguste Manet
Mantegazza, Giacomo - Courting Couple
Marchetti, Lou - Passionate Couple
Marek, Jerzy - Journey
Isa Maria - Ed And Kathy
Makarov, Vladimir - After The Wedding, Pushkin And The Bride
Markova, Elena - About Love
Marr, Brent - Bear Love 5
Marsell, G. - Faust And Marguerite, 1876
Marshall, Charles Edward - Held By A Thread
Martin, Henri-Jean Guillaume - Jeune Couple Dans Un Verger Au Printemps
Martin, Henri - The Married Couple - Study For The Reapers
Martineau, Robert Braithwaite - Katherine And Petruchio
Mascolo, Bruno - The Artist With His Wife
Massani, Pompeo - The Golden Wedding, c.1900
Massys, Jan - David And Bathsheba, 1562
Matar, Joseph - Couple
Mathews, Fred - Cherishing The Moment
Mathews, Fred - Close To You
Mathews, Fred - I Feel You
Mathonat, Alexis - Flowerseller
Matisse, Henri - Nymph And Satyr, 1909
Matsys, Quentin - Ill Matched Lovers
Mauch, Richard - Couple At A Toybooth, Vienna
Mauzan, Achille - Lovers Kiss
Mauzan, Achille Luciano - Lovers On Balcony
Mauzan, Achille - Passionate Kiss
Mauzan, Achille - Pastoral Lovers
Mauzan, Achille Luciano -Roman Lovers
Mavruk, Hulis - Promise
Mayzin, Vasily - The Couple
Mayzin, Vasily - Dream of Paradise
Mayzin, Vasily - The Secret Date
McCarthy, Frank - Lovers, Magazine Illustration, c.1960
McCarty, Ray - Heart To Heart
McCarty, Ray - On Ice
McCarty, Ray - Sweet Nothings
McCarty, Ray - Your Place Or Mine
McLaren, Louise - Lovers
McLaren, Peter - Lovers In A Car
McLean, Simon - In This Together
Meckenem, Israhel van - The Angry Wife; Xanpippe, 1500
Meckenem, Israhel van - The Falconer And The Lady. c.1495
Melgers, Hendrik Johan 'Henk' - A Farmer's Wedding
Mense, Carlo - Dans la Separee, 1930
Mesples, Paul - The Courtship
Metlicovitz, Leopoldo - Lovers
Metlicovitz, Leopoldo - Lovers
Metsu, Gabriel - The Letter Writer Surprised, c.1659
Metsu, Gabriel - Man And Woman Sitting At The Virginal
Metsu, Gabriel - The Artist With His Wife Isabella de Wolff
Metsys, Quentin - The Moneylender And His Wife
Mettenleiter, Johann Michael - The Lovers, c.1785
Metzmacher, Emile Pierre - Courtship
Meyer, John - Ambivalence VII
Meyer von Bremen, Johann Georg - At The Well
Meyerowitz, William- Dancing Couple
Miao, Kitty Yin Ling - Persian Jewish Couple, 1900
Michelangelo - Adam And Eve (Sistine Chapel)
Midwood, William Henry - Courting
Midwood, William Henry - Courtship
Midwood, William Henry - The Proposal
Midwood, William Henry - The Sailor's Girl
van Mieris, Frans - Amorous Scene
van Mieris, Frans - Brothel Scene,
van Mieris, Frans - A Man And Woman With Two Dogs (Teasing The Pet), 1660
van Mieris, Frans - A Meal Of Oysters, 1661
van Mieris, Willem - Lute Player
Mihajlovna, Elena - I Will Present You To Destiny
Miliotti - Kissing Couple
Millais, John Everett - The Crown Of Love
Millais, John Everett - Bride Of Lammermoor
Millais, John Everett - Cymon And Iphigenia
Millais, John Everett - A Huguenot On St Bartholomew's Day
Millais, John Everett - Love
Millais, John Everett - The Order of Release
Millais, John Everett - Proscribed Royalist
Millais, John Everett - Walter Scott's Heart Of Midlothian
Millais, John Everett - Yes
Miller, Alfred Jacob - The Trapper's Bride, 1859
Minor, Ferdinand - La Flirt
Mintrop, Theodor - Allegory Of Wine, Woman, And Song (Wein, Weib und Gesang)
Modigliani, Amedeo - Jacques Lipchitz & Berthe Lipchitz
Moeller, Louis Charles - A Bunch Of Flowers
Moeller, Louis Charles - The Nosegay
Molenaer, Jan Miense - Amorous Couple In An Inn
Molenaer, Jan Miense - Music Making Couple
Molitor, Otto - Summer
Moller, Fedor Antonovich - The Kiss, 1840
Monet, Claude - The Walkers
Monsiau, Nicolas Andre - First Kiss Of Love ('La Nouvelle Heloise')
Monsted, Peder Mork - Couple Walking On A Forest Path, 1904
Moore, Al - A Hot Dog For You
Moore, Albert Joseph - Idyll
Moore, William - A Married Couple, 1835-36
Mopope, Stephen (Qued Koi) - Kiowa Wedding Ceremony
Mora, Marita Pena - Amor Mío, Amor Inmenso
Morbelli, Angelo - Young Couple
Moreau, Adrien - After The Wedding
Moreau, Adrien - The Courtship
Moreau, Adrien - Eve And David (Balzac)
Moreau, Gustave - Apollo And Daphne
Moreau, Gustave - Jason And Medea
Moreau, Gustave - Jupiter And Semele (detail)
Moreau, Gustave - Hesiod And The Muse
Morgan, Evelyn De - Boreas And Oreithyia, 1896
Morgan, John - Breton Lovers
Morgan, W. - Venetian Flirtation
Morland, George - The Sailor's Farewell, c.1790
Moronobu, Hishikawa - Lovers By A Waterfall, 1680
Morrill, Rowena - The Gate
Moser, Koloman - Lovers, 1913
Mosler, Henry - The Chimney Corner
Mosler, Henry - Courtship
Mosler, Henry - A Fair Exchange
Mosler, Henry - Rabbi Bernard & Katherine Schiff Illowy
Moulthrop, Reuben - Job And Sally Perit
Mount, William Sidney - Landscape With Figures
Mount, William Sidney - Winding Up
Mozert, Zoe - Romance
Mucha, Alphonse - Spring Night
Mukhin, Vladimir Nikolaevich - Lovers
Mulready, William - John Sheepshanks At His Residence In Old Bond Street
Munch, Edvard - Couple On The Shore
Munch, Edvard - Cupido
Munch, Edvard - The Kiss
Munch, Edvard - Kiss By The Window, 1892
Munch, Edvard - Man And Woman 2
Munch, Edvard - Separation, 1896
Munkacsy, Mihaly - Lady Seated At Her Needlework
Mustafa, Haris - The Lovers
Muyckens, Jan Barendsz - Couple At The Clavichord, 1648
Myazin, Vasily - At The Village Party
Myazin, Vasily - Satyr And Nymph III
Myers, Robert William - I Love My Mother-In-Law

Nahl, Charles Christian - The Elopement
Nahl, Charles Christian - The Love Chase
Le Nain Brothers - Venus At The Forge Of Vulcan
Naiveu, Matthijs - Double Portraits Of A Married Couple
Nanni, Giovanni - Lovers
Nanni, Giovanni - Lovers
Nanni, Giovanni - Ricompensa
Nappi, Rudy - The Farmer's Woman
Nattier, Jean-Marc (le Jeune) - L'Amour et la Folie, 1744
Naumov, Aleksei - Drinking Tea, 1896
Al Neaimi - The Unconditional Lovers
Neboga, Artem - Wedding Couple
Nedelchev, Radi - Blue Dream
Nedelcheva-Williams, Sabina - The Lovers
Nekrassov, Vladimir - Man And Woman
Netscher, Caspar - Presentation Of The Medallion
Newberry, Michael - Lovers Jumping
Newell, Peter - Sleeping Beauty, 1907
Nguyen, Son Hung - When We Were Together
Nicholls, Charles Wynne - Parting Of Conrad & Medora
Nicol, Erskine - The Tale Of An Irish Song
Niczky, Eduard - The Thread Of Love
Nielsen, Kay - East Of The Sun West Of The Moon
Nieulandt, Adriaen van, the Younger - Amarillis Crowning Mirtillo
Nixon, James Henry - The Tempest
Nolde, Emil - A Couple, 1935
Nollat - A Man Who Has Tact
Noriega, Angelica - Embrace
Novak, Vladimir - Sunrise 2
Nussbaum, Felix - Lovers, 1928

