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The Rites Of Spring
Romantic Easter Postcards, Page 4
- Anthropomorphic Rabbits In Love -

Our selection of antique romantic Easter cards. The majority of these cards are from France, but there are cards from many countries here, and we've added Easter greetings in many languages at the bottom of this page to help identify them. We think the messages are clear, even if they are in a language that is foreign to you.
Most of these cards are really cute and charming, but the last one, a 1930's card from Estonia - the giant bunny making out with a human girl - it's just plain weird!

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Croatian: Sretan Uskrs, Estonian: Rűűmsaid Łlestűusmise pŁhi, French: Joyeuses P‚ques, German: Frohe Ostern, Italian: Buona Pasqua, Swedish: Glad PŚsk, English: Happy Easter

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