December 09
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Hughes, Arthur - Vanity Fair, c.1872 Antonov, Nikolay - Friends Unknown Artist - Lovers In A Garden, India, 19th Century Bol, Ferdinand - Bacchus And Ariadne Unknown Artist - Lovers, c.1905
Fragonard, Jean-Honore - Le Verrou Dicksee, Frank - Harmony Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - Conversation Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique - Paolo And Francesca Ventura, Jose - Joyful Moment Blair-Leighton, Edmund - On The Threshold Wirgman, Theodore Blake - Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May, 1905
Holyoake, William - The Lovers Vow Frith, William Powell - The Lovers Rowlandson, Thomas - The Proposal, 1796 Blair-Leighton, Edmund - Sweets To The Sweet Gerard, Francois - Cupid And Psyche Strang, William - The Meetng Place Borsky, Jiri - Tall Lovers
Sadler, Walter Dendy - When The Heart Was Young Lesrel, Adolphe-Alexandre - L'admirateur Landseer, Edwin - Windsor Castle In Modern Times (Queen Victoria, Prince Albert) Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - Welcome Footsteps von Riesen, Arno - Kiss Me Millais, John Everett - Cymon And Iphigenia Hughes, Arthur - That Was a Piedmontese
Skreta, Karel - Dido And Aeneas, 1670 Underwood, Clarence - Art Lovers Antonov, Nikolay - Kiss Chagall, Marc - Bride And Groom Of The Eiffel Tower Primaticcio, Francesco - Odysseus And Penelope, c.1563  


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