January, 2007
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The Swing by Georges Barbier Flirtatious Greek Maiden And Gentleman by Edwin Howland Blashfield Jupiter In The Guise Of Diana Seducing Callisto (detail) by Francois Boucher The Red Shoes by Alexander Kachkin Daphnis And Chloe by Raphael Collin, 1890 Fairytale Illustration by Gustaf  Tenggren
Les Adieux by Rie Cramer Fairground by P.J. Crook Les Amiants by Cesare Auguste Detti Egypt - Walk In The Garden - New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, c. 1335 BC Relationship Scene, 1968 by Hans Escher Adam And Eve by Dmitry Zhilinsky Serenade 2 by Franz Guillery
Pastoral Scene by Francois Boucher Traum by Max Klinger Couple by Joseph Matar Husband And Wife, Chalk Drawings by Gustav Voelkerling, 1833 Jacob And Rachel by Jacopo Palma (il Vecchio), 1520 Mr. And Mrs. Vaughan by Sheldon Peck, c.1845 Coquette by Adolf Pirsch
Young Man And Young Woman by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1876 Double Portrait Of Natalia Nordmann And Ilya Repin by Ilya Repin Das Parfuem by Cornelia Schleimes Lawrence And Frieda by Garry Shead The Wedding Of Arthur And Guinevere by Lancelot Speed An Afternoon On The Porch by Vittorio Matteo Corcos Draughts by Ludolf  Verworner
The Postillion by Maximilian Wachsmuth Endymion by George Frederic Watts A Son Of Hagar; Couple Racing On Horseback by N. C. Wyeth, 1916 The Crown Of Love by John Everett Millais  



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