August, 2011 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Young Couple In The Kitchen, Grandmother In The Next Room by C. Pampa, 1877 The Proposal by John Pettie Lovers by Karl Thylmann, 1916 Romeo y Julieta by Cundo Bermudez Self-portrait With His Wife, Anticoli Corrado In The Background by Edward Okun Young Couple Interrupted By A Policeman - signed Ferenchich, c.1900
The Flirtation by Georges Croegaert, 1885 The Departure by Alonso Perez Raphael And La Fornarina by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1814 Lovers by Vladimir Nikolaevich Mukhin Married Life by Roger de la Fresnaye, 1912 Lohengrin And Elsa L'Etreinte by Pablo Picasso, 1903
Lovers In A Wood by Carl Spitzweg, c.1860 Amorous Couple Interrupted By A Governess by Jakob Emanuel Gaisser Rabbi Bernard Illowy And His Wife Katherine Schiff Illowy by Henry Mosler The First Love by Igor Rodionov Querelle d'Amoureux (Lover's Tiff) by James Jacques Joseph Tissot Art And The Jade by Herbert James Draper Young Lovers by Virgil Elliott
A Jamais by Severine Pineaux Sielanka (Idyll) by Jozef Chelmonski Amorous Scene In A Rustic Interior by Cornelis Bega A Question Of Romance by Alex Ross, 1958 Illustration Of Lovers On A Beach by Ernest Darcy, 1960 Island Of Love by Zygmunt Waliszewski, 1935 Night by Anastasia Hohriakova
An End by Emma Florence Harrison Portraits Of A Married Couple by Rudolf Friedrich Carl Suhrlandt, 1839 Adam's Apple by Georgiy Kikin The Fortune Teller by Norman Rockwell  



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