July, 2010 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Miniature Portraits Of A Married Couple by John Hoskins (Circle Of) Tender Passion by Vladislav Shurganov
Couple by Robert Sauber Unknown Artist - Zerline And Lorenzo From The Opera Fra Diavolo Unknown Artist - The Union Of France And Greece; Prince George Of Greece And Maria Bonaparte Couple In A Conservatory by Georges Croegaert Unknown Artist, China - Pipe Smoking Lovers In A Landscape, 18th Century Unknown Artist - Wedding Jupiter And Callisto by Peter Paul Rubens, 1613
(Unknown Artist) Cowboy Courtship - Tobacco Card, c.1900 Runaway Lovers by Raymond Pease (Attributed), 1952 Sailors In Love by Yuliang Wu Kiss Me by Euan Mactavish The Revolutionist's Bride, Paris, France, 1799 by Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer Mars And Venus by Carlo Saraceni, c.1600 Fair Is My Love by Edwin Austin Abbey, 1900
After Mitchev by Julie Jalil Lovers In A Punt by John Bagnold Burgess The Wedding by Leo Schutzman, 1960 I Love My Mother-In-Law by Robert William Myers, 1954 Young Lovers by Robert Archibalt Graafland, 1911 Abd el Gheram And Nour el Ain by Etienne Dinet, 1904 Invitation To The Waltz by Francesco Miralles Galaup, 1895
An Autumn Pastoral by Francois Boucher Unknown Artist - Abelard And Eloise At The Well by Daniel Ridgway Knight The Silence by Alex Bazarin L'Etreinte by Gaston La Touche Music Hath Charms by G. A. Storey A Kiss In The Kitchen by Thomas Rowlandson
Just The Two Of Us by Joe Bowler  






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