O'Neal, Henry Nelson - Woodland Lovers
Odescalchi, (Prince) Victor - Scene In Venice
Oehme, Ernst Erwin - The Song Of The Bell I
Oehme, Ernst Erwin - The Song Of The Bell II
Ofili, Chris - Afro Lunar Lovers
Okoye, Chidi - Lovers Melody
Okoye, Chidi - Peace Offering
Okun, Edward - Philistines, 1904
Okun, Edward - Self-portrait With Wife, At Anticoli Corrado
Okun, Edward - Wojna i my (War And Us), 1923
Opie, John - Henry And Emma
Orleanski, Alexi - Tea Drinkers, 1993
van Orley, Bernard - Neptun Und Nymphe
Orlov, Pimen Nikitich - Roman Carnival
Ostade, Adriaen van - Courtship Scene, 1653
Otero, Domingo Moreno - El Beso

Pagliei, Gioacchino - Gallant Dragoon
Pal, Benes - The Soldiers Sweetheart
Palamedesz, Anthonie - Couple Playing Cards
Palanti, Giuseppe - Kiss
Palliere, Juan Leon - China Descansando
Palma, Jacopo (il Vecchio) - Jacob And Rachel
Pampa, C. - Young Couple In The Kitchen
Pancorbo, Alberto - Passion
Pancorbo, Alberto - Postcard Kiss
da Panicale, Masolino - Adam And Eve
Pankovska, Irina - Wedding
Papety, Dominique Louis - Daphnis And Chloe
Papp, Robert - Lovers On A Terrace
Paradis, Louis George - Entreaty
Parez, Lewis - Husband And Wife, Miniatures On Ivory
Parker, Al - The Dispute
Pasmore, Daniel Jr. - Couple In An Interior
Passerotti, Bartolomeo - The Fishsellers
Pater, Jean-Baptiste - Blind Man's Bluff, 1730's
Pater, Jean-Baptiste Joseph - The Boudoir
Pater, Jean-Baptiste Joseph - Conversation Galante By A Fountain
Pater, Jean-Baptiste Joseph - The Dance
Pater, Jean-Baptiste Joseph - Dancing At The Fair
Pater, Jean-Baptiste Joseph - The Kiss
Paton, Joseph Noel - Oberon And Titania
Paton, Joseph Noel - Paolo And Francesca
Patrich, Nora - Passion
Patten, William Vandyke - The Shepherd's Suit Rejected
Paul, David G. - Wet Kiss
Paul, Evelyn - Aucassin And Nicolette
Paul, Evelyn, Dante And Beatrice
Pavliuk, Arkadi - Wedding, Soviet Socialist Realism, 1967
Peale, Charles Willson - Angelica Peale & Alexander Robinson,
Peale, Charles Willson - Benjamin & Eleanor Ridgely Laming
Pease, Raymond - Runaway Lovers, 1952
Pease, Raymond - Where Town Begins Illustration, 1952
Peck, Sheldon - Mr. And Mrs. Vaughan
Pegalajar, Muriel - Red Flower
Pellizza da Volpedo, Giuseppe - The Love Of Life
Pene du Bois, Guy - Sunday Walkers
Penfield, Edward - Couple In A Breaking Cart
Perez, Alonso - The Departure
Perez, Fabian - Baladas In Buenos Aires
Perez, Fabian - El Verso
Perez, Fabian - Embrace Of Tango
Perez, Fabian - The Face Of Tango I
Perez, Fabian - The Face Of Tango II
Perez, Fabian - Tango
Perez, Fabian - Tango In Paris
Perez, Fabian - When The Story Begins
Perez, Raphael - Gay Marriage
Pervuninsky, Vladimir - Serenade
Pettie, John - The Proposal
Pettie, John - Rustic Courtship
Petty, George - Elegant Couple, Esquire Magazine
Petrocelli, Achille - Neopolitan Couple, c.1895
Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma - Spring, 1935
Peynet, Raymond - The Love Message
Peynet, Raymond - The Lovers
Peynet, Raymond - The Lovers' Dream
Peynet, Raymond - The Lovers Serenade
Peynet, Raymond - The Lovers Weathering A Storm
Peynet, Raymond - The Lovers Wed
Peynet, Raymond - The Lovers With Doves
Phillip, John - A Music Lesson, Seville
Philippeau, Karl Frans - Courtship
Phillips, Ammi - The Journalist And His Wife
Phillips, C. Coles - An Elegant Couple
Picasso, Pablo - Couple In Cafe, 1903
Picasso, Pablo - La Danse Villageoise, 1921
Picasso, Pablo - L'Etreinte Brutale (Frenzy)
Picasso, Pablo - L'Etreinte, 1901
Picasso, Pablo - L'Etreinte, 1902
Picasso, Pablo - L'Etreinte, 1903
Picasso, Pablo - The Frugal Repast, 1904
Picasso, Pablo - Homme Et Femme
Picasso, Pablo - The Kiss
Picasso, Pablo - The Lovers, 1923
Picasso, Pablo - Self Portrait With Nude, 1902
Picasso, Pablo - Sleeping Peasants. 1919
Picasso, Pablo - Spanish Couple In Front Of An In, 1900
Picot, Francois Edouard - Cupid And Psyche, 1817
Pickersgill, Henry William - James Silk Buckingham & Wife
Pidoux, Auguste - Two Portaits Of Husband And Wife
Pierre, Jean-Baptiste Marie - Jupiter And Antiope
Pietersz, Pieter - Man And Woman, c.1570
Pike, Jay Scott - Untitled Illustration, 1962
Pineaux, Severine - A Jamais
Pinelli, Bartolomeo (Circle Of) - Brigand Lovers, c.1850
Pirner, Maximilian - In The Zenith
Pirsch, Adolf - Coquette
Pirsch, Adolf - Gallant Scene, Copy After Watteau
Pirsch, Adolf - Study Of Lovers In A Landscape
Pissaro, Camille - Lovers Seated At The Foot Of A Willow Tree
Pitcher, Henrie - A Scottish Couple
Plauzeau, Alfred - Enlevee Par Lamore
Plegerl, M. - Colonel Victor Stusche And His Wife, Miniatures
du Plessis, Enslin Hercules - Wedding Breakfast
Ploberger, Herbert - Couple
Pochwalski, Kasper - Bed Of Art
Pochwalski, Kasper - Celibat
Podshivalov, Andrey - Rural Love
Pogany, Willy - Omar Khayyam, c.1920
Pollaiolo, Antonio - Daphne And Apollo c.1470
Poole, Paul Falconer - The Emigrant
Poole, Paul Falconer - Ferdinand And Miranda
Popp, Walter - Couple
Portaels, Jean Francois - Couple
Portielje, Edward Antoon - A Love Letter
Posada, Jose Guadalupe - Barn Dance
Posada, Jose Guadalupe - La Soldadera Maderista
Postal, Miriam - Couple And Cat
Pothoven, Hendrik - Family Portrait Of A Gentleman And His Wife
Pott, Laslett John - Lady Teazle And Sir Peter, School For Scandal
Pott, Laslett John - The Proposal
Potter, Paulus - Landscape With Shepherdess And Shepherd Playing Flute
Potthast, Edward Henry - A Romantic Interlude
Pourbus, Frans The Younger - Archdukes Albert And Isabella
Pourbus, Pieter - Allegory Of True Love
Poynter, Edmund - Vision Of Endymion
Preece, Glen - Italian Lover
Preece, Glen - Lovers In A Landscape
Price, Margaret Evans - Admetus And Alcestis
Priechenfried, Alois Heinrich - Courting Scene
Priechenfried, Alois Heinrich - The Proposal
Primaticcio, Francesco - Odysseus And Penelope
Procaccini, Camillo - The Grotesque Lovers
Protsouk, Andrei - Kiss
Protsouk, Andrei - Secret-Service
Protsouk, Andrei - Tango Kiss
Protsouk, Andrei - Umbrella
Prud'hon, Pierre-Paul - Amours De Phrosine et Melidore
Prud'hon, Pierre-Paul - Innocence Preferring Love To Wealth
Prud'hon, Pierre-Paul - The Union Of Love And Friendship
Prudnikoff, Djordje - A Couple
Prudnikoff, Djordje - Happiness
Putz-Richard, Michael - Orpheus And Eurydice
Pryanishnikov, I.M. - Cruel Romance

