December, 2006
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The Duet by Cornelis Bega The Hamadryad by Emile Jean Baptiste Philippe Bin
Dr. John Brewster & His Second Wife, Ruth Avery by John Brewster Jr. c.1795 Rising Road by Gustave Caillebotte, 1881 Ruth And Boaz by Walter Crane, 1863 A Musical Interlude by Cesare Detti Tristan And Isolde by Herbert James Draper The Fall Of Man by Cornelis van Haarlem, 1592 Moonlight by Winslow Homer
Portrait Of A Man And Woman At A Casement by Lippo Lippi, c.1440 Circassian Couple by Matthaeus Loder, c.1820 Courting Couple by Giacomo Mantegazza Your Place Or Mine by Ray McCarty First Kiss Of Love ('La Nouvelle Heloise') by Nicolas Andre Monsiau Embrace Of Tango by Fabian Perez Spring by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, 1935
La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Henry Maynell Rheam Emma Bovary And Her Lover, Rodolphe Boulanger by Alfred Paul Marie Richemont In Love by Serge Solomko Love Or Country by Marcus Stone Tavern Scene by Jacob Toorenvliet Unknown Artist - Detail Of Rococo Bucolic Scene, German, 18th cent watercolour Unknown Artist - Knight And Lady, French, Early 19th Cent
Unknown Artist - Mary, Queen Of Scots & Lord Darnley Unknown Artist - Miniature Portraits On Ivory, c.1800, English Unknown Artist, Circle Of Louis Leopold Boilly - Lovers, Oil On Copper Unknown Artist, Polish - The Artist And His Model, 19th c Portrait Of A Man and Woman In An Interior (2) by Eglon van der Neer Fray en Leelijck (Beautiful and Ugly) by Adriaen van de Venne, c.1630 Portraits Of A Napoleonic Officer And His Wife by Louis-Francois Aubry (Attributed)
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