November, 2012 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Chinese Lovers by Der Jen Isabella Charnalay by Clara D. Davidson, 1906 Love by Andrey Abramov
Love by Pavel Afonin Lovers by Diego Dayer Spring by Abdalieva Akzhan Couple by Fernando Botero The Courtship by Virgilio Colombo Dance Of Love by Arthur Bowen Davies Lake Resort Nurse by Charles Gehm,1966
Celadon And Amelia by William Hamilton The Love Letter by William Perry, 1858 Flamenco by Sylva Zalmanson Unknown Artist - British - Double Portraits Of A Married Couple, c.1840 Svetlana And Artem by Artem Neboga, 1995 Lawrence And Frieda by Garry Shead Mexican Wedding Scene by Rufino Tamayo, 1934
Lovebirds by Vladimir Hudobko Twain by Kostiantyn Shyptia Hearts Of Fire by Edward Clay Wright King And Queen by Badri Narayan The Lovers (Australia) by Anthony Dattilo Rubbo Courtshiip In Italy by Ignacio Merino Rubaiyat by Willy Pogany, c.1920
A Pastoral Courtship by William Shayer Courting Couple by Alexander Johnston, 1836 Unknown Artist, German - Abschied (Parting Kiss), 1895 Unknown Artist - A Declaration Of Love Unknown Artist, Antwerp School - Venus And Adonis In A Wooded Landscape, Early 17th Century The Motel by Raymond Johnson, 1961  

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