June, 2012 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Mick Jagger, Love You Live Series by Andy Warhol, 1975 Elegant Couple, Esquire Magazine by George Petty, 1934
Dona Sol by Jesus Helguera Neptun Und Nymphe by Bernard van Orley A Serenade by Alessandro Sani Below Deck by Tom Lovell The Embrace by Ernest Berke, 1976 Couple On Street by George Grosz Wedding (II) by Boris Shapiro
American Kiss 2 by Jen P. Harris Lovers by Junus Karimow Afro Lunar Lovers by Chris Ofili, 2003 Young Couple Dancing With Castanets by Henry Woods, 1876 Latin Lovers by Carlos Luna Ohne Titel by Gerhard Haderer, 2008 A Hot Dog For You by Al Moore, 1942
Paar am Tisch (Couple At Table) by Richard Ziegler Love And The Widow by Albert-Anatole-Martin-Ernest Lambron Des Piltieres, 1869 Ungleiches Paar by George Grosz, 1922 Lovers Melody by Chidi Okoye Unknown Artist - Lovers, 19th Century, European Cupid And Pan Entwining Lovers by William Henry Walker The Ill-Matched Lovers by Wolfgang Krodel
Table For Two by Andrew Loomis Wedding by Irina Pankovska, 1998 Paolo And Francesca by Joseph Noel Paton Kissing At Sunset by Minos Argyrakis Wooing And Cooing by George Smith John de Carteret And Wife, Jane Falla - Attributed to Hamlet Winstanley Garden Of Eden by Suzanne Valadon
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