Selene And Endymion

Endymion and Selene, c.1860 by Victor Florence Pollet. -The Moon Goddess Gazes At The Slumbering Endymion

Selene, the moon goddess, saw one night a beautiful young shepherd named Endymion. She fell in love with the sleeping boy and wished to make him immortal. But she remembered the fate of Tithonus ( Tithonus is a prince of Troy loved by Eos, the goddess of the dawn, who asked for Tithonus to be immortal, but forgot to ask for eternal youth. Tithonus indeed lived forever but grew more and more ancient, eventually turning into a grasshopper, eternally living, but begging for death to overcome him), so Selene asked Zeus to grant Endymion eternal youth instead. Zeus granted her wish on the condition that he fall into eternal sleep. The goddess was then able to love and caress him freely and without restraint, abandoning herself to her desire and love. As a result, Endymion sleeps forever, dreaming wonderful dreams, never nightmares. Every night Selene showers Endymion with her kisses, but he will never know.

Endymion still lives on the hilltop where Selene first found him, and he is still asleep, dreaming of beautiful things.

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