Quadrone, Giovanni Battista - The Last Kiss, or Departure, 1884
Quidor, John - Indian Lovers
Quetglas, Matias - Amor Loco
Quidenus, Fritz - A Clandestine Embrace
Quidenus, Fritz - Laughing Couple

Rae, Henrietta (Mrs. Ernest Normand) - Zephyr Wooing Flora
Raeburn, Henry - Sir John And Lady Clerk, 1790
Raffaelli, Jean Francois - Teatime
Raimondi, Marcantonio - Mars, Venus and Cupid
Raleigh, Henry P. - An Elegant Couple
Ralli, Theodore Jacques - The Kiss, 1887
Ramberg, Arthur Georges - Hermann And Dorothea
Ramsay, Allan - Portrait Of Sir Edward And Lady Turner
Ranson, Paul-Elie - Abelard and Eloyse
Raoux, Jean - Cephalus And Procris
Raoux, Jean - Dido And Aeneas
Raphael, Mary F. - Britomart And Amoret
Raphael, Mary F. - Florizel And Perdita
Rassenfosse, Armand Louis - Le Basier Du Porion
Rau, Emil - Bavarian Courtship
Rau, Emil - A Stop At The Tavern
Rau, Emil - Wiedersehen Auf Der Alm
Redgrave, Richard - The Wedding Morning - The Departure
Redon, Georges - The Recalcitrant Cow
Reijntjens, Henricus Engelbertus - The Romantic Toast
Remnev, Andrew - The Water Carrier
Reinhardt, Joseph - A Couple In The Costumes of Unterwalden
Reiter, Joseph - Paul et Virginie
Remnev, Andrey - Mermaid
Reni, Guido - Bacchus And Ariadne
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - Alfred Sisley And His Wife
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - Conversation
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - Dance At Bougival
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - Dance In The City, 1883
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - Dance In The Country
Renoir, Pierre Auguste - In The Garden, 1885
Renoir, Pierre Auguste - La Loge
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - The Lovers
Renoir, Pierre Auguste - Promenade
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - Reading Couple
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - Young Man And Young Woman
Repin, Ilya - Double Portrait Of Natalia Nordmann And Ilya Repin
Repin, Ilya - What Freedom!, 1903
Réth, Alfréd - In A Garden Restaurant
Rewald, Hans - Amorous Scene c.1910
Reymerswaele, Marinus van - The Moneychanger And His Wife
Reynell, Gladys - Old Irish Couple
Reynolds, Graham - Alone At Last
Reynolds, Joshua - Earl And Countess Of Mexborough
Reyschoot, Petrus Johannes Van - Return From Cythera
Rheam, Henry Maynell - La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Riccardi, N. - Romeo And Juliet
Ricci, Arturo - The Wedding Feast
Ricci, Pio - Courting Couple
Ricci, Pio - Music Lesson
Ricci, Pio - Tete-a-tete
Ricci, Pio - A Token Of Love
Richards, Robert W. - Embraced, 2009
Richemont, Alfred Paul Marie - Emma Bovary & Rodolphe Boulanger
Richter, Adrian Ludwig - Auf Bergeshöhe
Richter, Ludwig Adrian - Shephed And Shepherdess In A German Landscape
von Riesen, Arno - Kiss Me
von Riesen, Arno - Love And Roses
Riesen, Arno von - Lovers
von Riesen, Arno - Playful Lovers
von Riesen, Arno - Tender Moment
Rigaud, John Francis - Lovelace In Prison
van Rijn, Rembrandt - The Shipbuilder Jan Rijcksen & Griet Jans
Ringo, Elena - A Kiss Of A Siren
Rispoli, Laura - Happy Dancers
Rispoli, Laura - Lovers
Robba, Leo - Australian Gothic
Roberto, Raimondo - Kiss
Roberts, Edwin Thomas - A Cautious Approach
Roberts, Edwin Thomas - A Keepsake
Roberts, Holly - Conjoined, 2006
Robinson, Merrill - Deep Passion
Rockwell, Norman - The Fortune Teller
Rockwell, Norman - Under The Mistletoe
Rockwell, Norman - Under The Mistletoe 2
Rodionov, Igor - The First Love
Roehn, Jean Alphonse - Lovers At Mass
Roesler, Franz - Admirer
Romano, Giulio - Jupiter And Olympia
Romano, Giulio - Two Lovers
Romany, Adele - Young Lovers Playing The Lyre
Romney, George - Sir Christopher And Lady Sykes, 1786
Rops, Felicien - The End Of The Furrow
De Rosa, Pacecco - Venus And Adonis
Rose, Francis - Alice B. Toklas And Gertrude Stein
Rosenfelder, Ludwig (Attribued) - Love Scene
Rosenkrantz, Arild - The Kiss, 1905
Roslin, Alexander - Architect Jean-Rodolphe Perronet With His Wife
Ross, Alex - A Question Of Romance
Ross, Alexander Sharpe - Lovers
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - The Boat Of Love
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - Lancelot In The Queen's Chamber
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - Wedding Of St George & Princess Sabra
Rossi, Al - Bourbon Street, Magazine Illustration, 1960
Rotari, Pietro Antonio - Sleeping Girl
Roundell, Henry - Memory Awakened By Music
Rousseau, Henri - The Muse Inspiring The Poet
Rousseau, Henri - The Wedding Party, 1905
Rowlandson, Thomas - Couple And Dog, 1790
Rowlandson, Thomas - A Kiss In The Kitchen
Rowlandson, Thomas - The Milk Sop
Rowlandson, Thomas - Progress of Gallantry
Rowlandson, Thomas - The Proposal
Rowlandson, Thomas - Stolen Kisses
Roybet, Ferdinand - The Present
Rozynski, Kurt von - Lindenbaum
Rubens, Peter Paul - Adam And Eve, 1597
Rubens, Peter Paul - Jupiter And Callisto
Rubens, Peter Paul - Pausias And Glycera
Rubens, Peter Paul - A Roman Couple, c.1615
Rubens, Peter Paul - Scene Of Love or, The Gallant Conversation
Rubens, Peter Paul - Self-Portrait with Isabella Brant, 1609
Rubens, Peter Paul - Union Of Earth And Water
Rushton, Lynn Noelle - Welcome Home
Russell, Walter - The Morning Room
Rut, Tomasz - Ecstasy
Rut, Tomasz - Ex Amo
Rut, Tomasz - It's True
Rut, Tomasz - Tenuto
Van Ruyss - Illustration For Between Mass And Vespers by Marc de Montifaud
Rychner, Rose-Marie - Together
Ryabushkin, Andrei - Going On A Visit

