July, 2007
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Les Foins by Jules Bastien-Lepage The Hussar's Adieu by Joseph-Louis-Hippolyte Bellange Pelleas And Melisande by Edmund Blair-Leighton The Swan by Hamish Blakely Lovers by Erica Chappuis Portrait of Count Nicolaus Esterhazy and his bride, Marquise Marie Francoise de Roisin by E. Bernhard, Chevalier de Guerard, 1799 Couple With Dachshunds by Adolf Eberle
The Stolen Kiss by Jean-Honore Fragonard The Lovers by James Hamilton Hay L'ideal by Louis Janmot My Love by Li Jin The Lovers by Rockwell Kent Nightly Guest by Karl Lanzedelly Duke And Duchess Of Lauderdale, by Peter Lely, c.1667
Zeus And Thetis by Anton Losenko The Gate by Rowena Morrill Man And Woman 2 by Edvard Munch The Love Chase by Charles Christian Nahl Woodland Lovers by Henry Nelson O'Neal L'Etreinte Brutale (Frenzy) by Pablo Picasso, 1900 Two Lovers by Giulio Romano
Courtship by David Sani Tryst by Serge Solomko Lovers, ink drawing by Erwin Stolz, 1920's The Farewell by James Jacques Joseph Tissot Unknown Artist - Ten Minutes Stay, Litograph, Mid 19th Century Unknown Artist, India - Shiva And Parvati, The Inseparable Couple The Master And The Maiden by Boris Vallejo, 1977
Kiss Of The Wave by Gustave Wertheimer Couple In Cafe by Pablo Picasso, 1903 Nathaniel And Martha Ruggles by Ralph Earl, 1804  




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