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Baumhofer, Walter Martin - Magazine Illustration, 1950 Pryanishnikov, I.M. - Cruel Romance, 1881 Price, Margaret Evans - Admetus And Alcestis
Stoops, Herbert Morton - Contemplation, 1925 Unknown Artist, French - A Declaration Leyendecker. J.C. - An Elegant Couple (Advertising Art), 1913 Clum, John - Brown Series XVI Mora, Marita Pena - Amor Mío, Amor Inmenso Quidenus, Fritz - A Clandestine Embrace Georgi, Edwin - Lovers On A Rooftop
Simpson, Jacqui - The Scarlet Letter Kuklinski, Wlodzimierz - Kiss In The Rain Hoet, Gerard (Circle Of) - Venus And Adonis Quidenus, Fritz - Laughing Couple Benítez, Adigio - Amor en tierra brava, 2002 Huet, Jean-Baptiste - A Persuasive Suitor Shapiro, Boris - Couple
Urazayev, Mirat - Yin Yang Kovshar, Anna - Bride And Groom Herpfer, Carl - The Wedding Party Amorous Couple, c.1840 (Manner Of Boucher) Holyfield, John - Lovers Sughi, Alberto - Couple LeCamus, Pierre Duval - Amorous Scene In An Interior
Stone, Marcus - The Soldier's Return, 1900 Hillingford, Robert Alexander - Love Sonnets Thomopoulos, Epaminondas - Pastoral Couple Tomaso, Rico - Wedding In Holland Teimuraz, Kharabadze - Man And The Universe (Love) Ricci, Arturo - The Wedding Feast Caballero, Maximo Juderias - The Proposal, 1902
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