January, 2011
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The Calling Of The Elect Into Heaven (Detail of Lovers) by Luca Signorelli, c.1499
Abelard And Heloise, Roman micromosaic panel by Biagio Barzotti,  2nd half 19th c. Double-Portrait  by Alan Feltus, 1999 Roman Carnival by Pimen Nikitich Orlov, 1859 Unknown Artist - Portrait Of Mr. And Mrs. Sutermeister, Swiss, 1st Half 19th c. Double Portrait Of Friedrich Wilhelm I And Louise Henriette by Gerard van Honthorst, c.1647 Rendevous In The Rain by Manjiri Kanvinde Les Fiances by Anne-Francois-Louis Janmot
Take 5 by WAK (Kevin Williams) Magazine Illustration by Coby Whitmore, 1958 The Seamstress by Eugene de Blaas Young Wedding by Seymour Etienne Bottex (Haiti, 1990) The City And Country Beaux by Francis William Edmonds Tristan et Iseult by Gaston Bussiere Ivan Tsarevitch And Elena With The Grey Wolf by Viktor Vasnetsov
Tender N Tasty by Joe Holbrook Unknown Artist - Lovers, India, 19th Century Cinderella And The Prince by Kinuko Craft A Lady Admiring An Earring By Candlelight by Godfried Schalcken Portraits Of A Married Couple by Anton Fiala, 1848 Tristan And Isolde by Frank Godwin Amor And Psyche by Antonio Canova
The Confluence of Souls by Max Svabinsky, 1896 The Three Ages Of Man by Titian Daphnis And Chloe by Dominique Louis Papety Blind Basket Maker With His First Child by George Elgar Hicks Portrait Of M. And Mme. Auguste Manet by Edouard Manet Passionate Kiss by James Montgomery Flagg Unknown Artist, English - Sir Reginald And Lady Dorothy Mohun, c.1603
In The Conservatory by Edouard Manet The Fat Boy by Harold Copping  





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