January, 2010 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Serenade by Theodoor-Josef Verschaeren, 1936 Bed Of Art by Kasper Pochwalski The Valentine Gift by Heeral Trivedi, 2007 Romance Illustration by Phil Berry, 1940's
Gourmet Love by Amy Crehore Estelle And Nemorin (Lovers from the romance by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian) Horace And Lydia by Thomas Couture, 1843 Unknown Artist, Flemish - A Romantic Picnic Cover, Rangeland Romances by Sam Cherry, 1947 Quedate junto a mi (Stay With Me) by Luis Gomez Ares Lovers by Joy Hester, 1957
Portret Lubienskich (Equestrian Portrait Of Lubienski) by Jerzy Kossak, 1856 Magnus Foght, member of the orchestra at the Danish Royal Theatre, and wife by C.W. Eckersberg, 1821 Rinaldo And Armida by Antonio Belluci Hombre y mujer by Josep de Togores i Llach, 1931 A Young Couple by Edith Basch Couple by Giorgos Sikeliotis An Amorous Couple, AKA 'Lust' - Attributed to Jacques de l'Ange
Orpheus And Eurydice by Nikos Engonopoulos Chinese Lovers by D. Gobbi Unknown Artist, China - Lovers Observed, 19th Century Nest by Boris Shapiro La Soldadera Maderista by Jose Guadalupe Posada Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery Blair by Thomas Sully Debutane, Western Style by Walter Martin Baumhofer, 1950
Elsa And Lohengrin, mid-19th Century Irene And Peter Ludwig by Dmitry Zhilinsky, 1981 La Vie by Cheryl Turner Breton Lovers by John Morgan  



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