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Kiss Number Four by Forrest King Young Lovers, Original Illustration Art by Harry Anderson, 1950's Unknown Artist - Wedding, American South, c.1890 Persian Jewish Couple, 1900 by Kitty Yin Ling Miao The Lovers' Walk by Walter Dendy Sadler Samson And Deliah by Igor Samsonov Couple by Irina Sergeyeva
Innocence Preferring Love To Wealth by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon Wedding by Michael Anikeev, 2003 The Village Wedding by Joseph Barnes A Loving Couple by J.M. Baur The Last Days At Chequers by Philip de Laszlo, 1920 Venus And Adonis by Pacecco De Rosa Music Lesson by Pio Ricci
Dancer With Eyes Shut by Garry Shead, 2002 Unknown Artist - The Proposal, Late 19th Century Lovers' Tryst by Richard Borrmeister The Buffet, Swindon Station by George Elgar Hicks Tete-a-tete by Pio Ricci, 1919 Husband And Wife, German by Carl Thieme, 1852 Sringara Rasa by George Keyt
Unknown Artist - Woman's Own Magazine Illustration, 1950's Unknown Artist - Lovers Under The Desert Sky, 1920's Lovers; A pair of Minton earthenware tiles, c.1895 painted by Antonin Boullemier A Little Mystery by Laura Tetrault Love's Melody by Florence Hardy Gallant Scene by Jose de (Chavez y Ortiz) Chavez, 1876 Divine Lovers by Eric Gill
Lovers by Charles Dana Gibson, 1904 Unknown Artist - Renaissance Lovers (19th Century)  





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