May, 2012 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Love Lovers On A Terrace by Robert Papp Lovers by Louise McLaren Love Pair by Giorgos Sikeliotis Wedding Couple by William H. Johnson, 1942
Pastoral Lovers by Achille Mauzan Courtship Scene by Rudolf Alfred Hoeger Unknown Artist - Algonquin Couple, 18th Century The Consoler by Henry Hutt Venus With Organist And Cupid by Titian Unknown Artist, Chinese - Amorous Scene, 19th Century Venetian Flirtation by W. Morgan
The Woman, The Man, And The Serpent by John Byam Liston Shaw Unknown Artist - Changing Fashions, c. 1915 Desnudos en la playa by Josep de Togores i Llach, 1922 Lovers by Brynolf Wennerberg Courting Couple by Pio Ricci Lovers by Beryl Cook Celibat by Kasper Pochwalski, 1941
Peace Offering by Chidi Okoye Nymphe und Troubadour by Hans Makart, c.1866 Reading The Tea Leaves by Mary Horsfall Aucassin And Nicolette by Evelyn Paul Venus At The Forge Of Vulcan by Le Nain Brothers,1641 Lovers In A Car by Peter McLaren Couple by CundoBermudez
Unknown Artist - Landscape With Cattle And A Couple Under A Tree (Circle Of Jan Siberechts) The Expulsion by Alan Graham Dick Captain And Mrs. Thomas Harrison by Zebakiah Belknap, 1815 The Romantic Suitor by Theodore Levigne Madonna And Guy by Peter Howson  


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