January, 2008
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Greuze, Jean Baptiste - The Playful Maid Reuben Moulthrop - Job And Sally Perit, 1790 Durer, Albrecht - Dancing Peasant Couple Caldana, Giovanni - Lovers, c.1907 Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - A Silent Greeting
Watton, Andrew - Lovers Giulio Bargellini - The Glorification Of Poetry (1904) Boissegur, Beatrice - French West Coast Carolus-Duran - The Kiss, 1868 Leslie, Charles Robert - The Proposal Dulac, Edmund - Peri Banu And Prince Achmed (Arabian Nights) Yohn, F. C. - The Lovers
Guerzoni, Giovanni - Lovers In A Garden Tenggren, Gustaf - Sleeping Beauty Koulakov, Ivan - Oh My Poor Girl Vetriano, Jack - 'Round Midnight Verkolje, Jan - Shepherd And Shepherdess Fragonard, Jean-Honoré - The Fountain Of Love Ventura, Jose - Couple With Golden Bird
Unknown Artist - Venus And Mars, KPM Plaque Beuler, Lernie - Walk With Me Goetze, Sigismund - Love Triumphant Raphael, Mary F. - Florizel And Perdita Denis, Maurice - Cupid Carrying Psyche Up To Heaven Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - The Mirror Peynet, Raymond - The Lovers With Doves
Krafft, Barbara (attributed to) - Portraits Of Husband And Wife, c.1800 Crane, Walter - The Frog Prince Bouguereau, William - L'enlèvement de Psyché Perez, Fabian - Tango In Paris Richter, Adrian Ludwig - Auf Bergeshöhe  


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