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 Niles and Daphne

Niles and Daphne are our favourite modern-day fictional lovers!

The American situation comedy Frasier ran for 263 episodes, over 11 years, from 1993 and 2004, and was a favourite with fans and critics alike. What set it apart from other television comedies was the high-caliber writing and acting, making it consistently one of the most entertaining programs on television. For true romantics like us, the love story of Niles and Daphne was the most enchanting element of this wonderful program.

 Niles and Daphne

Niles (played by David Hyde Pierce) first encounters Daphne, his father's physical therapist, (played by Jane Leeves) in the 3rd episode. Niles was completely smitten with Daphne from his first glimpse of her. Over the years, he mooned over her, while she was oblivious to his feelings. On many occasions over the years, Niles came close to revealing his feelings to Daphne, but timing and circumstances always prevented them coming together. Niles was married to Maris for much of the series, and Daphne had boyfriends, and if they were occasionally both free, the vagaries of comedic plotting foiled their union again and again.

It took until the end of season 7 for the lovers to finally unite. In one of the most breathtakingly lovely consummations in television history. On the eve of Daphne's wedding to Donny, Niles, himself married for just 3 days to Mel and knowing this moment is 'now or never' finally has the courage to declare his love for Daphne, and tells her: "Say the word, and I'll leave Mel in a heartbeat." she tells Niles she loves him too, and finally, finally, they kiss... (and it's beautiful!) But then Daphne tells Niles she can't cancel her wedding or hurt Donny, and runs away from him. The wedding day finds Niles alone and heartbroken in his father's Winnebago motor coach; he can't face watching the woman he loves marry another man. Just when the wedding is about to begin, Daphne seeks him out, wearing her wedding dress, and asks if he's free for a date. The ecstatic lovers again declare their love for each other, and elope. Daphne running away from her wedding to be with her man.

Eloping from Daphne's wedding

Daphne: I just ran out on my wedding. I can't go back. I need you to be strong.
Niles: For you, I have the strength of Hercules!

For the 4 years Frasier ran after Niles and Daphne finally got together, their love and commitment to each other never wavered. Those 4 years saw them married, and the proud parents of a son, named David.

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