October 09
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L'Amant Ecoute by Louis Marin Bonnet, 1775 Hermann And Dorothea On The Way Home - Unknown Artist Venus And Adonis by Bartholomeus Spranger
Portrait Of The Artist With His Wife Isabella de Wolff In A Tavern by Gabriel Metsu Earl And Countess Of Mexborough, With Their Son Lord Pollington by Joshua Reynolds Angelica And Medor by Abraham Bloemaert Carmen And Don Jose - Unknown Artist, 1846 Those Who Inspire Love Extinguish It, or The Philosopher by Louis-Leopold Boilly, 1790 Frida And Diego I by Oscar Capeche The Artist And His Wife Mary As A God And Goddess by Franz von Stuck
Jupiter And Semele (detail) by Gustave Moreau The Lovers - Unknown Artist, School Of Watteau Magazine Illustration by Marcello Dudovich, 1913 Harlequin And Columbine by Jean Antoine Watteau Laila And Manju, India - Unknown Artist Cephalus And Procris by Jean Raoux Portrait Of Elisabeth Mertens And Her Late Husband by Cornelis de Vos
Chanson Lache by Paul Balluriau The Declaration Of Love by Jean-Francois de Troy, 1731 Couple In A Garden or The Conversation by Paul Cezanne The Meeting On The Turret Stairs, Hellelil and Hildebrand by Frederick William Burton The Request by Edmund Blair-Leighton La Belle Cuisiniere by Francois Boucher Meeting Of Dido And Aeneas by Pietro da Cortona
Bacchus And Ariadne by Guido Reni Lovers by Giovanni Nanni Morpheus And Iris by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin Aurora And Cephalus by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin Landscape With Jupiter And Io by Andrea Schiavone Antoine-Laurent And Marie-Anne Lavoisier (detail) by Jacques Louis David, 1788 Lovers Under An Umbrella In The Snow by Suzuki Harunobu, 1766
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