January, 2010
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Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico - Punchinella In Love Makovsky, Konstantin - Satyr And Nymph
Herouard, Cheri - A Love Token Street, Robert - Dr. & Mrs. Napoleon Leidy, 1834 Munch, Edvard - Cupido Raffaelli, Jean Francois - Teatime Unknown Artist - Shiva And Parvati (Parvati offering Liquor to the Serpent Vasuki) Leyster, Judith - The Proposition Scotin, Gerard Jean Baptiste - Turkish Lover Piercing Arm before His Mistress To Give Proof Of His Love
Sorgh, Hendrick Maertensz - The Luteplayer, 1661 Lucas, the Elder Cranach - The Ill Matched Lovers, 1553 (III) Petrocelli, Achille - Neopolitan Couple, c.1895 Boyd, Arthur - Lovers On A Bench Hatt, Fred - Pregnant Couple, 2008 Beuler, Lernie - Eternity Wyspianski, Stanislaw - Portrait With Wife At The Window
Vassilieff, Danila - Alec And Joan, 1944 Jon Whitcomb, Jon - I Think I Love You Brown, Ford Madox - Henry Fawcett; Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett Spitzweg, Carl - Farewell Edelfelt, Albert - Dreaming Utamaro, Kitagawa - Lovers Parting In The Morning, 1797 Unknown Artist - 'Stay Longer, Says He'
Brown, John George - Memories Blackman, Charles - Lovers Embracing Clay, Alfred Barron - A Conversation Saunders, Zina - Rob And George Pene du Bois, Guy - Sunday Walkers Unknown Artist - Henry And Emma (A Poem by Matthew Prior), 1787 Rut, Tomasz - It's True
Bowers, David M. - Kimberlie And I  






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