December, 2010
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Tuscher, Marcus - George Michael Moser And His Wife Mary, c.1742 Sorgh, Hendrik Martensz - Tavern Scene, 1661 Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig - Couple, 1923 Rockwell, Norman - Under The Mistletoe
Molenaer, Jan Miense - Amorous Couple In An Inn Erfmann, Ferdinand - The Visit Lemoyne, Francois - Cephalus And Aurora Palamedesz, Anthonie - Couple Playing Cards, c. 1635 Steenwyck, Harmen van - Lady With A Pet Dog, c.1675 Bron, Odile - Marriage Protsouk, Andrei - Secret-Service
Shead, Garry - Tango Barbier, Georges - Him And Her Engbrox, Sylvester - Couple, 2009 Unknown Artist, India - Lovers By A River Whitmore, Coby - The New Hat Tidey, Henry - Accepted Erdmann, Otto - The Music Leson, 1879
Boutibonne, Charles Edward - La Preferee Chagall, Marc - Les Amoureux, 1982 Borges, Caio - Endless Song Boeckhorst, Johann - Apollo And Daphne c.1640 Bompard, Sergio - Lovers Denning, Stephen Poyntz - Married Couple, 1834 Vidal, Francisco - Self Portrait With Wife, 1918
Brunner, Antonín - After The Ball Ducis, Louis - Orpheus And Eurydice Dicksee, Frank - La Belle Dame Sans Merci Utrecht, Adriaen van - Still Life With Lovers, 1631 Bijlert, Jan van - Shepherd And Sleeping Girl aka Granida And Daifilo, c.1625 Beers, Jan van - Bathers  

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