September, 2010
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The Rescue by John Roddam Spencer-Stanhope Cupid And Psyche by Anthony van Dyck The Kiss by Theodore Jacques Ralli, 1887 Cravate du Tigre by Jean Pierre Ceytaire
The Proposal by Hippolyte Bruyeres Romance by Zoe Mozert Lovers In The Snow by Dora Holzhandler The Macaroni Courtship Rejected by Philip Dawe, 1773 Husband And Wife by I. Gilbert, c.1830 Pastor Popitz And His Wife by Franz Krueger, c.1820 Unknown Artist - The Month Of Sawan
Lambdin, George Cochran - The Consecration Nymph And Shepherd by Titian, c.1570 The Proposal by William Henry Midwood John Thomas Serres - Lovers By A Gate Daphnis And Chloe by Konstantin Somov Lovers by Utagawa Kunisada, 1860 Unknown Artist - Serenade, c.1870
Lovers By A Waterfall by Hishikawa Moronobu, 1680 Cherishing The Moment by Fred Mathews When In Rome by Alan Kingsbury Colonel Eli And Mary Broughton Mygatt by John Brewster Jr. Pareja De Enamorados by Rogelio Barillas Soldiers Return by Alexander Johnston The Kiss by Antonio Ambrogio Alciati
Big Ben The Bargee by Bernard Hailstone, 1943 Playful Lovers by Arno von Riesen Poseidon And Amphitrite by Rupert Bunny Dancing by Mabel Layng Feeding The Swans by Frederic Soulacroix  


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