November, 2010
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The Ernest Suitor by Henry Victor Lesur Dolor by Albert Edelfelt The Love Of Life by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, 1901 Pola Negri And Valentino by Federico Beltran-Masses Tarenghi, Enrico - A Sympathetic Critic, 1848 The Rendezvous by Arthur Hughes
Adam And Eve by Rogelio Barillas Pearls For Kisses by Fred Appleyard Couple With Dog by Braj Mohan Arya Lovers - Unknown Artist, c.1910 Apassionata by Jose Ventura Lingering Snow For Azuma And Yohei by Katsushika Hokusai, 1798 Man And Woman by Fernando Botero, 2001
Beham, Hans Sebald - Adam And Eve, 1543 Bailadores Con Fondo Amarillo by Luis Castellanos Valui Unknown Artist - Medieval Lovers, German Watercolor over Lithograph, c.1840 Unknown Artist - Portraits Of A Husband And Wife, 1840 Lovers by Carry Hauser Adieu by Alfred Guillou The Pearl Necklace by Frederic Soulacroix
Lovers by Konstantin Somov Kiss by Andrei Protsouk The Artist And His Love - Mihaly Zichy The Moneylender And His Wife by Quentin Metsys Couple On The Shore by Edvard Munch A Street In Venice by John Singer Sargent Postumus And Imogen by John Faed
Courting Couple by Federico Andreotti Lovers by Li Jin Unknown Artist - The Fashionable Shoemaker Trying On An Italian Slipper, 1784  




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