Saar, Carl von - Count Karl Maria von Lodron And His Wife
Sabatini, I. - The Music Lesson
Sabzi - Do You Love Me
Sacco, Luca - Genre Scene With Elderly Couple
Sadiq, Muhammad - An Amorous Couple, Persia
Sadler, Walter Dendy - After The Storm
Sadler, Walter Dendy - All My Fancy Dwells On Nancy
Sadler, Walter Dendy - The Awakening
Sadler, Walter Dendy - Afternoon Repast
Sadler, Walter Dendy - Darby And Joan
Sadler, Walter Dendy - The Mail Bag
Sadler, Walter Dendy - Tea In The Garden
Sadler, Walter Dendy - Top Of The Hill
Sadler, Walter Dendy - The Lovers' Walk
Sadler, Walter Dendy - When The Heart Was Young
Sakai, Hiroko - Sweetest Taboo
Salles-Wagner, Adelaide - A Lovers Tryst
Samsonov, Igor - Samson And Deliah
Samsonov, Igor - Serenade
Sanchez-Baute, Antonio - Honeymoon
Sandys, Anthony Frederick - The Sailor's Bride
Sani, Alessandro - A Seren ade
Sankrityayan, Dipankar - Flying Lovers
Sani, David - Courtship
Saraceni, Carlo - Mars And Venus
Saraceni, Carlo - Venus And Mars, c.1605
Saratov, Andrey - Two
Sargent, John Singer - Mr. And Mrs. I. N. Phelps Stokes, 1897
Sargent, John Singer - A Street In Venice
Sarnoff, Arthur Saron - Couple In The Autumn Woods
Sartorio, Giulio Artistide - La Sirena
Sauber, Robert - Couple
Sauber, Robert - Coming Through The Rye
Saunders, Zina - Martin And John In Their Backyard
Saunders, Zina - Nancy Goldstein, Joan Hilty, And Juno
Saunders, Zina - Rob And George
Sawan, Zach - Cuddle
Schad, Christian - Boys In Love, 1929
Schaeffing, Jim - A Passing Storm, Magazine Illustration, c.1950
Schalcken, Godfried - Gentleman Offering A Lady A Ring In A Candlelit Bedroom
Schalcken, Godfried - A Lady Admiring An Earring By Candlelight
Schalcken, Godfried - Lovers Lit By Candlelight
Schalcken, Godfried - Procris And Cephalus
Schaldemose, Walther - Lovers
Schaefels, Hendrik Frans - Faust And Gretchen, 1863
Schaeffer, Mead - Elegant Couple
Schaeffer, Mead - Forbidden Lover
Schaeffing, Jim - Playful Couple, c.1950
Scheffer, Ary - Faust And Marguerite In The Garden, 1846
Schex, Joseph - The Lovers Quarrel
Schiavone, Andrea - Landscape With Jupiter And Io
Scheits, Matthias - Courting Couple
Schiele, Egon - Lovers, 1918
Schleimes, Cornelia - Das Parfuem
Schleime, Cornelia - Erste Liebe
Schliessmann, Hans - Couple, 1879
Schmedla, Ignac - Family Portrait, 1831
Schmid, Mathias - An Invitation To Dance
Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Julius - Jacob And Rachel
Schoedlberger, Johann Nepomuk - Italian Genre Scene
Schoell, Johann Abraham - Husband And Wife
Schoepfer, Franziska - A Composer And His Wife
Schoepfer, Franziska - Count v. Seyboldsdorf And His Wife
Schopin, Frederic Henri - Paul et Virginie
Schroder, Albert Friedrich - The Love Song, 1886
Schütz, E. - The God And The Bayadere
Schutzman, Leo - The Wedding
Sciascia, Salvatore - Coppia De Amor
Sciascia, Salvatore - Innamoratti
Scotin, Gerard Jean Baptiste - Turkish Lover Piercing Arm before His Mistress To Give Proof Of His Love
Scott, Pat - All That Yellow
Scott, William - A Day At The Seaside
Secola, A. - The Proposal
Sedlacek, A. Stephan - Elegant Couple In An Interior
Segantini, Giovanni - Idyll
Seghers, Corneille - Lady And Gentleman
Seignac, Guillaume - Pierrot's Embrace
Selim, Jewad - Young Man And His Wife
Serebriakova, Zinaida - Peasant Couple, 1914< >Sergeyeva, Irina - Couple
Serres, John Thomas - Lovers By A Gate
Shadbolt, Philip - Lila
Shammout, Ismail - Newlyweds On The Border
Shannon, James Jebusa - In The Springtime
Shapiro, Boris - Couple
Shapiro, Boris - Nest
Shapiro, Boris - Wedding
Shapiro, Boris - Wedding (II)
Shayer, William - Fisherman And Wife
Shead, Garry - The Angelic Muse, Velazquez
Shead, Garry - Arrival
Shead, Garry - Dancer With Eyes Shut
Shead, Garry - Dans 6 (The Lovers), 1997
Shead, Garry - Lawrence And Frieda
Shead, Garry - The Spirit Of The Land
Shead, Garry - Lovers (Untitled)
Shead, Garry - Tango
Shelley, Lora - Courtship
Shen, Han-Wu - A Young Tibetan Couple
Shibanov, Evgeniy - Russian Bath
Shlykov, Gennady - Coquette
Shore, Henrietta - Two Nudes
Shulika, Ludmila - Rendevous In A Storm
Shurganov, Vladislav - Tender Passion
Shwidkiy, Andrey - Farewell Supper
Siberechts, Jan - Cattle & Couple Under A Tree
Sibley, Andrew - The 'High Rise' Lovers
Sickert, Walter Richard - Idyll, c.1932
Siddal, Elizabeth - Lovers Listerning To Music
Signorelli, Luca - The Calling Of The Elect Into Heaven
Sikeliotis, Giorgos - Couple
Sikeliotis, Giorgos - Love Pair
Simkhovitch, Simka - Prizefighter And His Girl, 1940
Simmons, John - Hermia And Lysander
Simpson, Jacqui - The Scarlet Letter
Simson, William - Gil Blas Courting A Lady
Sinclair, Olga - La Cama de Bacchus
Sinclair, Olga - Los Enamorados
Sinclair, Olga - Eternamente Marisol
Sinclair, Olga - Pasion Azul
Singleton, Henry - Ale House Door
Singleton, Henry - The Farmyard, c.1810
Singleton, Henry - Officer Of Light Dragoons Taking Leave Of His Wife
Singleton, Henry - Palemon And Lavinia
Singleton, Henry - Rustic Couple, c.1810
Skarbina, Franz - Spater Flirt (Harte Worte), 1891
Skelton, Sam - Puppy Love
Skreta, Karel - Dido And Aeneas
Skuteczki, Dominik - A Token Of Love
Slott-Moller, Harald - Primavera
Sluijters, Johannes Carolus Bernardus 'Jan' - In de entr'acte
Sluiter, Jan Willem 'Willy' - Dutch Couple Of Volendam
Smirke, Robert (attributed to) - Gallant Scene
Smith, George - Wooing And Cooing
Soest, Gerard - William Fairfax & Wife Elizabeth Smith
Sohn, Karl Ferdinand - Scene From Brentano's Legend Of The Lorelei
Sokolov, Pyotr - Venus And Adonis, 1782
Sokolova, Nadezhda Stepanivna - Batik Lovers
Solomko, Serge - Byzantine Couple 2
Solomko, Serge - Embrace
Solomko, Serge - Guess Who
Solomko, Serge - In Love
Solomko, Serge - Memories, 1910
Solomko, Serge - Nest
Solomko, Serge - Tryst
Solomko, Serge - Waiting For An Answer
Solomko, Serge - Words Of Love
Solomon, Abraham - The Lion In Love
Solomon Joseph Solomon - The Conversation Piece
Solomon, Simeon - Damon And Aglae
Solomon, Simeon - Night And Sleep
Somov, Konstantin - Harlequin And Lady
Somov, Konstantin - Italian Comedy
Somov, Konstantin - In The Woods
Somov, Konstantin - Daphnis And Chloe
Somov, Konstantin - Lovers
Somov, Konstantin - Lovers At A Costume Ball
Somov, Konstantin - Lovers With Fireworks
Somov, Konstantin - The Mocked Kiss, 1908
Somov, Konstantin - Pastoral Lovers
Somov, Konstantin - A Youth On His Knees
Sorgh, Hendrik Martensz - Courtship
Sorgh, Hendrick Maertensz - The Luteplayer, 1661
Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquin - Grupa Valenciana
Souchon, Francois - Francois I et Diane de Poitiers
Soulacroix, Frederic - The Cavalier's Kiss
Soulacroix, Frederic - Dare I
Soulacroix, Frederic - Entreaty
Soulacroix, Frederic - Feeding The Swans
Soulacroix, Frederic - Flirtation
Soulacroix, Frederic - The Hammock
Soulacroix, Frederic- La Demande En Mariage
Soulacroix, Frederic - The Pearl Necklace
Sowerby, Millicent - Cinderella
Sparkes, W.E. - Aarrior And Lady
Speed, Lancelot - The Wedding Of Arthur And Guinevere
Spencer, Lilly Martin - Domestic Happiness
Spencer, Stanley - Self-Portrait With Patricia Preece, 1936
Spencer-Stanhope, John Roddam - The Rescue
Sperantzas, Vassilis - Couple
Sperantzas, Vassilis - Couple 2
Sperantzas, Vassilis - The Golden Couple
Spirin, Gennady - The Little Mermaid
Spitzweg, Carl - Eternal Bridegroom
Spitzweg, Carl - Farewell
Spitzweg, Carl - Lovers In A Wood
Spitzweg, Carl - The Solo
Spowers, Ethel - Pierrot Courting
Spranger, Bartholomaus - Angelica And Medor
Spranger, Bartholomaeus - Odysseus And Circe
Spranger, Bartholomeus - Venus And Adonis
Spranger, Bartholomeus - Vulcan And Maia
Spranger, Bartholomaeus - Vulcan And Venus, 1610
Stacey, Walter Sydney - Rough Courting, 1884
Stadler, Johann - Husband And Wife, Swiss, 1843
Stanhope, John Roddam Spencer - Love Betrayed
Staples, Robert Ponsonby - Jealously
Steen, Jan - Couple In Bedchamber
Steen, Jan - The Lute Player, 1670
Steen, Jan - Merry Couple
Steen, Jan - Rustic Courtship
Steinlen, Theophile-Alexandre - Couple In A Cafe
Stepanov, Klavdiy - The Drawing Lesson
Stepanov, Klavdiy - No Fool Like An Old Fool
Stephanoff, Francis Philip - The Evening Of Life
Stephens, Frederic George - The Proposal
Stevens, Alfred - The Artist And His Model, 1855
Stewart, Julius LeBlanc - Reading
Stieler, Joseph Karl - Ludovika And Maximilian Of Bavaria
Stock, Henry John - The Kiss
Stokes, Marianne - Aucassin And Nicolette
Stolz, Erwin - Lovers, ink drawing, 1920's
Stone, Frank - The Duet, Engraved by W. H. Simmons
Stone, Marcus - In Love
Stone, Marcus - Love Or Country
Stone, Marcus - Married For Love
Stone, Marcus - Persuasion
Stone, Marcus - The Soldier's Return
Strang, William - The Meetng Place
Steenwyck, Harmen van - Lady With A Pet Dog
Street, Robert - Dr. & Mrs. Napoleon Leidy, 1834
Stoops, Herbert Morton - Contemplation
Storey, G. A. - Music Hath Charms
Stroff, Karel - After The Ball, c.1910
Stubbs, George - John And Sophia Musters Out Riding At Colwick Hall
Stuck, Franz von - Self-portrait Of The Artist And His Wife In His Studio
Sturm, Ludwig - Bäuerin Und Bauer
Sushkova, Olga - Bread And Wine
Styka, Adam - The Favorite
Styka, Adam - The Favorite II
Styka, Adam - Happy Embrace
Styka, Adam - Laughing Couple
Styka, Adam - Lovers Embrace
Subleyras, Pierre - La Courtisane Amoureuse
Subleyras, Pierre - The Hawk
Sughi, Alberto - Couple
Suhrlandt, Rudolf Friedrich Carl - Portraits Of A Couple
Sully, Thomas - Don Juan Didios Sebastian And Wife, 1831
Sully, Thomas - Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery Blair
Sundblom, Haddon Hubbard - Campfire Romance
Surova, Zina - Lovers Playing A Violin
Svabinsky, Max - The Confluence of Souls
Swansea, Ena - Gay Wedding, 2006
Svedomsky, Pavel - Messalina
Swinstead, George Hillyard - By Appointment
Swinstead, George Hillyard - Parthinia
Swynnerton, Annie Louise - Cupid And Psyche
Szinyei Merse, Pál - The Coy Sweetheart
Szinyei Merse Pál - The Lovers
Szinyei Merse Pál - Paganism, 1868
Szinyei Merse Pál - Szerelmespár
Szonyi, Istvan - My Wife And I, 1924
Szumowski, Peter - A Winter's Romance
Szymanowski, Waclaw - Courtship, 1892
Szumowski, Peter - Moonlight

