November, 2008
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Unknown Artist, English - Two Portraits Of A Married Couple, c.1790
Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquin - Grupa Valenciana Unknown Artist - Young Artist And Friend Borsos, Jozsef - Debauchery, 1851 Chiostri, Sofia - Pierrot And Pierrette Naumov, Aleksei - Drinking Tea, 1896 Hughes, Arthur - The Dial Boucher, Francois - Renaud And Armide
Unknown Artist - 'Goodbye, Darling' -Postcard Image, c.1917 Court, Joseph-Désiré - Young Girl At The Scamander River Eeckhout, Gerbrand van den - Party On A Terrace Williams, Micah - Mr. John G. And Mrs. Jane Herbert Vanderveer, 1819 Shead, Garry - Lovers (Untitled) Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista - The Triumph Of Zephyr And Flora Hiremy-Hirschl, Adolf - Only Witness
Ventura, Jose - Appassionato Brandt, Józef - Conversation At The Well Leighton, Frederic - Helios And Rhodes Harunobu, Suzuki - Lovers Meeting On A Spring Evening, 1767 Teraoka, Masami - The Longing Samurai Lagrenée, Louis Jean François - Alcibiades On His Knees Before His Mistress Unknown Artist, American - Naive Portrait Of A Bride And Groom, 1830
Unknown Artist, India - Krishna And Radha Rubens, Peter Paul - Adam And Eve, 1597 Tissot, James Jacques Joseph - The Bridesmaid Rut, Tomasz - Tenuto Guerin, Pierre-Narcisse - Venus And Adonis Verspronck, Jan Cornelisz - Double Portraits Of A Couple, 1640 Fisher, Harrison - Springtime Romance
McCarty, Ray - Sweet Nothings  






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