February 2008
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Mauzan, Achille - Lovers Kiss Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik - A Day At The Carnival
Van Brekelenkam, Quiringh Gerritsz - A Couple Having A Meal Before A Fireplace Unknown Artist - Playful Lovers, c.1912 Unknown Artist - 'Admirer', from Album of Tsar's Daughter, 19th cent Almeida Júnior - O Violeiro, 1899 Briggs, Julia - Lovers Stepanov, Klavdiy - No Fool Like An Old Fool Debat-Ponsan, Edouard Bernard - Le Flirt
Chappuis, Erica - Cave 12 Doubek, F.B. - Gallant Gesture Perez, Fabian - Tango Dicksee, Frank - Elopement Ter Borch, Gerard - The Military Gallant Martin, Henri-Jean Guillaume - Jeune Couple Dans Un Verger Au Printemps Jin, Li - Husband And Wife In the Bath
van Beers, Jan - La Vague Unknown Artist, India - Chaitra, Kangra Style Painting Korb, Erzsébet - Nudes, c.1921 Unknown Artist - Travelling Case With Miniature Portraits Of A Gentleman And His Wife, Austrian (German), c.1810 Barillas, Rogelio - Pareja Nocturna Volaire, Pierre Jacques - Sketch Of A Neopolitan Couple Dancing Unknown Artist, India - Sohni And Mahiwal
Gotch, Thomas Cooper - Destiny Unknown Artist, India - The Gift Of Love Unknown Artist, Austria - Two Miniatures On Ivory Of A Married Couple, 1820's Unknown Artist - Ancient Lovers, c.1890 Hals, Franz - Young Man & Woman In An Inn Sluiter, Jan Willem 'Willy' - Dutch Couple Of Volendam  

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