December, 2008
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Wachter, Emil - Genesis Nanni, Giovanni - Ricompensa Mount, William Sidney - Winding Up, 1836 Vien, Joseph-Marie - Venus Showing Mars Her Doves Making A Nest In His Helmet Bouguereau, Adolphe-William - Proposal Kimball, Alonzo - Telltale Lines
Cheney, Mary Langdon - Mr. And Mrs. Livingston La Gatta, John - Ballroom Dancing Underwood, Clarence - Young Couple Looking At Photo Album Portielje, Edward Antoon - A Love Letter Minor, Ferdinand - La Flirt Shead, Garry - The Spirit Of The Land Georgi, Edwin - Return, 1957
Unknown Artist - Krishna Hanging Earrings On Radha Goltzius, Hendrick - The Fall Of Man Abrishami, Hessam - Wings Of Morning Bliss, Ian - What Do You Think, Darling Hoyer, Cornelius - Couple, Miniature Portrait, c.1795 van den Blocke, Izaak - Nuptuals Of Neptune And Ceres Jordaens, Jacob - Portrait Of Govaert van Surpele And His Wife
Somov, Konstantin - Harlequin And Lady Lagrenee, Louis Jean Francois - Pygmalion And Galatea Unknown Artist - Tender Moment, c.1905 Johnston, Joshua - Baltimore Shipowner And Wife, 1815 Sanchez-Baute, Antonio - Honeymoon Underwood, Clarence - Under The Mistletoe Unknown Artist - Lovers In Boats, c.1890
Landry, Pierre - Unrequited Love, Or Time Mis-spent, 1760 Rowlandson, Thomas - Stolen Kisses Weiss, Marjorie - Cuban Portrait Number 10 de Egusquiza, Rogelio - The End Of The Ball  



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