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    Be insiped by the stories of famous lovers from history, mythology, literature, and popular culture.
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Ganesh - Beloved Hindu God. The Remover Of Obstacles; success in marriage and all endeavors Hindu God - Male sexual energy and prowess; devoted partner of Parvati Parvati - Hindu Goddess of Female energy and devotion Krishna - Hindu God of Love; partner of Radha Radha - Hindu Goddess of Love and devotion; beloved partner of Krishna Kama - Hindu god of Love
Achtland - Celtic goddess of Wanton love Aedos - Roman goddess of Modesty Aeval - Celtic goddess of Sexual relations/Small size Aidin - Celtic goddess of Love/Sexuality Aine - Irish goddess of Fertility/Love 'Aisha Qandisha  - Moroccan goddess of Sexual activity
Ala - Nigerian goddess of Fertility/Morality Alalahe - Polynesian goddess of Love Al-Lat - Arabic goddess of Fertility/Procreation Alpan - Etruscan goddess of Love Ame-No-Uzume - Japanese goddess of Fertility Amon - Egyptian god of Fertility
Amor - Roman god of Love Anahita - Persian goddess of Fertility/Semen Anath - Canaanite goddess of Love Angus Og - Irish god of Love Annallja Tu Bari - Sudanese goddess of Sexuality Anna Perenna - Etruscan goddess of Reproduction/Wanton/Love
Anteros - Greek god of Love/Passion Antheia - Greek goddess of Love, Flowers Aphrodite - Greek goddess of Fertility/Sexual love/Beauty Apis - Egyptian god of Fertility Arianrhod - Welsh goddess of Fertility/Wanton love Artemis - Greek goddess of Chastity/Virginity/Fertility
Asase Yaa - Ashanti goddess of Fertility Asherali - Canaanite goddess of Fertility Ashtoreth - Phoenician goddess of Fertility Ashur - Assyrian god of Fertility Astarte - Phoenician goddess of Fertility/Love/Sacred sexuality/Sex Astlik - Armenian goddess of Love, Fertility
Astraea - Greek goddess of Modesty Astrild - Norse goddess of Love Athtart - Canaanite goddess of Fertility Auseklis - Latvian goddess of Love Baal  - Syrian/Canaanite god of Fertility Backlum Chaam  - Mayan god of Male sexuality/Sex
Bangan  - Philippine goddess of Love Bastet  - Egyptian goddess of Fertility/Love/Sex Bau - Sumerian goddess of Fertility Benten - Japanese goddess of Love Bes - Egyptian god of Love/Marriage Bidhgoe - Celtic goddess of Love/Sexuality
Bintang - Borneo goddess of Love Boann - Irish goddess of Fertility Brag-srin-mo - Tibetan goddess of Fertility Brangwaine - Welsh goddess of Love Branwen - Irish goddess of Love Brigit  - Irish goddess of Fertility
Ca-the-na - Mohave goddess of Love Ceres - Roman goddess of Fertility Cernunnos - Celtic god of Fertility Cerridwen - Celtic goddess of Fertility Chac - Mayan god of Fertility Chalchiuhtlicue - Aztec goddess of Love/Beauty
Chicomecoatl - Aztec goddess of Fertility Chou Wang - Chinese god of Anal Sex Cinteotl - Aztec god of Fertility Conchenn - Celtic goddess of Love Cotys - Thracian goddess of Fertility Cupid - Roman god of Love
Cythera - Greek/Cyprian goddess of Love Demeter - Greek goddess of Fertility Diana - Roman goddess of Chastity/Virginity/Fertility Dumuzi - Babylonian god of Fertility Dzydzilelya - Polish goddess of Love El - Canaanite god of Fertility
Enki - Sumerian god of Fertility Eros - Greek god of Erotic love/Passion/Sex Erzulie - Voodoo goddess of Fertility/Love/Virginity/Beauty/Sex Eueucoyotl - Aztec god of Fertility/Sex Ezili - Fon goddess of Beauty/Love Faumea - Polynesian goddess of Fertility
Faunus - Roman god of Fertility Finncaev - Irish goddess of Fair love Flora - Roman goddess of Love/Prostitution Frey - Scandinavian god of Fertility Freya - Germanic goddess of Fertility/Love/Beauty/Sex Freyr - Norse goddess of Fertility
Frigg - Germanic goddess of Fertility/Marriage Gefjon - Germanic goddess of Fertility Gekka-O - Japanese god of Marriage Ghede - Voodoo god of Fertility/Love Hathor - Egyptian goddess of Fertility/Love/Marriage/Beauty Haumea - Hawaiian goddess of Fertility
Havea lolo fonua - Polynesian goddess of Intercourse Hebe - Greek goddess of Beauty Hecate - Greek goddess of Fertility Hera - Greek goddess of Marriage Hestia - Greek goddess of Marriage Hina - Hawaiian goddess of Fertility
Hora - Roman goddess of Beauty Hsi Shih - Chinese goddess of Beauty Hymen - Greek/Roman god of Marriage/First love Ichpuchtli - Aztec goddess of Lust/Pleasure Inanna - Mesopotamian goddess of Fertility/Love Indra - Vedic god of Fertility
Inemes - Micronesian goddess of Love/Sexuality Ishkhara - Babylonian goddess of Love, Priestess of Ishtar Ishtar - Assyrian goddess of Fertility/Love/Sex Isis - Egyptian goddess of Fertility/Marital/Devotion/Motherhood Ix Chel - Mayan goddess of Sexual relations Juno - Roman goddess of Marriage/Motherhood
Kane - Hawaiian god of Fertility Kanikanihia - Hawaiian goddess of Love Kapo - Hawaiian goddess of Abortions/Fertility Ken - Egyptian goddess of Love Khem - Egyptian god of Fertility Kilya - Inca goddess of Marriage
