October 2008
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van Honthorst, Gerard - The Prince And Princess Of Orange (Mary & Willem), 1647 Kachkin, Alexandr - A Smitten Musician Delondre, Maurice - En Omnibus Gaudefroy, Alphonse - A Moment Aside
Unknown Artist - Meeting On The Stairs, c.1905 Meyer, John - Ambivalence VII von Riesen, Arno - Love And Roses Kustodiev, Boris Mikhailovich - On The Volga Mascolo, Bruno - The Artist With His Wife van Gogh, Vincent - Two Lovers Postal, Miriam - Couple And Cat
Holzhandler, Dora - Lovers In Holland Park Harris, Edwin - Under The Cornish Cliffs Dicksee, Frank - The Confession Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico - Minuet In Villa Bliss, Ian - Get Your Hand Off My Leg Peynet, Raymond - The Lovers Julia - Japanese Lovers
Bastien-Lepage, Jules - Rural Love, 1882 Schütz, E. - The God And The Bayadere Leighton, Frederic - The Fisherman And The Syren Szinyei Merse Pál - The Lovers, 1869 van Mieris, Willem - Lute Player Borsky, Jiri - Modern Art Lovers van der Neer, Eglon - An Elegant Couple In An Interior
Stephens, Frederic George - The Proposal (The Marquis And Griselda) Terbrugghen, Hendrick - The Duet, 1628 Bell, Robert Anning - La Belle Dame Sans Merci Shulika, Ludmila - Rendevous In A Storm Unknown Artist - Lovers Strolling IN A Forest, c.1900 Unknown Artist, American - Mr. And Mrs. Briggs, 1840  

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