April, 2010
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Lovers by Irina Vitalievna Karkabi About Love by Elena Markova Unknown Artist, English - Husband And Wife, 1815, Miniatures On Ivory
A Stop At The Tavern by Emil Rau Unknown Artist, British - Lovers Meeting By Moonlight In A Garden Fall In Paris by Alexander Khomsky Unknown Artist - Lovers Meeting In A Parlour, 1903 Damon And Aglae by Simeon Solomon Man Tickling A Woman's Nose With A Feather, c.1860, by Thomas Wade Sir George And Lady Strickland, 1751, by Arthur Devis
Lovers by Didier Delamonica Lovers In A Bower, c.1810, by Mary Ann Willson Mr. And Mrs. John Badger Weller by Francis Hayman A Couple On Horseback Beside A Moonlit Lake by Mark Briscoe Prince And Princess Carolath-Beuthen, 1809, by Carl Hummel de Bourdon Liebespaar, 1904 - Lovers In Rose Arbor by August Macke Confession Of Love by Jean-Honoré Fragonard
The Tryst by Charles Haigh-Wood Unknown Artist, Circle Of Dirck Hals  - An Allegory Of Love An Amorous Couple, Persia, 1787, by Muhammad Sadiq A Moorish Couple on Their Terrace, 1832, by Eugene Delacroix The Soldier's Return by John Faed A Lady And A Gentleman Playing Lutes by Louis de Caullery Allegory Of Wisdom And Strength (The Choice of Hercules or Hercules And Omphale) by Francois Boucher
The Duet, by Frank Stone, Engraved by W. H. Simmons Midwood, William Henry - Courtship Allegory Of Ambition by Franz Wagner Das Antike Liebespaar by Georges Dupree Idilio by Rogelio Barillas A Love Match by Jan Van Beers  

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