Bella Swan & Edward Cullen - The love story of Twilight

Bella Swan & Edward Cullen

The couple whose love will truly never die.
Their supernatural story has lit the way for the next generation of lovers

"About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him - and I didn't know how potent that part might be - that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him."
- Bella Swan

The Twilight Saga is a series written and created by Stephenie Meyer.  It encompasses the story of Bella Swan, a very ordinary and awkward teen girl who falls in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire who is dedicated to a "vegetarian" existence (meaning he doesn’t drink human blood).  The story is told mainly from Bella's point of view and follows her relationship with Edward as they face many challenges together in the supernatural world.  The attraction to Bella and her blood makes Edward's love for her not without difficulty.  However, their love runs deep and true, never faltering despite all odds.  The epic begins with Bella Swan moving to Forks, WA to live with her dad.  She is nervous always having felt "out of step," never belonging anywhere or knowing who she really is.  That is, until she meets Edward and his family of vampires.  Edward Anthony Mason Cullen was made vampire in 1918, when he nearly died of Spanish Influenza.  Bella Swan & Edward Cullen, WeddingCarlisle was a doctor who saw the boy had no other chance of survival and Edward soon became Carlisle's first newborn.  Despite a brief period of rebellion, Edward learned to practice a more humanitarian approach to the immortal life of a vampire; never harming humans, drinking only the blood of animals, and settling down (most vampires are nomadic).  Edward also had a particular gift that was brought to light when he was turned; he could read minds, though not Bella's.  After Carlisle created a couple more newborns and being joined by Alice and Jasper, they became the Cullens.


Bella Swan meets Edward Cullen in Biology on the first day at her new school.  She notices his angst towards her and finds him absent for a while after their first meeting.  When he returns to class, prepared to control the burning thirst she ignites in his throat, they finally talk and take a liking to each other despite his warning against being friends.  Due to his uncanny interest in her, he begins keeping a watchful eye and mind on her, which leads to him saving her twice.  She becomes aware of his supernatural abilities and she eventually figures out he is a vampire.  She confronts him about it and he proves it to her by showing his skin glimmer in the sunlight.  She explains she is not afraid of him, but rather afraid of losing him and they finally confess their love for each other.  Introducing her to the world of vampires, Edward takes her to meet his family and watch them play baseball, a way for them to show off their physical abilities.  The game is interrupted, however, by a group of "bad" vamps; Laurent, Victoria, and James.  James is a hunter and sets his sights on Bella.  The Cullens split up in an attempt to throw James off, but he traps her and bites her wrist.  Edward and the Cullens arrive in time to save her from the transformation and kill James.  Victoria, James' mate, vows revenge on them.  They bring her back home in time for prom and she expresses to Edward that she wishes to become a vampire so they can be together forever, but he admits he doesn’t want that tragic life for her.


New Moon: 
On Bella's 18th birthday she has a dream of herself becoming old while Edward remains the same.  Edward tells Bella that if she were ever to die, he would want to die as well.  The Cullens have a party for Bella and Jasper attacks her, due to his lack of self-control.  Edward decides this life is too dangerous for Bella and leaves her for her own good.  Bella falls into a terrible depression and tries reckless things to make him appear to her.  However, her heartbreak subsides as she gets closer to her friend Jacob, a younger member of the local Native American tribe, the Quileutes.  He has always had feelings for her, but she isn't ready for a relationship so soon after Edward.  Jacob soon becomes a wolf shape shifter, like other special members of his tribe.  Bella is quickly accepted by the wolves and they work to protect her from Victoria.  Alice returns after having a vision of Bella dying from one of her reckless stunts.  Edward finds out about what Alice saw and wants to die as well.  He goes to Italy to provoke the Volturi guard to kill him.  Despite Jake's efforts to stop her, Bella goes with Alice to save Edward.  She arrives just in time to save him, but the Volturi take an interest in her.  She is immune to their special mental abilities, the same as Edward's, and they decide she knows too much about vampires to let her live.  However, Alice envisions her becoming a vampire as well, so they let them go.  Jake is mad that Edward came back and ruined his chances with Bella.  She and the Cullens then convince Edward to turn her and he agrees under one condition; marriage.


While trying to fix her friendship with Jake, Bella and Edward make arrangements for their wedding.  Bella also admits wanting to have sex before she becomes a vampire, though Edward is opposed to it as he would likely kill her in the process.  Meanwhile, the Cullens realize that Victoria has amassed an army of newborn vampires to kill Bella in revenge for Edward killing James.  Before the battle, Edward proposes to Bella and she says yes.  The Cullens, along with the help of the Quileute wolves, plan to fight the newborn army while Edward protects Bella a safe distance away.  Jacob tries to convince Edward to back off and let Bella have a normal life with him.  However, he becomes enraged when he finds out about their engagement. Bella feels bad for hurting him and asks for a kiss to calm his nerves before he leaves to fight.  Edward takes it hard, as he can hear Jake's thoughts the entire time, but Bella assures him she loves him more.  Victoria eventually finds them and Edward defeats her while the Cullens and the wolves finish off the newborns.  The Volturi Guard come to address the newborn situation and they notice Bella is still human.  Bella goes to visit Jake, who had gotten injured in battle and he still tries to convince her to pick him instead of Edward.  She tells him she will never love him the way she loves Edward, leaving them both upset and hurt.


Breaking Dawn:
Bella & Edward Bella and Edward get married and Jacob shows up after being out of touch with Bella for a while.  Edward takes Bella on their honeymoon to Isle Esme, an island owned by Carlisle, to consummate their marriage.  Soon after, Bella learns she is pregnant due to the baby's rapid development.  They return home and the Cullens try to help Bella along.  Jake soon finds out and wants to kill the baby for hurting Bella.  Believing it to be a monster, the wolves decide to kill Bella to prevent it from being born.  Jake refuses and splits from the pack, along with Seth and Leah.  They help the Cullens protect Bella from the wolves until the baby is born.  Bella nearly dies giving birth and Edward gives her his venom to save her.  Jacob imprints on baby Renesmee.  After the transformation is complete, Bella wakes a vampire.  Bella is very mature for a newborn, though sometimes unable to control her lust for Edward.  After finding out about Jacob, she gets mad that he is claiming her before she even has the chance of being her mother.  Irina of the Denali coven comes to make peace with the Cullens, after being mad at them for their friendship with the wolves, and sees Renesmee.  Thinking she is an immortal child, which is against vampire law, she goes to report it to the Volturi.  The Cullens learn the Volturi gather to confront and destroy their family.  Alice and Jasper leave unexpectedly and the Cullens travel abroad gathering help and support to stand against the Volturi.  Bella makes arrangements for Jacob and Renesmee to run away together if the battle goes ill.  The Cullens and their friends stand against the Volturi and prove that Renesmee is half human.  The Cullens are amazed at Bella's vampire powers as she protects them while the Volturi guard tries attacking their minds during the trial.  Still trying to convict the Cullens, the Volturi deem Renesmee a threat, but Alice and Jasper then return with another half breed vampire and prove that there is no threat.  The Volturi leave disappointed and, in some ways, defeated.  The Cullens bid farewell to their friends and Jacob is welcomed into the family.  Bella lets Edward read her mind for the first time and he finally understands that they love each other more than anyone has ever loved before.  They all live happily ever after...and then forever.


Special thanks to Joseph Rouse for contributing this wonderful story!
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