November, 2006
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Silk Merchant And Wife by Jacob Adriaensz Backer Lady At Her Toilet by Louis-Leopold Boilly The Game Of Chance by Frederick Arthur Bridgman Just Married by Duane Bryers
Mr. And Mrs. Ralph Izard by John Singleton Copley, 1775 Thomas The Rhymer by Kinuko Craft Each Lover In His Lady's Face... by Walter Crane Double Portrait, Natalia And Oleg by Leonid Efros Faults On Both Sides by Thomas Faed, 1861 Lovers In Venice by Adolf Geringer, 1897 Interior With Music Making Couple by Albert Glibert
The World Forgetting - Sunday Afternoon in Kensington Gardens by John Callcott Horsley, 1877 Expected by Edwin Hughes The Late Caller by Henry Hutt Venus And Mars by Pieter Fransz Isaacsz And Now Where by Rockwell Kent, 1936 Ladies And Gentlemen II by Juarez Machado Journey by Jerzy Marek
Courting by William Henry Midwood Gay Marriage by Raphael Perez Courting Scene by Alois Heinrich Priechenfried Gallant Scene by Robert Smirke (attributed to) Unknown Artist - A Love Idyll, Austria, Late 19th Century Unknown Artist - Parvati Offers Refreshment To Siva And The Serpent Naga Unknown Artist (Circle of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg) - Portrait Of A Young Couple
Unknown Artist, Austria - Declaration Of Love, early 19th Century The Graceful Rest by Jean-Antoine Watteau, c.1713 Ian And Jo Argyle by Juliet Wood Sleeping Beauty by Hans Zatzka Husband And Wife, Miniature Portraits On Porcelain by J. F. Jamrath, 1848  


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