December, 2012 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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An Amorous Couple In An Interior by Etienne Aubry
Lovers by Frank McCarthy, 1953 An Inscription Of Love by Eugene Benson Lovers From La Fontaine by Umberto Brunelleschi Illustration Of A Young Urban Couple by James Meese, 1950's Unknown Artist - Krishna Sheltering Radha In A Storm Wedding Portrait by Maria Gapen Lovers by Walter Martin Baumhofer
Lovers by Jean Cocteau, 1953 Two by Ludmila Pavlenkova Cupid's Spell by Henry Woods Pareja Con Palomas by Cundo Bermudez, 1952 Passionate Lovers by Umberto Brunelleschi Jack And Jill, Illustration For The Lovers Mother Goose by John Cecil Clay, 1905 The Artist's Brother And Sister-In-Law At Thwaite Church On Their Wedding Day by Joseph Clover
Music Making Couple by Jan Cossiers Wedding by Gabriel Charles Deneks Favorite by Rudolph Ernst, 1872 Romantic Couple by Hegedus Geiger Lovers In Winter by Dora Holzhandler, 1997 Homo Riot, 2012 Wedding by Jacob Lawrence, 1948
Confidence by Svetlana Lodina At The Wedding by Ivan Logvin, 1967 Amour by Henri Martin Guajiros by Hector Molne Leo Tolstoy With His Wife In Yasnaya Polyana by Ilya Efimovich Repin, 1907 Laughing Couple Jim Schaeffing, c.1950 Wedding by Ivan Sokolov, 1860
Sax Appeal by WAK Double Portraits Of A Married Couple by Frank Samuel - Eastman  





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