March, 2010
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Faed, John - Lovers Gorshunov, Denis - In The Pink de Man, Cornelis - Chess Players Kokoschka, Oskar - Bride Of The Wind, 1913 van der Werff, Adriaen - Shepherd And Shepherdess, c.1696 Westall, Richard - The Reconciliation Of Paris And Helen
Somov, Konstantin Andreevich - In The Woods Usabal, Lotte - Smokers c.1900 Linton, James Dromgole - Lorenzo And Jessica (Merchant Of Venice) Eybl, Franz - Portraits Of A Married Couple, c.1840 Lyudvik, Valentin - Spring Walk, 1956 Unknown Artist - Couple, Koya Tribe, India
Styka, Adam - Happy Embrace Unknown Artist - Krishna And Radha With Peacocks Frampton, Edward Reginald - Ferdinand And Miranda (from The Tempest Act V) Brandard, John -  Delightful Waltz, c.1850 Nguyen, Son Hung - When We Were Together de Witt, Reinhold - Couple In An Interior Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Pleading
Thomsen, Carl Christian Frederik Jacob - The Proposal Bertiglia, Aurelio - The Eager Lover  Antonov, Nikolay - Flying Hollosy, Simon - Corn Husking, 1885 Banksy - Rickshaw Caramagno, Salvo - Innamorati von Lampi, Franz Xaver Ferdinand - Anton And Elisa Altmann, c.1820
Lambdin, George Cochran - In The Beech Wood Gerson, Wojciech - At The Well Bordone, Paris - The Venetian Lovers, 1525 Alciati, Antonio Ambrogio -  Il Convegno, 1918  



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