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My Next-Door Neighbour by Edmund Blair-Leighton
Szerelmespár (Twosome) by Szinyei Merse Pál, 1870 A Lover's Quarrel by August Wilhelm Nikolaus Hagborg The Persistent Suitor by Federico Andreotti Night Walk by Ivan Koulakov Lovers by Beatrice Boissegur Lovers With A Bird 2 by Barbara Hanrahan, 1960 The Cavalier's Kiss by Frederic Soulacroix
Shy by Lawrence Alma-Tadema Warrior And Lady by W.E. Sparkes Lovers Embrace by Adam Styka Spring by Giovanni Boldini, 1873 Beso En El Muelle by Luis Castellanos Valui Unknown Artist - Rococo Scene, French Miniature On Ivory, 19th Century Duty by Edmund Blair-Leighton, 1883
At The Piano by Albert Edelfelt Guatemalan Lovers by Lorenzo Gonzalez Chavajay Italian Comedy Scene by Konstantin Somov, 1914 Unknown Artist - Japanese Lovers, 19th Century Tender Moment by Jose Ventura Singer And Theorbo Player by Gerard Terborch Husband And Wife by Alexander Clarot, 1838
Rising Spring by John Byam Liston Shaw The Solo by Carl Spitzweg, 1855 Coppia De Amor by Salvatore Sciascia The Drinkers by Jean Béraud The Lovers by Bryson Burroughs Monk And Nun by Cornelis van Haarlem, 1591 Double Portrait Against A Street Background by Robert Falk
Pierrot Courting by Ethel Spowers Double Portrait by Vilhelm Hammershĝi  





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