August, 2008
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Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Julius - Jacob And Rachel Corbella, Tito - Love On The Beach
Priechenfried, Alois Heinrich - The Proposal Lely, Peter - Amorous Couple In A Landscape Gonzales, A. Andrew - The Sacred Marriage, 1995 Ajdukiewicz, Sigismund - A Pleasant Conversation Ladewig, Lilli - Alone Together Remnev, Andrew - The Water Carrier Spranger, Bartholomaeus - Odysseus And Circe
Palliere, Juan Leon - China Descansando Unknown Artist, Persian School - Courtier From The Court Of Shah Abbas, 18th cent Holzhandler, Dora - The Wedding Night Blair Leighton, Edmund - The Fond Farewell Andreotti, Federico - An Afternoon Tea Kersting, Georg Friedrich - Couple At A Window (detail) Goltzius, Hendrick - Justice And Prudence Kiss Each Other
Herouard, Chéri - La Vie Parisienne, 1925 Abrishami, Hessam - Spring Dream Hoogstraten, Samuel van - Portrait Of Johan Cornelisz. Vijgeboom And His Wife Drouais, Francois-Hubert - Portraits Of A Married Couple, 18th cent Bruyn, Barthel - Portraits Of A Man And Wife, 1539 Shayer, William - Fisherman And Wife Styka, Adam - The Favorite
Brown, Ford Madox - King Rene's Honeymoon Moeller, Louis Charles - The Nosegay Richter, Ludwig Adrian - Shephed And Shepherdess In A German Landscape, 1844 van Rijn, Rembrandt - Rembrandt And Saskia In The Scene Of The Prodigal Son In The Tavern Sadler, Walter Dendy - Top Of The Hill Unknown Artist, Persian - Two Lovers In A Flowering Orchard, c.1545 Ventura, Jose - Lovers In A Boat
Doucet, Henri Lucien - The Eager Suitor  






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