September, 2007
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Bohemia; Fiesta En El Estudio by Sebastien Dulac, 1831
A L'amie Perdue by Paul Balluriau Bedroom Scene From Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Georges Barbier Enamorado a Monalisa by Rogelio Barillas Signing The Register by Edmund Blair-Leighton Nice Drop Of Red by Susan Bower Time Was by Krista Lynn Brown Spark by Chuck And George
L'edera by Tranquillo Cremona Joseph And Tryphena Wentworth by Joseph H. Davis, 1835 A Kiss On The Rooftop by 'Ferdinand' George Erfmann Back to Nature, A Couple by Fidus, 1910 Le Droit Du Seigneur by Jules Arsene Garnier African-American Couple - Attributed To James H. Gillespie, c.1838 The Groom by Daniel Graves
Christian And Rebecca Protten, with baby Anna Maria, c.1748 by Johann Valentin Haidt Fredspanorama by Henry Heerup The Lovers (by a window) by Lyn Hodnett The Courtship by George Cochran Lambdin The Chimney Corner by Henry Mosler When The Story Begins by Fabian Perez Family Portrait, 1831 by Ignac Schmedla
Coquette by Gennady Shlykov Waiting For An Answer by Serge Solomko Lovers At A Costume Ball by Konstantin Somov Unknown Artist - Window Serenade Unknown Artist, French - Amorous Scene, Early 19th Century Unknown Artist, Signed T.M.R. - Tarantella, 1850 Perseus And Andromeda by Charles Van Loo
Unknown Artist, Germany - Miniatures Of A Husband And Wife, c.1830  






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