Tanoux, Henri Adrien - Peasant Couple In Farmyard
Tarenghi, Enrico - A Sympathetic Critic
Taylor, Horace Weston - Couple At The Lake, Illustration
Taylor, Leonard Campbell - Patience, 1906
Teimuraz, Kharabadze - Man And The Universe (Love)
Tenggren, Gustaf - Fairytale Illustration
Tenggren, Gustaf - Prince And Princess
Tenggren, Gustaf - Sleeping Beauty
Teniers, David - Scene In A Tavern
Tenre, Charles Henry - The Surprise
Tetrault, Laura - A Little Mystery
Teraoka, Masami - The Longing Samurai
Terborch, Gerard - The Dancing Couple
Terborch, Gerard - Glass Of Lemonade
Ter Borch, Gerard - The Military Gallant
Terborch, Gerard - The Music Lesson, c.1670
Terborch, Gerard - Singer And Theorbo Player
Terbrugghen, Hendrick - The Duet
Terbrugghen, Hendrick - A Luteplayer Carousing With A Young Woman Holding A Roemer
Tewfik, Anthony - The Engagement (Dave and Vicky)
Thieme, Carl - Husband And Wife
Thiersch, Ludwig - Unergrundlich (The Unfathomable), 1874
Thoma, Hans - Adam And Eve, 1897
Thoma, Hans - The Artist With His Wife Bonicella, 1887
Thomas, Jan (van Ypern) - Pastoral Idyll, c.1640
Thomopoulos, Epaminondas - Pastoral Couple
Thompson, Jacob - The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
Thomsen, Carl Christian Frederik Jacob - The Proposal
Thumann, Friedrich Paul - Kunst Bringt Gunst (Art Wins Heart)
Thylmann, Karl - Lovers, 1916
Tidey, Henry - Accepted
Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico - Declaration Of Love
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista - Jupiter And Danae
Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico - Punchinella In Love
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista - Rinaldo And Armiida
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista - The Triumph Of Zephyr And Flora
Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico - Minuet In Villa
Tikhonov, Michail - Russian Merchant And His Wife
Timoshenko, Lydia - Eugene Onegin
Timoshenko, Lydia - Eugene Onegin; '...hardly breathing, without objection'
Tintoretto - The Temptation Of Adam And Eve
Tissot, James Jacques Joseph - Bad News, 1872
Tissot, James Jacques Joseph - The Bridesmaid
Tissot, James Jacques Joseph - The Captain And The Mate
Tissot, James Jacques Joseph - The Farewell
Tissot, James Jacques Joseph - A Luncheon
Tissot, James Jacques Joseph - Querelle d'Amoureux
Tissot, James Jacques Joseph - A Passing Storm, c.1876
Titian - Nymph And Shepherd, c.1570
Titian - The Three Ages Of Man
Titian - Venus With Organist And Cupid
de Togores i Llach, Josep - Desnudos en la playa
de Togores i Llach, Josep - Hombre y mujer, 1931
Tomas, Nicoletta - Amantes
Tooker, George - Embrace, c.1970
Tooker, George - The Lovers
Toorenvliet, Jacob - Tavern Scene
Tomas, Nicoletta - Caos II
Tomaso, Rico - Wedding In Holland
Tornoe, Wenzel Ulrik - Genre Scene
La Touche, Gaston - L'Etreinte
La Touche, Gaston - L'Intrigue Nocturne
Toulmouche, Auguste - Le Baiser
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de - At The Moulin Rouge; The Two Waltzers, 1892
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de - The Two Girlfriends
Tremel - A French Married Couple
Trivedi, Heeral - The Valentine Gift
Tropinin, Vasily - Nikolai Ivanovich & Nadezhda Mikhailovna Behr
Trouille, Clovis - The Kiss Of The Confessor
de Troy, Jean Francois - The Alarm, 1723
de Troy, Jean-Francois - The Declaration Of Love
de Troy, Jean-Francois - The Declaration Of Love II
de Troy, Jean Francois - The Garter
de Troy, Jean Francois - Venus And Adonis
Turner, Cheryl - La Vie
Tuscher, Marcus - George Michael Moser And His Wife Mary
Tymoshenko, Lydia - Waltz, Illustration For Alexander Pushkin's Snow Storm

