September, 2008
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Sinclair, Olga - Pasion Azul Procaccini, Camillo - The Grotesque Lovers Cornoyer, Paul - Early Spring In Central Park Unknown Artist - Sewing Machine Ad, Couple From Viana do Castelo, Portugal Unknown Artist - The Navigator And His Wife, 1830 Lang, Albert - Zypressenhain, 1891
Rassenfosse, Armand Louis - Le Basier Du Porion Beuckelaer, Joachim - Woman Selling Vegetables Heighton, Brent - Romantic Stroll Unknown Artist - Illustration From Codex Manesse - Burkart von Hohenfels, 14th Century Hutchens, Frank Townsend - Love Songs Gobbi, D. - Lovers In The Moonlight Gray, Henry Peters - The Greek Lovers
Koulakov, Ivan - After Dinner Ventura, Jose - Departure From Reality Philippeau, Karl Frans - Courtship Reijntjens, Henricus Engelbertus - The Romantic Toast Wunderlich, Max Julius - Liebe (Love) Moore, William - A Married Couple, 1835-36 Faustini, Modesto - Lovers By A Fountain
Mosler, Henry - A Fair Exchange Antonov, Nikolay - Love Unknown Artist, India - Krishna And Radha Reinhardt, Joseph - A Couple In The Costumes of Unterwalden Rychner, Rose-Marie - Together Szinyei Merse Pál - Paganism, 1868 Tintoretto - The Temptation Of Adam And Eve
Ballue, Hippolyte - Lovers Corbella, Tito - Elegant Lovers Hankey, William Lee - Quiet Village  




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