October, 2006
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Stroll by Lev Khailov Declaration Of Love by Rogelio Barillas Hasan Rejoins His Wife (The Book of Wonder Voyages, 1896) by John D. Batten A Couple by Olga Boznanska Mr. And Mrs. Isaac Winslow by John Singleton Copley Amorous Shepherd And Shepherdess by Giuseppe Maria Crespi The Scramble, or Old Gripus Plunder’d By His Young Wife by Philip Dawe, 1773
Lovers 2 by Didier Delamonica Gift by Katherine Doyle, 2005 Reclining Couple Reading A Love Letter by Kikugawa Eizan, c.1810 Daphnis And Chole by Elizabeth Jane Gardner La Bamba by Jesus Helguera Showing A Preference by John Callcott Horsley Courtship by Jozef Israels
Linger by Irina Vitalievna Karkabi Personification Of Rhone And Saone Rivers by Charles Van Loo In The Parlor by Wilhelm Leibl Venus And Tannhauser by Sandor Liezen-Mayer Rendezvous by Vladimir S. Lyubarov, 2004 Les Amants by Rene Magritte Brigand Lovers by Bartolomeo Pinelli (Circle Of), c.1850
Gallant Scene, Copy After Watteau by Adolf Pirsch A Romantic Interlude by Edward Henry Potthast All That Yellow by Pat Scott Jealously by Robert Ponsonby Staples At The Moulin Rouge; The Two Waltzers by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892 A Man And Woman With Two Dogs (Teasing The Pet) by Frans van Mieris, 1660 Lovers Outside The Admiralty, St. Petersburg by Liz Wright, 1990
An Austrian Married Couple by Matthias Adolf Charlemont Archdukes Albert And Isabella by Frans The Younger Pourbus Lovers by Zdzislaw Beksinski  




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