Underwood, Clarence - Art Lovers
Underwood, Clarence - Couple At Sundial
Underwood, Clarence - Couple With Dog
Underwood, Clarence - Free Spirits
Underwood, Clarence - Kiss
Underwood, Clarence - The Sweetest Flower That Blows
Underwood, Clarence - Under The Mistletoe
Underwood, Clarence - Young Couple Looking At Photo Album
Ungar, Eduardo - The Key
Urazayev, Mirat - Yin Yang
Usabal, Lotte - Kiss
Usabal, Lotte - Smokers
Uswald, E. - Box Lid With Portraits Of A Married Couple, 1792
Utamaro, Kitagawa - Lovers Parting In The Morning, 1797
Utrecht, Adriaen van - Still Life With Lovers

Valadon, Suzanne - Garden Of Eden
Vallejo, Boris - The Master And The Maiden, 1977
Vallejo, Boris - Toast Of The Town, 1976
Vallotton, Felix Edouard - Intimacy, 1898
Vallotton, Felix Edouard - The Kiss, 1898
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Amantes Con Fondo Amarillo
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Amantes Con Mesa
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Bailadores Con Fondo Amarillo
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Beso En El Muelle
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Bicycle Lovers
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Cafe en la Palapa
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Casa de Pastora
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Dancefloor Lovers
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Honeymoon
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Lovers Dancing At Sunset
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Noche de Luna
Valui, Luis Castellanos - Viaje Cosmico (Cosmic Voyage)
van Beers, Jan - A Love Match
van Beers, Jan - La Vague
Van Brekelenkam, Quiringh Gerritsz - A Couple Having A Meal Before A Fireplace
van Campen, Jacob - Double Portrait Of Constantijn Huygens And Suzanna van Baerle
van de Venne, Adriaen Pietersz - An Amorous Couple
Vazquez, Sarah - Postcard From Walden Pond
Venne, Adriaen van de - Fray en Leelijck (Beautiful and Ugly) c.1630
van den Blocke, Izaak - Nuptuals Of Neptune And Ceres
van der Neer, Eglon - An Elegant Couple In An Interior
van der Neer, Eglon - Portrait Of A Man and Woman In An Interior (2)
van der Werff, Adriaen - Shepherd And Shepherdess I
van der Werff, Adriaen - Shepherd And Shepherdess II
van Eyck, Jan - Portrait Of Giovanni Arnolfini And His Wife
van Gogh, Vincent - Two Lovers
van Haarlem, Cornelis - Monk And Nun
van Leyden, Lucas - The Engagement.jpg
van Reymerswaele, Marinus - The Banker And His Wife
van Rijn, Rembrandt - The Jewish Bride
van Rijn, Rembrandt - Rembrandt And Saskia In The Scene Of The Prodigal Son In The Tavern
Varady, Fredric - I Like It This Way, 1950
Vasilyev, Nikolay - Tango
Vasnetsov, Viktor - Ivan Tsarevitch And Elena With The Grey Wolf
Vassilieff, Danila - Alec And Joan, 1944
Varo, Remedios - Los Amantes
Varo, Remedios - Les Feuilles Mortes
della Vecchia, Pietro - The Lovers
Venetsianov, Aleksei - The Reapers
Ventura, Jose - Apassionata
Ventura, Jose - Appassionato
Ventura, Jose - Couple With Golden Bird
Ventura, Jose - Departure From Reality
Ventura, Jose - Joyful Moment
Ventura, Jose - The Kiss
Ventura, Jose - Lovers In A Boat
Ventura, Jose - Lovers In Moonlight
Ventura, Jose - Lovers Under The Moon
Ventura, Jose - Tender Moment
Ventura, Jose - Voyage
Verkolje, Jan - Interrupted Duet
Verkolje, Jan - Elegant Couple (A Musical Interlude) c.1674
Verkolje, Jan - Shepherd And Shepherdess
Vermeer, Johannes - A Lady Drinking And A Gentleman
Vermeer, Johannes - Officer And Laughing Girl
Veronese, Paolo - Venus And Adonis, 1580
Veronese, Paolo - Venus And Mars, 1581
Verschaeren, Theodoor-Josef - La Flirt
Verschaeren, Theodoor-Josef - Seranade
Verspronck, Jan Cornelisz - Double Portraits Of A Couple, 1640
Verworner, Ludolf - Draughts
Vetriano, Jack - A Voyage Of Discovery
Vettriano, Jack - Back Where You Belong
Vetriano, Jack - The Big Tease
Vetriano, Jack - Dance Me to the End of Love
Vettriano, Jack - The Illustrated Man
Vettriano, Jack - Last Great Romantic
Vettriano, Jack - Lazy Hazy Days
Vetriano, Jack - Mr. Cool
Vetriano, Jack - 'Round Midnight
Vettriano, Jack - Untitled 36
Vetriano, Jack - Words Of Wisdom
Vibert, Jehan Georges -The Final Touch
Vidal, Francisco - Self Portrait With Wife
Vien, Joseph-Marie - Lover Crowning His Mistress
Vien, Joseph-Marie - Mars, Venus And Cupid (Allegory Of Love)
Vien, Joseph-Marie - Venus Showing Mars Her Doves Making A Nest In His Helmet
Vincent, Francois-Andre - The Drawing Lesson, 1777
Visser-Bender, Johannes Pieter - The Declaration; Hussar And Maiden
Voelkerling, Gustav - Husband And Wife
Volaire, Pierre Jacques - Sketch Of A Neopolitan Couple Dancing
Volkov, Adrian Markovic - Interrupted Engagement
von Aachen, Hans - Pan And Selene
von Bayros, Franz - Elegant Lovers
von Lampi, Franz Xaver Ferdinand - Anton And Elisa Altmann
Von Schmidt, Harold - Evening Courtship
von Stuck, Franz - Artist & Wife As A God And Goddess
de Vos, Cornelis - Apollo Chasing Daphne
de Vos, Cornelis - Elisabeth Mertens & Her Late Husband
de Vos, Cornelis - Double Portrait