Kishi-Mojin - Japanese goddess of Motherhood Kokopell'Mana - Hopi goddess of Fertility Korawini'i - Paiute goddess of Intercourse Kupalo - Slavic goddess of Fertility/Sex Kurukulla - Tibetan goddess of Love, Wealth Lada - Slavic goddess of Love
Lempo - Finnish god of Frenzied love Liber - Italian god of Fertility Lofn - Scandinavian goddess of Love Luamerava - African goddess of Sexual desire Lulong - Borneo goddess of Love Lutinus - Roman god of Fertility
Macha - Irish goddess of Fertility Maia - Roman goddess of Fertility Manannan - Celtic god of Fertility Mariana - Brazilian goddess of Love Matronit - Spanish goddess of Chastity/Promiscuity/Motherhood Medb - Celtic goddess of Sexuality/Intoxication
Mens - Roman goddess of Menstruation Mhaya - Tanzania goddess of Deserted lovers Min - Egyptian god of Potency/Fertility Morongo - Zimbabwe goddess of Love/Sexuality Mot - Canaanite god of Fertility Mut - Egyptian goddess of Fertility
Mylitta - Babylonian goddess of Fertility Naamah - Canaanite goddess of Fertility/Sex Nambi - Masai goddess of Love/Sexuality Ndauthina - Fijian god of Adultery Nehalennia - Germanic goddess of Fertility Ninhursaga - Sumerian goddess of Fertility
Njord - Norse god of Fertility Nu Wa - Chinese goddess - Marriage Arranger Oba - Yoruba goddess - Protector of prostitutes Odudua - Yoruba goddess of Fertility/Love Oenghus - Irish god of Love Ops - Roman goddess of Fertility
Oshun Ana - Yoruba goddess of Love Osiris - Egyptian god of Fertility Pachamama - Incan goddess of Fertility P'an Chin-lien - Chinese goddess of Brothels/Lasciviousness/Prostitution/Sex Pantang Mayang - Borneo goddess of Love Peko - Estonian god of Fertility
Prende - Slavic Goddess of Love Priapus - Greek God of Sexual Prowess and Fertility Pudicitia - Roman Goddess of Modesty Qadesh - Syrian Goddess of Sacred Love, Pleasure Qadshu - Syrian Goddess of Fertility Qetesh - Egyptian Goddess of Fertility/Love/Beauty
Quan Yin - Chinese Goddess of Fertility/Mercy Quetzalcoatl - Aztec God of Fertility Rangda - Balinese Goddess of Fertility/Sexuality/Lust Rati - Hindu/Balinese Goddess of Fertility/Love/Passion/Sex Ratu-Mai-Mbula - Fijian God of Fertility Rhea - Greek Goddess of Fertility
Rod - Slavic God of Fertility Satis - Egyptian Goddess of Fertility Selket - Egyptian Goddess of Fertility Sessrumnir - Germanic Goddess of Fertility Sif - Norse goddess of Fertility Sjofn - Norse goddess of Love/Passion
Suadela - Roman goddess of Persuasion in Love Sukkamielli - Finnish goddess of Frenzied love Tagabayan - Philippine goddess of Adultery Taka rita - Polynesian goddess of Adultery Tammuz - Mesopotamian god of Fertility Tane - Polynesian god of Fertility
Taueret - Egyptian goddess of Fertility Tellus - Roman goddess of Fertility Tenye Te'en - Nigerian goddess of Marital fidelity Thalia - Greek goddess of Love/Poetry/Comedy Thunor - Germanic god of Fertility Tlazolteotl - Aztec goddess of Love/Licentiousness/Sex
Tsilah Wedo - Haitian goddess of Beauty Turan - Etruscan goddess of Love, Fertility Ueuecoyotl - Aztec god of Fertility Ursule - Haitian goddess of Love Ururupuin - Micronesian goddess of Flirting Urvasi - Hindu goddess of Success in Love Affairs
Var - Norse goddess of Marriage Vows Venus - Roman goddess of Love/Beauty Vesta - Roman goddess of Marriage Voluptas - Roman goddess of Sensual Pleasure Wotan - Norse god of male prowess, thunder and war Xipe Totec - Aztec goddess of Fertility
Xochiquetzal - Aztec goddess of Fertility/Love/Sensual Pleasure/Sex Xtabay - Mayan goddesses of Seduction Yarilo - Slavic god of Fertility Zizilia - Polish goddess of Love Zoria - Slavic goddess of Beauty Laxmi - Hindu Goddess of Love, Beauty, Wealth, Success

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Love is Divine. Being with your lover is holding Heaven in your arms. In vastly diverse cultures throughout history, people have always celebrated and revered this sacredness, and there are countless Gods and Goddesses that people have worshiped to honor this perfection of emotion; this Love. Presented here are more than 200 deities of Love, Sex, Fertility, and Desire.

Making this page was one of the most ambitious and interesting undertakings at Bonza Sheila. Working from a list of Love deities I found online, I spent many fascinating hours reading about these Gods and Goddesses and the cultures that created them. I hope if these images and info sparks your imagination, that you will take the time to Google them and learn more, and I hope you will be as fascinated as we are. Perhaps you'll even find new deities to worship. I believe 'The Partner' has been making obeisances to Chou Wang.

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That love is all there is, is all we know of love -Emily Dickinson
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