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Like the rest of, we're adding new things to this section all the time. We've got many interesting and fun activities planned: you can expect amusements like online jigsaw puzzles and games, as well as lovely things to download, such as desktop icons, screensavers and themes, all on our favorite subject: LOVE, and featuring our trademark vintage postcard graphics.

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Jigsaw and Swap Puzzles of Romantic Art and Antique French Postcards.

These pages have puzzles you can solve online. There are currently 36 Flash jigsaw puzzles, and 48 Java tile swap puzzles, all featuring beautiful images of lovers from old French postcards or classic fine art. Give them a try! They are fun and can be addicting.

Jigsaw Puzzles of 1920's French romantic postcards
NEW: Romantic Theme Art Jigsaws II
Romantic Theme Art Jigsaws
Romantic Postcard Jigsaws
Famous Lovers Jigsaws I
Famous Lovers Jigsaws II

Tile swap puzzles of vintage romantic photographs and classic art
Romantic Postcards (Photographs)
Romantic Postcards (Illustrations)
Romantic Art
Famous Lovers Tile Puzzles

More Jigsaw Puzzles Coming Soon!

Magnetic Poetry
Your sweetheart will be thrilled with your poem! - We guarantee it!

Whether your sweetheart is in the next room and you call them over to the screen to read your creation, or they are an ocean away and you e-mail a screenshot, you will delight your beloved if you present him or her with a poem composed just for them by you! With our Magnetic Poem Tiles, it's easy to express what's in your heart; and with many tiles of loving and romantic words (including plenty of double-entendre words) it's easy to be as sweet and innocent or as risqué as you want to be!

Note: You need to have Java enabled for the page to work properly. HERE

Gods and Goddesses of Love and Sexuality from many cultures.

The single most popular page on Bonza Sheila, and we think it's a very interesting one too! This page is very graphic intensive, so please allow it time to load, and it will work best with a faster connection. You need to have JavaScript enabled for it to work properly. Just click on each image, and information about each deity will be displayed. If you use Internet Explorer or another browser that displays ALT text, you can also hover your mouse over each image for more info: HERE

Romantic Desktop Wallpaper To Download
Romantic Postcard Wallpaper:

On this page, you can download lovely wallpaper of Bonza Sheila's ubiquitous Antique French postcards of lovers.

We have sizes to fit both your desktop and your mobile phone.HERE


On the this page, you can download a file containing 18 beautiful desktop wallpapers depicting the flower that symbolizes Love, roses. HERE

Gather the rose of love whilst yet is time
- Edmund Spenser

Free Screensavers Of Vintage Postcards From Bonza Sheila

Gorgeous antique postcard screensavers from Bonza SheilaFree Screensavers Of Vintage Postcards From Bonza Sheila. We've just added our first screensaver, depicting 130 beautiful antique Valentine cards. Our screensavers, like everything at Bonza Sheila, are free, and free of any spam or malware. They are made by myself, using commercial screensaver software, and do not even have any branding, just lovely postcards to enjoy. We will be adding more screensavers soon: HERE

Check back soon, as we are adding more Amusements all the time!
Coming Soon: Desktop Icons, Another Postcard Screensaver, and More of our popular Jigsaw Puzzles.

Quotations About Love And Romance
Our Collection Of Love Quotations
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Bi Inspired by our collection of Love Poems
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