Wachsmuth, Maximilian - The Postillion
Wachter, Emil - Genesis
Wagner, Franz - Allegory Of Ambition
Wagner, Franz - An Elderly Couple
Wagner, Paul Hermann - Ewig Dein
WAK - In The Studio
WAK (Kevin Williams) - Take 5
Waldmuller, Ferdinand Georg - Belauschte Liebesleute, 1858
Waliszewski, Zygmunt - Island Of Love
Walker, William Henry - Cupid And Pan Entwining Lovers
Walkowitz, Abraham - Lovers
Wang, Li - Spring Lovers
Wappers, Gustave - Anthony van Dijk In Amorous Scene With His Model
Warhol, Andy - Mick Jagger, Love You Live Series
Waterman, Michael - The Lovers
Watteau, Jean-Antoine - The Bird Nester
Watteau, Jean-Antoine - The Graceful Rest c.1713
Watteau, Jean-Antoine - Harlequin And Columbine
Watteau, Jean-Antoine - L'amour
Watteau, Louis Joseph - Scene Galante, 1774
Watton, Andrew - Lovers
Watson, John Dawson - Lovers By A Lake
Watts, George Frederic - Endymion
Wehle, Johannes Raphael - Walk In The Park
Weikert, Georg - An Architect And His Wife, 1782
Weiss, Marjorie - Cuban Portrait Number 10
Weiss, Marjorie - Cuban Portrait Number 12
Wennerberg, Brynolf - Lovers
Wenzell, Albert Beck - The Couple
Wenzell, Albert - The Marriage Proposal
Wertheimer, Gustave - Kiss Of The Wave
Wesselman, Frans - Letter
West, Benjamin - Cupid And Psyche
West, Benjamin - Cymon And Iphigenia
West, Joseph Walter -The Chess Players, or Black To Move
Westall, Richard - The Reconciliation Of Paris And Helen
Westall, Richard - Vertumnus And Pomona
Wexler, Brett - Tim And Peter Kiss
Whitcomb, Jon - Illustration For A Cadillac Advertisment, 1956
Whitcomb, Jon - I Think I Love You
Whitmore, Coby - Magazine Illustration, 1958
Whitmore, Coby - The New Hat
Wichera, Raimund (Ritter von Brennerstein) - Charmed Lovers
Wichera, Raimund (Ritter von Brennerstein) - Winter Pleasure
Wiedenhofer, Oskar - Colonel Hugo And Isolde Proksch
Wiertz, Antoine Joseph - Die Knospe
Wiertz, Antoine - La Liseuse de romans, 1853
Wierusz-Kowalski, Alfred - Goraca Sanna
Wilkie, David - The Artist's Parents
Williams, Dick - A Gift
Williams, Evelyn - The Nature Of Love II
Williams, Evelyn - The Nature Of Love I
Williams, Micah - John G. & Jane Herbert Vanderveer
Willson, Mary Ann - Lovers In A Bower
Wilson, Benjamin - Conversation Piece
Winstanley, Hamlet – John de Carteret And Jane Falla
Wirgman, Theodore Blake - Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
Wit, Jacob de - Jupiter In The Guise Of Diana Seducing Callisto
de Witt, Reinhold - Couple In An Interior
Witz, Konrad - King Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba
Wolff. A. - Giorgione
Wood, Grant - American Gothic
Wood, Grant - Grandpa With Popcorn & Grandma Mending
Woods, Henry - Young Couple Dancing With Castanets
Wood, Juliet - Francois And Marie Joseph Breyton
Wood, Juliet - Ian And Jo Argyle
Wood, Juliet - Professor Martin Biddle And Magister Birthe Kjolbye-Biddle
Woodville, Richard Caton - The Sailor's Wedding, 1852
Woolmer, Alfred - Early Summer
Worms, Jules - Musical Interlude, Woman And Harlequin
Wright, Edward Clay - Embrace
Wright, Liz - Lovers Outside The Admiralty, St. Petersburg, 1990
Wright, Liz - New York Wedding, View Of Manhattan, 1987
Wu, Yuliang - Sailors In Love
Wulfing, Sulamith - Farewell
Wunderlich, Max Julius - Liebe (Love)
Wunderlich, Max Julius - Sunrise
Wunderlich, Max Julius - Youth, Etching, 1937
Wyeth, N. C. - A Son Of Hagar; Couple Racing On Horseback
Wyeth, N.C. - Tristram And Isolde
Wyspianski, Stanislaw - Portrait With Wife At The Window

X, Y, Z
Yohn, F. C. - The Lovers
Yongkai, Hu - Carry On Dancing
Yue, Liu - She And He
Zak, Eugene - Idyll; Couple By Lake
Zasche, Theodor - The Shoemaker
Zasedko, Vitaly - Couple
Zatzka, Hans - The Amorous Visitor
Zatzka, Hans - Sleeping Beauty
Zechowski, Stefan - Maria Egipcjanka
Zhang, Xin - Temptation From Eden II
Zhilinsky, Dmitry - Adam And Eve
Zhilinsky, Dmitry - Irene And Peter Ludwig, 1981
Zhivetin, Oleg - Serenade
Zhivetin, Oleg - Visit
Zichy, Mihaly - The Artist And His Love
Zichy, Mihaly - Drinking Song, 1874
Zichy, Mikhail - The Philtre
Ziegler, Richard - Paar am Tisch
Zorn, Anders - Valsen

Unknown Artists
India, Africa and Asia
China - Romantic Pleasures, 19th Century
ndia - Lovers Exchanging Blossoms
Unknown Artist, Chinese - Amorous Scene, 19th Century
Unknown Artist, China - Lovers Observed, 19th Century
Japan - Lover Taking Leave Of A Courtesan, c.1768
Pipe Smoking Lovers, China
Egypt - Walk In The Garden - c. 1335 BC
Shiva And Parvati (Parvati offering Liquor to the Serpent Vasuki)
Unknown Artist, India (Lucknow) - Embracing Lovers with Sparklers, c. 1775
Unknown Artist, India - A Gift Of Bracelets
Kashmiri Shepherd Couple, Modern Poster Art
Lovers On A Terrace
Shiva And Parvati, The Inseparable Couple
Mughal Love
Unknown Artist, India - Suhaag Raat (The First Night)
'Stay Longer, Says He'
The Month Of Sawan
Lovers On A Terrace
Lovers Entertaining Each Other
Laila And Manju
Damayanti And Nala, Batik
Vishnu And Lakshmi, c.1870
Murshidabad - Baz Bhadur & Rupmati
Krishna Hanging Earrings On Radha
Krishna And Radha, Batik
Laila And Majnu II
Lovers Smelling Roses, India, 19th Century
Lovers Looking At Cranes
Unknown Artist - Parvati Offers Refreshment To Siva And The Serpent Naga
Unknown Artist, India - Lovers By A River
Bundi School - Lovers Embracing, c.1650
Sohni And Mahiwal
Krishna And Radha
The Gift Of Love
Chaitra, Kangra Style Painting
Lovers In A Garden
Unknown Artist - Lovers, 19th Century India
Lovers, Contemporary Indian Batik
Courtier From The Court Of Shah Abbas, 18th cent.
Persian - Lovers In An Orchard, c.1545
Krishna And Radha
Radha And Krishna
Unknown Artist - Couple, Koya Tribe, India
Unknown Artist - Krishna And Radha With Peacocks
Mughal Lovers
Mughal Lovers
Lovers Meeting At Night
Shiva And Parvati
Krishna And Radha
Anticipation Of Bliss
Unknown Artist - Japanese Lovers, 19th Century

Pre-Renaissance European
Sir Thomas Mansel And Jane (Pole), Lady Mansel, c.1625
Lovers (Herculaneum Fresco)
Unknown Artist, Flemish Master - Artist And Wife, c.1496
Pompei Wall Painting - Dido and Aeneas
Codex Manesse - Burkart von Hohenfels, 14th Century

