May, 2013 - Love Art, Lovers art, Romantic art, Couple Art, Kissing Art, Love paintings, Romantic paintings
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Forever My Queen by J.C. Baraki Pareja Bajo La Lluvia by Rogelio Barillas The Mates by Carmen Bonanno Deep Love by Kolongi Brathwaite
Portrait Of A Young Couple by Federico Castelluccio Amorous Scene by Charles Edward Chambers Merlyn's Magic by Daniel Crouse, 1986 Apollo And Daphne by Nikos Engonopoulos Punctured (Bicycle Courtship) by Edmund G. Fuller Couple In Ireland by Maria Gapen An Elegant Couple by Hegedus Geiger
Lovers by Edwin Georgi Newlyweds by Inna Hasileva Samson And Delilah by Anastasia Hohriakova Lovers In The Grass by Alois Kalvoda Phryne Seducing The Philosopher Zenokrates by Angelica Kauffman Amorous Scene by Rockwell Kent, 1923 Couple by Val Mayerik, 1979
Couple In The Meadow by Helena-Alexandra Reut Surrender by Mark Satchwill Off To Work by Gennadiy Semakovoff Intimacy-Autonomy by Joan Semmel, 1974 Couple by Giorgos Sikeliotis Cupid On Track by Helmut Skarbina Bridal Party by John Sloane
The Road Ahead by John Sloane Wedding by Ivan Ivanovich Sokolov, 1860 L’Amoureux Pressant Konstantin Andreevic Somov, 1918 The Opening Gambit by Jack Vetriano Aviation by Fritz Willis Unknown Artist, American, early 19th century - Married Couple  

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