July, 2008
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Hals, Franz - Married Couple In A Garden Unknown Artist - Lovers In A Parlor, c.1905 Makovsky, Konstantin - Lovers Seignac, Guillaume - Pierrot's Embrace Unknown Artist - Lovers In An Orchard
Unknown Artist, Signed 'Werner' - The Siren's Kiss Unknown Artist - Husband And Wife, British, 19th cent Chapman, J. - Allegory Of Painting, 1823 Abrishami, Hessam - Autumn Eve Blair-Leighton, Edmund - A Wet Sunday Morning Arya, Braj Mohan - Nature With Lovers III Marshall, Charles Edward - Held By A Thread
Hunt, Charles - The Suitor Bouda, Cyril - Illustration From The Decameron von Blaas, Eugen - The Offer, 1887 Brown, Ford Madox - The Dream Of Sardanapalus, 1871 Bridgman, Frederick Arthur - Almeh Flirting With An Armenian Policeman Courbet, Gustave - The Large Oak Vettriano, Jack - Untitled 36
Barson, Jeff - The Lady Of Shallot, 1966 Unknown Artist - Trubador And Lady Dubufe, Louis Edouard - Lovelace Abducting Clarissa Harlowe Schmid, Mathias - An Invitation To Dance Unknown Artist - Mughal Lovers Picasso, Pablo - The Kiss, 1969 Solomon, Simeon - Night And Sleep
Hodnett, Lyn - The Lovers (In a Field) Unknown Artist - Lovers Parting, c.1840 Adams, Alonzo - After Midnight Unknown Artist - Married Couple, Austria, c.1840 Shore, Henrietta - Two Nudes  


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