January, 2010
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Lorenzo Gonzalez Chavajay - Enamoratas Louis Ducis - Bianca Cappello Fleeing With Her Lover Francesco de Medici
Gentleman With A Neck Cross Of Russian St. Vladimir Order Of 3rd Class And His Wife by Alexander Kirilovich Golovachevsky Rispoli, Laura - Happy The Coy Mistress by Szinyei Merse Pal Illustrations From Farm On The Hill, Grandpa With Popcorn and Grandma Mending by Grant Wood Temptation by E. Berscheicht Noche de Luna by Luis Castellanos Valui Guajiros y Pilon by Antonio Gattorno
Los Enamorados by Olga Sinclair Die Knospe by Antoine Joseph Wiertz Unknown Artist - Rustic Lovers, c. 1895 The Soldiers Sweetheart by Benes Pal Lovers, 1991, by Dora Holzhandler Summer by Otto Molitor La Jeunesse by Jean Aubert
Young Lovers Playing The Lyre by Adele Romany Unknown Artist - An Officer And His Wife, c.1780 Unknown Artist - Lovers, c.1900 Lovers On A Park Bench by F. Gareis Circe And Ulysses by Edmund Dulac Dalliance by Miklos Barabas Flirtation by Hugo Kauffmann
Bauerin Und Bauer by Ludwig Sturm Unknown Artist - Young Lady And Suitor, Children's Book Illustration, 1880 Hesiod And The Muse by Gustave Moreau Unknown Artist - Lovers, 19th Century India The Proposal by Theodor Kleehaas Unknown Artist - Tryst At The Ball Couple With Parrot by Pieter de Hooch
I Feel You by Fred Mathews  






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