January, 2013 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Freemason Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Loving Couple by Pradeep Kanik Embrace by Howard Capes Lovers In Paradise by Stephanie Clair Lovers Cavalcade by Aimee Birnbaum Come Into The Garden by Andrew Sibley
Winter Romance by Henry Hutt Couple, From The Fireside Book of Children's Songs by John Alcorn, 1966 Country Romance by William A. Dodge Lovers by Edwin Georgi Love by Joy Hester, c.1950 Answering The Horn by Winslow Homer, 1876 Adam And Eve by Alexander Antoniuk
Musical Romance by Rudolf Jelinek The Guitar Player by Antonia de Banuelos-Thorndike, 1880 Balcony Love by Ivan Koulakov Lovers by Albert Locca, 1959 Lovers by Yekaterina Lyashko Liebespaar by Altobello Meloni The Lovers by Bernard Meninsky, c.1943-50
Winter Romance by Robert Papp I'm Home by Arthur Sarnoff Lovers In A Field Of Daisies by Arthur Sarnoff Boys Night Out by Mark Satchwill Lovers Asleep by Michael Scott The Proposal by Francois Brunery Couple With Dove by Vassilis Sperantzas
Freemason romance, Freemason Boyfriend, Freemason Courtship, Masonic Love, 1908 Unknown Artist, India - Royal Lovers On A Terrace Surrounded By Attendants, c.1725 Unknown Artist, LOC - Country Courtship, mid 19th Century Waiting by Mirat Urazayev Unknown Artist, After Sir Godfrey Kneller - 18th Century Portrait Of King William III, And Mary II  


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