Solve Online Jigsaw Puzzles Of Antique Romantic Postcards

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Jigsaw Puzzles - Bonza Sheila Style!

Flash jigsaw puzzles to solve online. Each puzzle is rated by level of difficulty; 1 to 5 stars. Because some puzzles will take a while to complete, they each open in a new window. Animated preview pictures below indicate a double-sided puzzle. Enjoy!

Online Jigsaw Puzzle of Romantic Antique French Postcard, circa 1910
One star = very easy puzzle!

Online Jigsaw Puzzle - French Postcard of a Romantic Couple
1 Star = Easy puzzle!

Antique French Romantic Postcard Jigsaw Puzzle
2 Stars = Easy

Romantic French Postcard Jigsaw Puzzle. image c. 1920
2 Stars = Easy

Double-sided jigsaw puzzle using 2 postcard images by Bertaglia.
4 Stars - might be tricky.

Jigsaw Puzzle of Antique Wedding Congratulations Postcard, circa 1910
2 Stars = Easy

Jigsaw Puzzle - Antique French Postcard - Lovers In Hammock
4 Stars - This one will take a while to complete.

'I Miss You' Antique Postcard - Online Jigsaw Puzzle
2 Stars = Fairly Easy

Double sided jigsaw puzzle - antique postcard - Lovers thinking of each other
3 Stars = Challenging but not too difficult

'Give Me Your Heart' -Antique postcard, circa 1918 -Flash Jigsaw Puzzle
3 Stars = Challenging but not too difficult

Double sided Flash Jigsaw Puzzle - Antique Romance Postcards
5 Stars - This one is very challenging!

'Hallet Cove Lovers' Flash Jigsaw Puzzle - Antique Romantic Postcard
2 Stars = Fairly Easy

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