Love On The Mountain
by Thomas Boyd

Day and the Dawnstar by Herbert Draper My love comes down from the mountain
Through the mists of dawn;
I look, and the star of the morning
From the sky is gone.

My love comes down form the mountain,
At dawn, dewy-sweet;
Did you step from the star to the mountain,
O little white feet?

O whence came your twining tresses
And your shining eyes,
But out of the gold of the morning
And the blue of the skies?

The misty morning is burning
In the sunís red fire,
And the heart in my breast is burning
And lost in desire.

I follow you into the valley
But no word can I say;
To the East or the West I will follow
Till the dusk of my day.

-Thomas Boyd, Anthology of Irish Verse, 1922

Art: Day and the Dawnstar by Herbert Draper
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