April, 2008
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Sinclair, Olga - La Cama de Bacchus Wierusz-Kowalski, Alfred - Goraca sanna Unknown Artist - The Swing, 1786 Beuckelaer, Joachim - Market Scene Unknown Artist - Crystal Ball Lovers
Unknown Artist - Lovers' Swing Durer, Alberect - Young Couple Threatened By Death (The Promenade) Appiani, Andrea - Apollo And Daphne Unknown Artist, Signed 'Berr' -Love In Paris, 1840 Cope, Charles West - The Thorn Calascione, Colette - Lovers In The Leaves 2 Unknown Artist - Lovers, Contemporary Indian Batik
Copley, John Singleton - Gregory And Lucretia Hubbard Townsend Dulac, Edmund - Arabian Nights, Sinbad, 1907 Fitzgerald, John Anster -Fairy Lovers In A Bird's Nest Watching A White Mouse, c.1860 Hargreaves, John - Young English Couple, c.1840 King, Haynes - Young Boy Playing Flute At The Edge Of The Woods Hendrich, Hermann - The Two Were Reunited In A Fond Embrace ower, Susan - In Shining Armour
Kaufmann, Hans - Schiller's 'Glocke' Coques, Gonzales - Lord Cavendish With His Wife Margaret In The Garden Of Rubens In Antwerp Cranach, Lucas - Amorous Old Woman And Young Man van Reymerswaele, Marinus - The Banker And His Wife Barillas, Rogelio - Pareja Con Cupido Henry, Susanne - Zuchtlose Liebe Unknown Artist - Husband And Wife, Miniature, c.1820
Sadler, Walter Dendy - Afternoon Repast Krenn, G.F. - Flowers For Her Sweetheart Jin, Li - Early Spring Hughes, Edwin - Suitor At The Window  



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