May, 2008
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Unknown Artist - Tea And Passion Kotarbinsky, Vasili Aleksandrovich - Mythological Theme King, Haynes - Jealousy And Flirtation
Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Lady In A Garden Prudnikoff, Djordje - A Couple Venetsianov, Aleksei - The Reapers Keller, Arthur Ignatius - Ichabod Crane Romancing Phillips, C. Coles - An Elegant Couple Landseer, Edwin - Cromwell By The Portrait Of Charles The First Friant, Emile - The Lovers (Autumn Evening)
Chappuis, Erica - Harlem Chappuis, Erica - Kiss From The Sunset Christy, F. Earl - Charming Couple Guillery, Franz - Serenade Boccasile, Gino - Illustration For The Decameron Horsley, John Callcott - Pay For Peeping Unknown Artist - Cupid At The Helm
Siddal, Elizabeth - Lovers Listerning To Music Valui, Luis Castellanos - Cafe en la Palapa Liebermann, Max - Liebesszene Johnston, Joshua - Mr. And Mrs. Hilmer Schumacher, 1810 Nieulandt, Adriaen van, the Younger - Amarillis Crowning Mirtillo Unknown Artist, India - Krishna And Radha Sciascia, Salvatore - Innamoratti
Dawe, Philip - Search The World -You’ll Seldom See Handsomer Folks Than We Three, 1793 Thompson, Jacob - The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth, 1854 Vermeer, Johannes - A Lady Drinking And A Gentleman Wenzell, Albert Beck - The Couple Zhivetin, Oleg - Serenade Tomas, Nicoletta - Caos II Earl, Ralph - Oliver And Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth, 1792
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