December, 2007
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The Artist And His Wife by Vilmos Aba-Novák, 1925
L'oiseau de Lune by Prune Bardoux Declaration Of Love, Signed J. Bauer  - Viennese cartoonist, Early 20th c. Lovers in Front of a Shrubbery; Calypso and Ulysses by Arnold Bocklin, 1864 Lovers Near Marina by Jiri Borsky Under The Mistletoe by Edward Frederick Brewtnall Consolation by Francis Stephen Cary Looking To The Future by Charles Collins
Odd Couple III by Lucas Cranach Bears In Love by Ted Fusby The Hawk by Pierre Subleyras Lovers In Winter by Remigius Geyling, c.1910 A Winter Escapade by Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer Couple From Baden by Albert Kretschmer, 1890 Carousing Couple by Judith Leyster, 1630
The Song Of The Bell I by Ernst Erwin Oehme The Shepherd's Suit Rejected by William Vandyke Patten, 1867 Sleeping Peasants by Pablo Picasso, 1919 The Lovers by Pablo Picasso, 1923 In The Zenith by Maximilian Pirner Self-Portrait With Patricia Preece by Stanley Spencer, 1936 Couple by Vassilis Sperantzas
Eugene Onegin by Lydia Timoshenko Unknown Artist - Courting, German Lithograph, c.1850 Unknown Artist - 'Secret Service by William Gillette' 1896 A Meal Of Oysters by Frans van Mieris, 1661 The Chess Players, or Black To Move by Joseph Walter West, 1920 Winter Pleasure by Raimund Wichera (Ritter von Brennerstein) Youth, Etching by Max Julius Wunderlich, 1937
Unknown Artist, Germany - Baron von Palm And His Wife, c.1830 Youth And Age by John Callcott Horsley  





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