Superman: The Wedding Album was a comic book, published in 1996 by DC Comics, that featured for the first time in 60 years the real wedding of Lois Lane to Clark Kent/Superman— previous wedding stories had turned out to be hoaxes, dreams, or imaginary tales.

Clark Kent and Lois LaneClark Kent And Lois LaneClark Kent and Lois Lane

"Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's..."

Superman kisses LoisWell, it's Superman and Lois Lane. One of the most famous comic book hottest couples. The truest star-crossed lovers ever to grace fiction given that Superman (aka Clark Kent/Kal El) actually did have to cross the cosmos to find the woman of his dreams.

Many of us women have the same dilemma when assessing our menOf course, it wasn't a smooth ride for Mr. and Mrs. Superman. The romance started soon after Clark gained employment with the Daily Planet, the biggest newspaper in Metropolis. Lois Lane was the best reporter that the Planet had but found herself constantly outdone by Clark (due to the fact that his superpowers allowed him the inside scoop on the big stories and that he could type a million words per second). In the comics, Clark had secured a job at the Daily Planet by scooping Lois with the very first Superman exclusive. That, in turn, created a bitter rivalry, not to mention it made Clark seem somewhat opportunistic rather than clever. For the longest time, a strange love triangle existed where Clark was interested in LoisThe Yin And Yang of Clark And Lois, Part I: Lois daydreams of marrying Superman... who was infatuated with Superman. Clark, unable to reveal to Lois that his mild-mannered demeanor was a ruse, was unable to compete for Lois' affection, the irony being he was his own rival. The Yin And Yang of Clark And Lois, Part II: ...meanwhile, a 'possessed' Superman fantasizes about putting Lois over his knee, and spanking her.Over the subsequent years, the various writers began to bring out Clark as the more dominant personality, slowly changing him from the meek mild-mannered reporter to a character that become more outgoing, forward and assertive. Qualities that attracted Lois to Clark and that led to a blossoming relationship between the two.

Things simmered along for some time. Superman became more of a friend in need for Lois and Clark the love of her life. In the end though, Clark revealed the truth about himself to her and this lead to a long engagement (full of complications like an ex-girlfriend, various kidnappings, and the constant exposure of Lois to Superman villains). Finally, Clark and Lois were married in what was the comic book version of the marriage of the century. To this day, Clark/Superman and Lois juggle everyday problems, the occasional act of saving the Earth, resurrection from the dead, whilst all the time trying to raise their adopted son, Chris Kent.Even a heart of steel can break. Superman weeps at the thought of losing Lois.

That's it in a nutshell. At least, the basics. Of course, a story like this can't be limited and considering that Superman burst into life in 1938, revision was always going to happen. Over the years, we have seen various media take charge of the 1940's illustration of Clark and LoisMan Of Steel's love life. Some have got it right and some have got it horribly wrong (don't get me started on that rubbish currently broadcast as "Smallville") but the one thing to have come out in all of them is the romance between Clark and Lois.

The message is clear here: you don't need to be a super man to have the girl of your dreams. Whilst it was (a) Superman who took Lois' breath away to begin with, it was Clark (the average joe reporter who wooed her) that she fell in love with. Whilst Clark was person who had abilities far beyond human kind, he fell in love with a woman of Earth who gave him a sense of belonging, loyalty and stability. It wasn't the ideal that caused this love but the flaws that each person had being filled by the other. Whilst the story involves a super powered alien from a doomed planet, it is a very human experience. Nowadays we have super rich CEOs. super powerful politicians and mega popular actors finding love in the common everyday person. What they all seek is a balance in their lives and a partner to balance with.

Clark Kent proposes marriage to Lois Lane!

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