August, 2007
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The Dip by Sumita Acharya La Lettre by Jean Beraud The Dissatisfied Painter (Crisis in the Life of a Painter) by Jozsef Borsos, 1852 Allegory Of Love by Angelo Caroselli
Lovers by Eanger Irving Couse, 1906 Persistent Cavalier by Giuseppe Maria Crespi Alain And Brigitte In L.A. by Helen Dodge Lovers On A Veranda With A Shamisen by Suzuki Harunobu, 18th century Cafe de Vins by Brent Heighton Jerome-Napoleon Bonaparte And Catharina of Württemberg by Francois Joseph Kinson Paolo And Francesca by Adolphe-Alexandre Lesrel
Presentation Of The Medallion by Caspar Netscher The Tempest by James Henry Nixon An Architect And His Wife by Georg Weikert, 1782 L'Etreinte by Pablo Picasso, 1902 Dance In The City by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1883 What Freedom! by Ilya Repin, 1903 Newlyweds On The Border by Ismail Shammout
Rustic Couple by Henry Singleton, c.1810 Persuasion by Marcus Stone The Surprise by Charles Henry Tenre Genre Scene by Wenzel Ulrik Tornoe The Two Girlfriends by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, c.1894-5 Unknown Artist - Lady Friz At Her Toilet Unknown Artist, Russian - Couple Drinking Tea, Lacquer Tea Caddy, Manufactory Lukutin, 19th Century
Illustration For Between Mass And Vespers by Marc de Montifaud by Van Ruyss Belauschte Liebesleute, 1858 by Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller The Nature Of Love by Evelyn Williams Drinking Song by Mihaly Zichy, 1874 Valsen by Anders Zorn Scene In Venice by Prince Victor Odescalchi, 19th Century  

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