Renaissance -1800 Western European & American
Unknown Artist, British - A Husband And Wife, 18th Century
Algonquin Couple, 18th Century
Flemish - A Romantic Picnic
Estelle & Nemorin
Lover Taking Leave Of A Courtesan, c.1768
French - Winter Intrigue
Philip The Good & Isabel Of Portugal
Elizabeth Hall & Thomas Nashe
Unknown Artist - Courtship, c.1665
Sir Kenelm Digby And His Wife Venetia Stanley, Lady Digby
Unknown Artist - Mercenary Love, c.1620
French, Signed 'M.H.' - Pierre Mignard & Wife
Portraits Of A German Officer And His Wife, c.1750
Unknown Artist - The Appointment Overheard And Prevented
Two German Miniatures
Detail Of Rococo Bucolic Scene, German, 18th cent watercolour
Unknown Artist - Amorous Couple On A Terrace, Late 18th Century
Old Master - Couple
Unknown Artist, Austria - Io And Jupiter, Watercolored Engraving, 1788
Unknown Artist, English - A Married Couple, oil on copper miniature, c.1745
Leopold I and his wife Margarete Theresia 17th century
Count Egerl von Eigersperg And His Wife, 1737
Sir Thomas Mansel And His Wife, Jane, 1625
Jacob And Rachel At The Well, 18th Century
English - Sir Reginald And Lady Dorothy Mohun, c.1603
English - Married Couple, c.1790
Unknown Artist(s) - Offering Of The Heart - 15th Cent.
French School - Portrait Of A Couple
French School - La Courtisane Amoureuse
Master Of The Fontainebleau School - The Lovers
School Of Watteau - The Lovers
Florentine School - Cephalus & Procris
An Officer And His Wife, c.1780
School Of Leiden - Couple In Window
Shepherdess & Shepherd
Rustic Lovers
Camus And Harmonia, 17th Century
English School - Couple
Unknown Artist, German - Couple, mid 19th century
The Swing, 1786
Skating Couple, The Timid Pupil, c.1810
Henry And Emma (A Poem by Matthew Prior), 1787
The Fashionable Shoemaker Trying On An Italian Slipper
Italian School - Roman Scene, 18th century
Sir Reginald And Lady Mohun, c.1603
Lady Friz At Her Toilet
Young Abbot With A Girl, Enamel Miniature, 18th Century
The Bargain Struck, or Virtue Conquer'd By Temptation, 1773
James And Elisabeth Neale, c.1790

Eastern European and Russian
Unknown Artist - Russian Lovers
Eastern European Peasant Couple
Russian - Couple Drinking Tea

A Love Duet (19th Century European)
Marriage Proposal
Amorous Couple By A River
Lovers, 19th Century, European
Changing Fashions, c. 1915
Goethe And Friederike Brion
(Halloween) Motoring Couple
Lovers Under The Desert Sky, 1920's
The Proposal, Late 19th Century
Wedding, American South, c.1890
Woman's Own Magazine Illustration, 1950's
Unknown Artist - Renaissance Lovers (19th Century)
Unknown Artist, French - A Declaration
Amorous Couple, c.1840
Lovers, Possibly Elsa And Lohengrin
Unknown Artist - The Old Old Story
Unknown Artist, Italian - Lovers Seated At A Window
Unknown Artist, French - Bride And Bridegroom
Unknown Artist, American - A Married Couple, c.1830
Unknown Artist (after Jean Francois Millet) - A Courting Couple
Unknown Artist - Portrait Of An Artist And His Wife
Unknown Artist, Dutch - Amorous Scene, 19th Century
Unknown Artist, Belgium - Declaration Of Love, mid 19thc
British - A Married Couple, Early 19th Century
Unknown Artist - Tyrolean Lovers, Lithograph, 19th Century
Unknown Artist, Japan - Lovers, Early 20th Century
Unknown Artist - Rustic Courtship, 19th Century
Unknown Artist, German - Lohengrin And Elsa
Zerline And Lorenzo, Fra Diavolo
Prince George Of Greece And Maria Bonaparte
Cowboy Courtship - Tobacco Card, c.1900
Unknown Artist - Abelard And Eloise
Unknown Artist (Circle of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg) - Portrait Of A Young Couple
Unknown Artist, Spain - The Winter Dance
Austria - Declaration Of Love, early 19th Century
Unknown Artist - A Love Idyll, Austria, Late 19th Century
Unknown Artist - The Dawn Of Love
Unknown Artist - Knight And Lady, French, Early 19th Cent
Unknown Artist - Mary, Queen Of Scots & Lord Darnley
Unknown Artist - Miniature Portraits On Ivory, c.1800, English
Unknown Artist, Circle Of Louis Leopold Boilly - Lovers, Oil On Copper
Unknown Artist, Polish - The Artist And His Model, 19th c
Unknown Artist - The Secret Love Letter
Couple In A Boat, 19th Century
Unknown Artist, German - Amorous Journey, Mid 19th Century
Unknown Art, Austrian - Portraits Of A Married Couple, c.1810
Unknown Artist - Sleeping Beauty And Prince Charming, c.1895
Romeo And Juliet, Germany, c.1850
Rococo Scene, French Miniature
Lovers Meeting By Moonlight In A Garden
Lovers Meeting In A Parlour
Man Tickling A Woman's Nose With A Feather, c.1860
Trubador And Lady
Unknown Artist, Dutch - Maria van Voorthuysen And Her 2nd Husband, Hendrik Viervant, 1840
Othello And Desdemona
'Forgive Me'
Unknown Artist (French) - Taken Unaware, Second Half of the 19th Century
Unknown Artist - Miniature Portraits Of A Married Couple, Ivory
Amorous Domestic Scene
Signed 'Alonzo' - Lovers Adrift On A Stormy Sea (After Etty)
Signed 'Werner' - The Siren's Kiss
Husband And Wife, British, 19th cent.
Husband And Wife, 1815, Miniatures On Ivory
Lovers Parting, c.1840
Married Couple, Austria
Unknown Artist - Portrait Of Mr. And Mrs. Sutermeister, Swiss
Clandestine Meeting
'Goodbye, Darling' -Postcard Image, c.1917
Meeting On The Stairs, c.1905
Lovers Strolling In A Forest, c.1900
American - Mr. And Mrs. Briggs, 1840
The Navigator And His Wife, 1830
American - Naive Portrait Of A Bride And Groom, 1830
Young Artist And Admirer
Lovers, c.1900
Unknown Artist - Behind The Fan, c.1900
Young Lady And Suitor, Children's Book Illustration, 1880
Tryst At The Ball
Cupid And Psyche
Venus And Tannhauser
Tea And Passion
Cupid At The Helm
Ruth And Boaz c.1820
Burns And Highland Mary
Crystal Ball Lovers
Tender Moment, c.1905
Miniature Portraits, Man And Wife, Austrian
Couple, Miniatures On Ivory
Ancient Lovers
Lovers In A Parlor, c.1905
Lovers In Boats, c.1890
Husband And Wife, Miniature, c.1820
Lovers' Swing
'Admirer', from Album of Tsar's Daughter
Lovers Kissing Over Fence, c.1900
Playful Lovers
Unknown Artist - The Bethrothed Embrace
Lovers In An Orchard
Farewell At Train
A Much Anticipated Kiss
Respect And Adoration
Rustic Lovers, c. 1895
Venus And Mars
Serenade, c.1870
Germany - Miniatures Of A Husband And Wife, c.1830
Double Portraits Of A Married Couple, Biedermeier School, c.1840
Window Serenade
French - Amorous Scene, Early 19th Century
Signed T.M.R. - Tarantella, 1850
German - Neapolitan Genre Scene, 1850's
Lovers, c.1910
Medieval Lovers, German, c.1840
Portraits Of A Husband And Wife, 1840
Robert Shirley And His Circassian Wife Teresia
Lord Henry And Lady Charlotte Spencer
Couple With Doves, c1890
Courting Scene, c.1860
Parisina And Hugo (from Byron's Parsina)
Italian School - The Serenade, c.1900
Courting, German Lithograph, c.1850
'Secret Service by William Gillette' 1896
Germany - Baron von Palm And His Wife, c.1830
France - Romeo And Juliet, c.1840
Lombard School - Lovers, c.1830
Paolo And Francesca, c.1825
English - Couple At Tea, 1830
American - Husband And Wife, c.1860
Amorous Couple
Knight And Maiden
Ten Minutes Stay, Litograph, Mid 19th Century
En Garde

Advertising, Sheet Music, Illustrations
Unknown Artist - Carmen And Don Jose, 1896
Unknown Artist - Best Foods Mayonnaise Ad, 1920's
Unknown Artist - Painting For Pulp Novel Cover, 1949
Signed 'Berr' -Love In Paris, 1840
Hippopotamus Polka, Sheet Music, 1850
Ricaroma Cigar Box Art, c.1890
Amor y Zelo, Cigar Label, c.1895
Pariser Moden Magazine, 1847
Pariser Moden - Fashionable Couple 1847
Sewing Machine Ad, Couple, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

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